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Old 01-15-2005, 07:07 PM   #61
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wrote about this somewhere else but drove to NYC with 3 hours notice with 15 strangers in a van overnight to see U2 at Madison Square Garden and immediately drive back!

And hm, lots of other stuff that is too incriminating to write!

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Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle
walked around without any undies.

long story.
same here

ok more crazy stuff...

**show my butt in a video and dance without my T shirt in it.
** have sex in the dark room of the photo lab in the college, with the rest of students around us (they couldn't see us cuz we were developing the films and you have to be in complete darkness to do that)
** travel completely alone from Bogota to miami to see U2

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Old 01-16-2005, 01:56 PM   #63
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Originally posted by FizzingWhizzbees

there was the time my best mate and i made an unexpected appearance in the local paper after a drunken night out. apparently there had been a spate of 'unsocial behaviour' around town so some reporters decided to roam about town armed with cameras on a saturday night and happened to encounter myself and mr c. attempting (unsuccessfully, due to intoxication) to climb a tree outside the kids playground. the pictures were duly printed alongside statements of righteous indignation that not only were two young tearaways attempting to climb a tree in the dead of night, they were also smoking and swigging cheap lager throughout the attempt.

I havdn't seen this thread until now.

Fizz, that story had me cracking up as did the Baw's.

I haven't done anything really crazy before.

The only silly thing I can think of is a few years ago my friend and I walked through to a farm that is near where we live, we had to get through by climbing a big gate at the top of our street and walking through a few fields. There were massive bundles of hay that had been made into cylinder shapes and we decided to stand on them and make them roll down the hill excpet the farmer was out and seen us and we had to manage to stop this huge thing of hay and run back home. The next day we went back again for a picnic breakfast with another friend and I had brought coke for lunch but had put it in one of those containers that carbonated drinks shouldn't be put in. It exploded when I opened it and the lid landed in another field near the farmers house so my friend (who had earlier that morning, at sunrise, taken some drugs with his brother and friend) goes looking for it and the farmers hounds start chasing him. We had to run back again and then we find his brother and friend still drinking and smoking in some field near our house, they follow us home and leave the gate open and 2 horses followed them back to their house.

That's the lamest crazy story I have
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Yes ... I have stories.
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Old 01-16-2005, 08:44 PM   #65
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Well, share them


Share them J.A.!!!
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Old 01-17-2005, 05:31 AM   #66
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One of the many stupid things I have done:

Worked at a riding stables to help pay way through Uni. Was very hungover (normal) from the night before. We had a young horse that had just been broken in and needed some exercise - I was given the job. Didn't check that the girth was done up properly, put my foot in the stirrup and everything else is blank...

Apparently, the saddle slipped with my weight and the horse bolted. The first stupid thing was I wasn't wearing a helmet. The second, was that I convinced the owners of the stables that I was fine and decided to walk the 5km home alone. Luckily it was mainly country roads and a friend, who was driving past, stopped and picked me up.

The worst part (aside from the massive headache) was having all the gravel picked out of my back.
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Old 01-17-2005, 05:43 AM   #67
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Originally posted by Evalicious
Well, share them


Share them J.A.!!!
Most of them have involved quite a bit of alcohol and partial nudity.
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I haven't done many crazy things but there was that time I killed my parole officer.....


But really I have always been to shy and on my corner to do crazy things. I can't fully remember the things I do when I'm drunk. I just used to get into a lot of fights! I once saw Bono saying the same about himself and he also said: "I would never start them but I would always end them!" Same here.
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I have PLENTY - I guess I'll just mention streaking through a hotel in Atlantic City w/ 2 friends. When most people streak, they run. Well, we kind of just strolled about the corridors for a while. The one person who decided not to join "the fun", was in our hotel room and was nice enough to lock our door and we had a hard time getting back in.

This is tame, but still funny: Back in my hey day, we'd be in the bars until 4am (Bklyn NY they don't close until then), we would go over to McDonald's drive between other cars containing sober people. Occasionally, they wouldn't serve us, so we would pretend we were in cars, roll down the imaginary windows, hold the imaginary steering wheel, lower the volume on stereo etc.

We were a$$es.

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