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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
She's in a nothing bikini and she's having sex w/ a car.

I am pretty sure that is illegal in Michigan....

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Originally posted by Earnie Shavers

Yes they will be. 3 of them are remakes. 2 of them are sequels (but I'll excuse Harry Potter for that). 1 of them would not have been made if LOTR hadn't gone beserk.

Good movies are damn tough to market. It's rare for one to break through regardless of what the critics say.
Batman Begins is not a sequel, nothing close to any of the other movies.

War of the Worlds is a book adaptation with a Steven Spielberg spin not unlike Minority Report.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn't a remake it's a book adaptation, its straying away fron Willy Wonka.

Harry Potter isn't a true sequel as you noted before.

The Chronicles of Narnia movie has been in the works before Lord of the Rings came out, LOTR just gave it a boost on the production table.

What do you consider to be good movies? Are they movies that noone has ever heard about, that don't get released in theatres? Even good movies that don't get any box office attention, when given critics awards and such do great in DVD (where most of the money is made anyway). Sideways is doing very well on DVD after a modest box office.

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Both Earnie and learn2kneel are right, many good movies don't do well in the theatres. I think that one possible reason is the multiplex factor where theatres would rather have the "newest" films sometimes in 3 or 4 of the theatres instead of keeping a modest film which slowly develops a buzz through word of mouth. I have seen many postings about how people would have liked to see a Sideways or Mystic River but their local theatre wasn't showing it. But they were showing Kingdom of Heaven.

Shawshank Redemption is a perfect example of a film which has benefited from DVD after being a bomb in theatres. The success of home theatre makes one wonder where movie companies would be today had they won their lawsuit against the Betamax long long ago. Now look where home videotape has led us. Hmm, they are doing the same thing with downloading , at least big business is still consistent in its inability to see long term.

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