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Originally posted by verte76

I agree--it's a bit nutty. I don't care that people have their opinions but I don't think we need a war over MJ.
Yes, it is silly, isn't it? MJ of all people! He really is more or less a public joke and has been for years but I've seen more people on this board make fun of U2 than him!

ONLY TWO PLASTIC SURGERIES? Only on your nose? Only so you could sing better? Give me a break MJ! Ha ha ha ho ho ho he he he!

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Originally posted by Desire4Bono

Yes Angela Harlem, you are very opinionated and so am I. To me meeganie seems that way too, someone who always has to be right. It's clear she is very popular here and has a bunch of friends to back her up. I was very disturbed by her comments that seemed to say there was nothing wrong with what Jackson was doing because I think there is and most people would agree it's just not right. I will try to stick to PLEBA from now on.
God, will you just give it up? I've made it clear several times that I'm NOT defending Michael Jackson. I DON'T LIKE HIM. I'm not saying that what he does or doesn't do is right. I'm not saying it's wrong either. We have no idea what he does.

Threads diverge from their original topics. That's the nature of discussions. You don't have to turn this into something personal.

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die thread die

The fact of the matter is is that no one here knows for certain if he is or isn't molesting children, or if he has some type of illness. We are all making conjectures based on past accusations and his recent odd behavior.
We can make conjectures and assumptions till the cows come home. Until there is solid evidence one way or the other we are only left with our opinions and ideas.

I have already said what I well as others...let's just leave it at that.
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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...and nothing anyone says here matters or is going to change a thing. So yes let's just leave it at that!

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