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Old 10-09-2001, 07:14 PM   #1
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I was just waiting for someone to ask.
I was sick over the weekend, not dying but pretty sick. Felt good enough to go to school. So I walked for half an hour to get there, I must have been a little slow cause I was late...Anyway, i sit down and feel this tickle in the back of my throat and start to cough...okay, I've been doing that all weekend. But then I really start hacking, LOUD and I can't stop. I am disrupting 300 ppl and a prof with my lung seizures. So I try to get up and kind of fall against my desk and just get out of the classroom before I collapse.
I got up, made my way to the washroom and coughed so hard I burst a bloodvessel in my eye, was crying, and threw up just from the coughing. A student in a white coat comes in and sees me kind of gripping the sink and hacking away and thank god, makes sure I'm alright. She asks me whilst I'm red eyed, hyperventalating, and really unpleasant in every concieviable way what my major is. So I said between gasps for air, "I'm gonna be a doctor". About 25 minutes later, I am not coughing as much and decide to go home but all my STUFF is still in the class of 300 ppl. So I sit out there for a while steeling myself to enter facing the class.
Normally no problem, but I looked so bad just SITTING there not coughing that I had 5 strangers ask if I needed some medical assistance...BAD. So I finally went in, got my crap and walked out and started hacking again. I finally made it home, and realized I have to pay a ticket today or the fine goes up...and then I had to get some medicine..and some food etc.
So I was running errands all day, hacking my lungs up and of COURSE while I look like shit I run into everyone from high school and or previous classes. They all opened with "are you okay? you look pale"
Arg. Cough cough cough.

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haha BC, thats got to be funny when you think about it though!

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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
haha BC, thats got to be funny when you think about it though!
Well... is...

But it wasn't at the time!!!!!!!!!!

"But you take what you can get,
Cuz it's all that you can find,
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Wow, Bluey. That's definitely a rough day. Hope you're feeling better.

If it makes you guys feel any better about your days, my mother and I got into an hour long fight on the phone about why she paid for the weddings of my sisters but not my wedding. I ended up hanging up on her and she then left this message on my machine, bawling about how she was sorry and she loves me. Up until all that happened, my day was going okay. Minus the tornado sirens going off as well...

Thanks for starting this thread Bonochick! It felt therapeutic to vent...
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Old 10-10-2001, 02:41 AM   #5
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My Binder With My Homework Fell In The Toilet Before Class


Why did your day suck today?

"But you take what you can get,
Cuz it's all that you can find,
But you know there's something more,
Tonight, tonight, tonight..."
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Gao to those that do not understand.
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Um Today ....

I had a timed essay on the novel The Poisonwood Bible for English.. First of all the question were like whack... I nearly panicked LOL But then, I was writing away.... just writing away... and I didn't notice that my damn pen was liking, until I noticed my thumb was all black... I was WTF? Needless to say the pen was broken mid way and was spilling ink all over the place! It was all over my blue book... I had to get up and go to the bathroom! And this was a timed essay... which I had to rush to write my conclusion! So here I am still, after many scrubs with a semi black thumb!

Oh yeah part II of the midterm is this Thursday! I'll have a new pen for then!

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Just try to smile.

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I can just picture the scene in class..."Katherine, where's your homework?"
"Sorry Mrs. Crabapple, it fell in the toilet!"
"Sure it did, just like Santa's Little Helper ate Bart's...detention for you!"

The joker is the best card.
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A friend of mine was at his work (for IBM) and went to the 'little pranksters room' to 'drop the kids off at the pool'. Anyway, he sits down and realises he's gonna be there for a while, so he gets out his mobile phone and starts playing one of the games on it.
He finishes his business and puts his phone down on his pants, down around his ankles, so he has a *ahem* free hand. He finishes and pulls his pants up, forgetting where the phone was, turns around to flush and there sitting in his nice big pile of shit is his shiny red Nokia phone. As he pulled his pants up, while standing up, the action flicked his phone straight in.

Now, the phone isn't his but one given to him by IBM, and it's sitting in water and shit, so it's pretty busted.....
Yep, he had to fish it out, then take it to his boss and explain why he needed a new phone and why it's full of brown water.

Hope that makes you feel a little better.
These are the people I hang around.
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Old 10-11-2001, 11:14 AM   #11
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LOL Tyler... that's a riot!

My patient PUKED all over my at work last night. And the scrub machine was broken so I had to walk around all funky for the night.

The shitty phone thing is better

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