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Old 05-08-2005, 02:36 PM   #1
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Moments that scared you as a child (or an adult!).

Do you have any times that traumitized you as a child, or even an adult? Whether it be on tv, in horror movies, or in literature, list them here!

My first instance of being terrified of tv came from those dreaded, horrifying "public service annuncements". You know, the ones where they show the girls looking really cute, having a party...then at the end they said what day they died due to a drunk driver.

There was a very scary promo really late at night that featured a famous actor, not sure of his name, that simply said "Hello. I'm dead now, thanks to my addiction to cigarrettes". Very scary to watch as a young boy. There was another one where a girl was holding her teddy bear, the water slowly started leaking in her room...and soon, she drowned, due to herion. (???)

The thing that scared me most of all, however, came from a horror movie. A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Ever seen it? It's pretty cheesy, but the plot is actually pretty good.

Anyway, I was never scared of Freddy...I always thought he was funny. My worst fears arised from the fact that I felt sorry for the poor victims he slaughtered, the strange and dangerous predicaments he would place those charatcers in. There was one, named Greta, who wanted to be a supermodel. Her mom always pushed her into losing weight and stuff. Durring Greta's nightmare, Freddy starts force-feeding her food and her very own GUTS, while her family looks on at her, laughing the whole time! This scared me a lot, and I felt sorry for poor Greta, as her cheeks were filled to the brims with food and body intestines.

Please share your own stories here!....If you dare.

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That actor who said he was dead because of cigarettes was Yul Brenner, who played the King of Siam in "The King and I' on Broadway. Yeah, it was pretty creepy. He made the spots right before his death to be shown right after his death.

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I had a number of traumatic experiences when I was a child. My sixth grade teacher physically attacked me and knocked my head against a metallic window frame, which caused a huge bruise. My parents damn near sued the school for that one.
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I really can't bear watching those ads where you see folk who have died as a result of drunk driving/ alcohol/ smoking. One of the worst ones I have seen is a group of young people travelling ni a car and all of them dying. The back passengers, a boy and girl, both fall towards each other and there is a horrible noise of skulls hitting each other. I knew the girl who filmed the ad, she went to school with my friend, it made it even worse. Another one is of a little school girl lying dead under a tree saying "If that driver had been driving at 30 mph there was have been an 80% chance I would have survived"

They are good at trying to make a point and all but I find some of them a bit too much to handle and some of them terrify me about driving by myself. I prefer when I have someone to shout at when I'm in the car.

I can pretty much freak myself out on a daily basis. When my sister and I are home alone our minds run riot. One night she had me convinced there was someone in our house and was making me go to the kitchen and check to see if anyone was there. When I eventually went to the conservatory door and opened it our neighbours black cat who used to practically live at the kitchen window jumped up at me and I started screaming so loudly my sisters boyfriend heard me from the top of the street. I really thought I was going to die from the shock of it. I'm now afriad there'll be a cat about to leap out from the side of the house when I'm outside and it's dark.
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i dont know if i ever told this one but here goes...

as a kid, i was deathly afraid of Darth Vader.

one time my mom and her friend took a group of kids to "meet" the characters. people who dressed up like them, take pics, get auto's...

well, i thought i was standing in line to meet princess leia. when i came to the front of the line, i looked up, and it was darth vader.

i got so scared i passed out.
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The Daileks (sp?) on Dr Who use to terrify me (they don't any more).

Silence of the Lambs. That creeped me right out.

Walking into a spiders web in the dark.
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I saw Child's Play when I was 7.

It warped my fragile little mind.
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I got attacked by a bird at the zoo as a kid.

I still hate birds.

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Star Trek!
I saw an episode of Star Trek TNG once called 'Frame of Mind' and it scared the living shit out of me. I remember it so vividly - there was this alien who kept appearing at this window, and his face terrified me. The alien was actually meant to be a bit creepy because only Riker could see him (or something like that). I haven't gone near that one episode ever since... I don't follow Star Trek avidly, but it has been on at times when i've been channel surfing, and I don't stop to watch it. I also remember being rather freaked out by the borg. Me and Star Trek didn't really mix too well.
As a younger child, I had an extreme fear of snakes. I still dislike them, but not halfway as much as I did back then.
I don't really fear too much these days, but one thing that really gets to me is when children are used in horror movies as the 'evil' - such as in Ring, The Exorcist. I can't handle that, for some reason - plays havoc on my mind.
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]* When I was 5 an awful fucking clown tried to play with me in a party... I though he was trying to catch me (like in "it") ... since then i'm affraid of clowns, I can't even see one on TV cuz i feel sick.

* there was a tv serie about vietnam war (i dont remember its name)... everybody watched it . In one episode an american soldier rescues a little baby, but the baby dies in a crossfire; the final scene showed one of the soldiers holding the hand of the baby, covered in a white sheet... I got really scared and sad.

* watching news on tv was awful (still is) cuz in that time there were more terrorism acts in Bogot√°, so I was always affraid of bombs. Once i was in school and a teacher started to say that a bomb exploded in the airport... i was terrified cuz my dad works there.

* when I was 7 I found a dead lizard in a puzzle box... it was sticked to the box and it was all brown and gross and you could see the bones and it smelled like shit... I felt like i was going to faint and my mom had to stay with me the rest of the evening cuz i was really impressed.
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I couldn't sleep one night so I snuck out of my bedroom and watched Poltergeist on HBO at like 1am when I was 9 years old.

Let's just say it didn't help me get back to sleep. I couldn't stand white noise on a TV for years.
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Originally posted by BonoVoxSupastar
I couldn't sleep one night so I snuck out of my bedroom and watched Poltergeist on HBO at like 1am when I was 9 years old.

Let's just say it didn't help me get back to sleep. I couldn't stand white noise on a TV for years.
that movie was the first thing i thought of when i saw the title of this thread. i must have been around 8 or 9 when i saw it as well. the tree outside that kid's window, the clown doll under his bed, when that guy goes into the kitchen and there's maggots in all the food and he starts RIPPING his FACE OFF??!?!??!

that movie scared the crap out of me.
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Gremlins.....scared bjesus out of me...I must have been....8-10 I guess.
I taped the Exorcist a about 2 years ago (14-15 at the time), and wasnt brave enough to watch it.....Mum and I started, it wasnt long before I was exiting the room....
As much as they scare the hell out of me, I still Like watching horror movies.....Cabin Fever and 28 Days letter were on cable last month, and couldnt sit through those.

Buffalo Bill scared me in Silence of the lambs too
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The Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz....
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the face of ray brower ( dead kid from stand by me), I hated that when I was a kid

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