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Originally posted by mkdominatr

You mean like linkin park
I hope they are extincted by an asteroid like the dinosaurs

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Originally posted by Bunbury

I hope they are extincted by an asteroid like the dinosaurs

i wouldnt miss them.

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50 years from now is very difficult to guess. 5 years in easier.

In 5 years, I think there will be more beeps and bleeps ..since this is what we´re getting used to nowadays. I also predict that for our generation the music the kids do will sound like a cacaphony of dustbins crashing against each other.
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Originally posted by financeguy
My advice is, listen to the Future Sound of London for hints. The most visionary musicians I have ever heard.

i keep forgetting there's other fsol fans here...
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Old 04-07-2005, 08:15 PM   #20
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Originally posted by Bunbury

I hope they are extincted by an asteroid like the dinosaurs
funniest comment of the day!
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Originally posted by Zoomerang96
i keep forgetting there's other fsol fans here...
we have explosive
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Old 04-07-2005, 09:04 PM   #22
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1. Black people will come up with something cool.
2. White people will rip it off.
3. When everyone's ripping everyone else off, it'll start to get pretty good.

The circle of life continues.
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Originally posted by Zootlesque
Don't you eventually run out of the permutations and combinations of notes and chords? I've always wondered that. How long can there be original music? Over the last 2 decades or so, we've already seen tons of covers, remixes and alternate versions.
This brings to mind a story I've read about a famous composer who was walking down the beach with a friend, another famous composer. The friend was lamenting that all the good tunes have already been used and there's nothing new left for anyone to write. As a reply, the composer pointed at the vast ocean and said, "oh look, here comes the last wave". In the same book, they said that the good-tunes-space is in fact so huge that there's no way it's going to be exhausted in the next thousand years or so.

I think that music of the future will be closely tied with whatever technological advancements our society achieves. I mean, if you asked a person from a pre-electricity age what they imagine music of the future will sound like, they sure as hell wouldn't mention electric guitars - their speculations would be based on what was around at their time.
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more of the same, the cycle will continue until there is new technology.

It was guitar effects that was a big catalyst in the movement of the late 60's, and synths in the new wave movement in the 80's, it was guitar effects again for the big metal movement in the 80's. The rest is cross genre fusions which are getting thinner and thinner as they become more played out.

So I don't think we really will know. I do know to appreciate some of the rock going on right now, because it won't be around for long, it will be replaced by the next cyclical phase, which I guarantee you is gonna SUCK HARD.

You get Green Day and then you get Blink 182 and then A Simple Plan and it gets so bad that people actually stop buying the crap, it usually takes a good 5 years. You get Pearl Jam and then you get Creed and then you get Nickelback and it gets so bad that when people stop buying the crap the cycle can start over again.

So love The Killers, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand before they can be destoyed by clones that are coming, I guarantee you they are coming. And people will buy the shit, and then they will be so sick of the "genre" that the stuff that was good in the first place is relegated to the back shelf making way for the craptastic follow up.

Not that sales or being popular is a litmus test for quality. It's about watering down the sounds. For what once seems like it will be a great "movement" will be killed.

In closing, the future of music is that no matter what, if there is something you love, the industry will destroy it in one way or the other. If you hate it, then it's the same effect. Pop culture for ya.


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