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Originally posted by Flying FuManchu
I also find it hypocritical to not be able to criticize/ bash a band like Coldplay or Radiohead considering people are often bash happy about Mayer, Creed, etc....
I believe that is the point U2Kitten is trying to make, too. A lot of people out there have been guilty of continually bashing certain artists a lot of the time, too. I'm sure I've probably done it at some point and time, too.


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Originally posted by Moonlit_Angel

I believe that is the point U2Kitten is trying to make, too. A lot of people out there have been guilty of continually bashing certain artists a lot of the time, too. I'm sure I've probably done it at some point and time, too.


yes, and it's a good point, but she constantly chooses to make it while simultaneously bashing coldplay/radiohead/etc. she gets so offended when someone says they hate creed, or a group of people say creed suck, and whines that she can't hate coldplay. ok, she can hate them, but coldplay fans are going to get just as defensive as she does when they bash the bands she likes. don't dish it out if you can't take it, it's that basic.

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you don't get it do you?

Originally posted by U2Kitten
Dear Salome, Angela, Khanada or other resident mod-

PLEASE delete this thread NOW and forgive me for ever hoping that Coldplay could possibly be discussed in less than glowing terms without all the personal attacks. Please close it now before they all jump on this post and tell me what a terrible person I am for speaking negatively about a band that means so much to them It was hopeless to believe I could ask the question about the ATYCLB connection without the past being drug out into the light. I will never understand why they are protected like no other band and cannot be discussed unless you praise them. A lot of bands are loved by and mean a lot to a lot of people but they are still open to opinion and two sided discussion.

You started this whole thing by talking about the band "ripping of" U2 and Martin trying to copy Bono, which is a weird point in itself as they have completely different voices.
You knew perfectly well what would happen, all you had to do was stick to the original question.

I am not a part of a Coldplay clique (if there ever was such a thing) and prior to your little crusades on the band the only band I remember heavily bashed was Creed. (whom I don't care for either way) It is one thing to say "I don't like them" or "they don't do anything for me" and completely another to bash a band 24/7 and even make assumptions about their fans. Not only is it annoying and boring, it's also insulting. Oh, and hating a band because other people happen to like it is redicioulus.

Your point is also hypocritical as I remember you getting worked up and defending other bands when they got critisized, but it's all fine and well if you're critisizing?
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in conclusion

Moses does not belong on ATYCLB

thank you for your co-operation

you've been a lovely audience

hugs & kisses

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