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Old 09-24-2004, 09:15 PM   #1
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Sinead O'Connor wants you to stop making fun of her.

DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) - One-time pop sensation Sinead O'Connor was back in the news Friday - by taking out a full-page ad pleading for people to stop making fun of her.

O'Connor, who shot to international fame in 1990 with her biggest hit "Nothing Compares 2 U," claimed she had been "consistently ridiculed, lashed and called mad" for decades, particularly in her native Ireland.

"I don't think there can be any person male or female from this country who has been as consistently lashed as I have been and always am no matter what I set out to do," she complained during her 2,000-word essay published in the Irish Examiner newspaper.

"If ye all think I am such a crazy person why do ye use me to sell your papers?" she wrote, adding, "Please, I just want to be a little old lady now, and not be all controversial and not be bashed and called crazy and laughed at when I open my mouth to sing or speak."

"If ye wrote about Bono like you wrote about me, he'd kick your asses," she wrote.

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One-time pop sensation?
that's just fecking sad that is...if ti's true.
I still get goosebumps when I hear her sing. She's sensational, time and time again. Don't fret so woman Don't let the bastards gring you down...go kick thier asses...with or without Bono.

that is so sad she felt compelled to do that

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If she wants us to stop making fun of her, then she should stop doing things that give people fodder to make fun of her with.
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Old 09-25-2004, 07:01 PM   #4
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i think she's a great singer, but her whole thing of ripping up a picture of the pope and then years later becoming an ordained minister (or preacher or whatever...i get all the titles confused, sorry) it just...she's weird. but i've never made fun of her. i feel bad for her though. i think she just needs to lay low for a few more years, maybe then people will get over it. people have done crazier shit since then.
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Old 09-25-2004, 07:02 PM   #5
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Her cover of Bob Dylan's 'I Believe in You' is really good. I really like it and the original, great song.
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Not a massive fan in the sense of keeping current tabs on her, but I think she has one of the most amazing voices. It sounds like the wind blowing through the trees... I think she has passion and great conviction in what she does vocally, and you can share her heartbreak and joy just by listening to her. She has the kind of voice backed by so much passion that it can actually move you. Singing is her calling in life, I truly believe that.

I think back then, during the whole Pope-picture-tearing debacle, she was at her musical prime. The pinnacle in her career. She was young, headstrong and outspoken so naturally the media was drawn to her. She had a big mouth because she was so passionate and truly believed in her cause. And I think that put a nail or two in her coffin. The media never let up because she was so very outspoken, but I think it's safe to say she brought it on herself in some ways. But the unfortunate chain of events that led her to be outspoken allowed her to be demonized by the media.

Plus there was the whole feud with U2. By the time word got out about what she was saying, I think it left U2 wondering, "why is she saying these things, why is she lashing against us, why would she do that knowing that we supported her when she was just starting out?" I think things between her and U2 changed when she did that song with them that was on the In the Name of the Father soundtrack...

I think despite all this, she has a heart. I remember reading about her once, way back when she refused to perform at a venue because the US national anthem was played before every event. This pissed off a lot of Americans who thought, "who the hell is she to judge whether or not our anthem can be played in our venue" and it right pissed off a lot of concert goers for the event who were left bunk ticktes. She was at a supermarket in Los Angeles, and a worker at the store followed her down the aisles singing the national anthem at the top of his lungs. He was fired on the spot, but she went back to the store and pleaded with the manager to let the man keep his job, that he shouldn't be fired on account of her. I think that was rather big of her, considering she could've turned a blind eye and threw a diva fit and easily had the man fired for simply embarrassing her. Don't know how or why I remember that story sticking out in my mind, but I just do. It kind of touched me, and really made me think differently of her as a person.

Anyway, I think people change with age and why would she be any different. She was much younger at the time and had a lot of deeply personal issues she was trying to work out. She was in the spotlight, and being outspoken was her way of dealing with whatever pain she had the needed to be dealt with. She is definately an eccentric one, but she should live her life and do what makes her happy and brings her solace. It really is too bad that people make fun of this woman who just wants to get on with her life and not be haunted by her ghosts any longer.
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Old 09-26-2004, 05:49 AM   #7
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I think her voice is otherworldly, just amazing. I agree about I Believe In You, when I listen to that on the Christmas CD, I still get teary eyed every time. I never get tired of Nothing Compares To You on the radio

I feel empathy and sympathy for what she went through in her childhood, and I think maybe that contributes to a persecution complex she might have. I do think she's probably a very good hearted person who maybe struggles w/ stuff that some people don't understand.
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Old 09-27-2004, 06:01 AM   #8
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she did it to herself

Poor ol' Sinead, she's taken out a full page ad in the Irish Examiner to beg people to stop bashing her and thinking she's crazy. It may be the worst thing she could do because the people who do it are only going to joke on this too. But she did it to herself with her own behavior. As a fellow eccentric, I can relate. Also once people get your goat you are fucked for life, they will joke on everything you no matter what it is. Here's the story:

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor begs to be left alone

Fri Sep 24, 1:59 PM ET Add Entertainment - AFP to My Yahoo!

DUBLIN (AFP) - Retired pop singer Sinead O'Connor (news) made an emotional plea to be left alone, in a full page advertisement in the Irish Examiner newspaper.

The 2,500-word appeal followed media coverage of her call for a campaign to rid the country's children of head lice. One newspaper described it as her latest "wacky crusade".

O'Connor, 38, said she had been the "whipping post" of Ireland's media for 20 years.

"I don't think there can be any person male or female from this country who has been as consistently lashed as I have been and always am no matter what I set out to do."

Acknowledging she was "unconventional," she asked the media to "please stop hurting me and maybe I could start being more bloody useful.

"Ye know if I were really as crazy as ye make out I am, I would deserve compassion, not bashing."

Her singing had been a way of dealing with an abusive childhood. "I needed to sing it out. I needed permission to be crazy."

As a full-time mother with three children she said, "I just want to be a little old lady now, and not be all controversial and not be bashed and called crazy and laughed at when I open my mouth to sing or speak."

Last year O'Connor announced on her website she was retiring and no longer wished to be a "famous person".

O'Connor's biggest hit was a haunting version of the Prince song ""Nothing Compares to U".

During her career, the outspoken singer frequently hit the headlines in a number of controversies.

In 1999, an Irish "rebel" bishop ordained her in Lourdes as a priest in the controversial Latin Tridentine Church. Subsequently, she styled herself, "Mother Bernadette Mary".

She caused anger when she ripped up a picture of the Pope on the US television show "Saturday Night Live".
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<a href= target=_blank></a>
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I guess it's an Irish thing. She's pretty much been out of the picture since the incident with the pope, am I right?
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Anybody remember the MC Hammer incident? He told her that if she hated America so much he'd pay her plane fare back to Ireland. She took him up on it and he gladly paid and said good riddance!

Then there was the one where she grew hair and people in the store called her Enya so she got mad and shaved her head bald again because that's the look people associated her with.

No doubt she is weird, but being weird too I can kind of sympathize that she just wants to be left alone, but it's too late.
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Old 09-27-2004, 03:11 PM   #12
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That's a pretty desperate thing to do to make people like you.

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