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Mgzne Info - Oh......Modern Day Addictions.

makes small reading anyhow!

A whole host of new behavioural addictions are on the increase, says the big Doctor, head of The Priory (for addicts). This, he explains, is due in part to the number of choices open to us: 'When we're stressed or depressed, we self-meditate and find the thing - whether it be shopping or exercise - that stops the unpleasant feeling we have. (yep, we all kinda aware of that mate! ..) But these are only transient cures and don't really solve the problem.'
According to the man, the people most likely to develop an addiction aren't just those with a tendency toward compulsive behaviour. It can also be an easy trap for anyone suffering from low self-esteem or anxiety. 'Theres also evidence of a genetic link,' says Dr Collins. 'Some people may just be pre-disposed to go these routes.

Identities of some addictions that are on the rise and how to know if you're affected:

Exercise Junkies
Everyone knows that it's good for our health to try and keep in shape. But for some people, the desire to sculpt their body through exercise becomes an obsession. 'Exercising makes us feel good because it releases chemicals that lift anxiety,' he says. But it can have a negative effect when someone becomes addicted to the buzz.
'I've worked with people in whom exercise has taken over to the exclusion of normal daily life so that they'll work out even when they've damaged their body because they can't bear the withdrawal.' In women, he says, this kind of addiction is often linked to eating disorders. In you recognise this in yourself, you're halfway to getting over the biggest hurdle - that of denial. 'The next step is to talk to friends. Also, work out how many hours of exercise you're clocking up a week and if you could be over-training something which can cause permanent damage to your body,' he says.

Celebrity Worship.....
A study into the link between attitudes to celebrities and personality types found that a quarter of the UK Population (so any other country would be diff then.), could be under the influence of what researchers call celebrity worship syndrome. And for a small percentage of individuals it affects their mental wellbeing.
'Think of it as a temperature gauge with people displaying various degrees of interest in celebrities' says Mr Maltby, lecturer. 'Around 25 per cent are affected by what we researchers call celebrity worship syndrome. However, 16 per cent of these fit into the entertaining and social category, where their keen interest in the world of celebrity is not at all harmful to their health.'
A further eight per cent of these people displayed intense personal attitudes towards celebrities, where they showed signs of addiction.
'The problems begin when the fascination is to the exclusion of other activites and starts to replace normal relationships,' he says. 'It can result in symptons of anxiety and depression.' 'And the last one per cent of people with this syndrome are what we classify as borderline pathological. This group includes those who admit they would commit a crime if their favourite celebrity asked them to.'
But other experts argue that showing a healthy interest in the lifestyles of the stars is good for you. They say that celebrity culture is based on sound evolutionary reasons: by watching and imitating people who are successful - whether it be by following their dress sense or habits - we learn to flourish in human society. Dr Maltby says there's some truth in this: 'Like anything, its only harmful when taken to the extreme'

Most of us know the pick-me-up you get from splashing a bit of cash, and who hasn't treated themselves to a little bit of retail therapy now and then? But experts say that, for a small group of people the compulsion to shop is so strong its become a full-blown addiction, providing gratification where emotional needs are not being met.
Up to 10 per cent of adults are shopaholics who spend large sums during times of depression or distress. What's more, shopaholics could soon be treated on the NHS, compulsive buying looking set to be recognised as a psychiatric disorder.
A pill will also soon be available that can boost serotonin levels to give sufferers the same high. 'Medication isn't the solution, although it has its role to play', says Mr Collins. 'It may help shopaholics get on top of the problem and break the cycle, but then we need to address the underlying issues (I myself am not a shopohol.....but have on and off in a week bought things through compulsion, like mainly music or videos, DVDS, I never really buy many clothes, I seem to have a problem with buying one item at more than 25..........)

Internet Addiction *maddie looks round the forum at everyone *
There are an increasing number of stories in the news about relationships breaking down as one partner spends excessive amounts of time surfing the net. 'The internet is proving addictive because it opens up a complete fantasy world,' says Mr Collins. 'People who use chat rooms can feel safe and yet explorative in their own environment.'
A few weeks ago, a British mum abandoned her family, telling them she was popping out for some milk when she was actually flying out to join an Australian man she'd met online. Her husband claimed his wife had become addicted to the web and spent up to 18 hours a day in front of her screen talking to strangers in chat rooms'
'When the internet becomes the focus of someone's life, it can mean that something was lacking in the first place,' he says. 'At the same time, minor cracks in a relationship can become worse as an addiction escalates.'
This summer the world's first camp for children who are addicted to the internet opened. Kids who've grown up in a virtual world of chat rooms and computer games were weaned off their hi-tech fix during their 28-day stay, during which computer time was rationed to 30 minutes a day.
Millions of kids are thought to suffer from internet addiction disorder, spending up to eight hours a day online. 'Many children step back from society completely and lose the ability to interact with others, 'says Mr Trautsch, physchologist at the new summer camp at Boltenhagen in Germany. 'Typical manifestations of the disorder are anxiety when not online, withdrawal from friends and family and neglect of schoolwork.'


Basically, we should have Mondays and Friday afternoons off and be able to have 30 minute breaks and 1hr 15 min lunch, and work from 10am to 4pm!!!!!!!!


............ I was bored!

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I don't like all this modern stuff
I just stick to good old alcoholism

“Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”
~Frank Zappa
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I read somewhere that spending 5 hours or more on the internet is addiction.

But 18 hours?!?

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I think I'm suffering from them all. Except the workaholism one.
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I'll be joining Celebrities Anonymous and Internet Anoymous tomorrow...

Hi my name is Schmeg and I just have an addictive personality...
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