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Old 03-01-2004, 06:45 AM   #46
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Jack Black and Will Ferrell were great.

Sooo happy LOTR won.

Johnny and Benicio = still hot

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Old 03-01-2004, 07:58 AM   #47
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still can't believe Janet's boob wasn't even nominated for best actress in a supporting role

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Old 03-01-2004, 08:42 AM   #48
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I thought of ABEL when I saw the diet pepsi commercial with the mars rover.
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Old 03-01-2004, 09:57 AM   #49
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Congratulations to Quebec filmmaker Denys Arcand for Best Foreign Film !!!

I wish Naomi Watts had won the Best Actress Oscar. She was incredible in 21 Grams. She also looked beautiful: Her dress and makeup were really nice.

Charlize looked incredible, as usual.

Angelina Jolie looked amazing.

What the hell was Uma Thurman thinking?

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Old 03-01-2004, 10:15 AM   #50
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I must admit that I was a bit bored at LOTR getting everything, but still I was glad to see Sofia Coppola get at least something! As for the documentaries, Capturing the Friedmans was outstanding, but in a most disturbing way of course, and I was disappointed that it didn't get the Oscar. And I was extremely happy for Charlize
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Old 03-01-2004, 12:57 PM   #51
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Originally posted by ~LadyLemon~
Heh, the first 20 minutes made me want to stab my eyes out.
From the Chicago Tribune......

Crystal's no ball in tepid Oscar show
By Steve Johnson
Tribune television critic

On a night when the awards provided almost no surprises -- except for that "Harvie Krumpet" win as best animated short, didn't you think? -- a viewer might have expected the telecast to pick up the slack.

It was, after all, the first Academy Awards back, after three years off, for Billy Crystal in the hosting role. It was the first Oscars and, indeed, the first television show to be produced by Revolution Studios chief Joe Roth.

It was the first recent Oscars to come in February, moved up from March. And it was the first recent Oscars broadcast to have a five-second delay, an after-effect of Janet Jackson's reveal at the Super Bowl, the lone American TV program that outdraws the Academy Awards.

Yet the show felt almost numbingly familiar and disappointingly genteel -- nearly bereft of politics, say, or outrage. There was no Michael Moore rant, except in a brief and ineffective parody. There was, sadly, no discernible need for a delay; the opposite, a fast-forward, might have been a better innovation. And when Tim Robbins got the first award, best supporting actor for "Mystic River," did the inveterate lefty rail inappropriately against his political opposites? No, he thanked his wife and kids and, very tastefully, called for abuse victims like his character to seek help.

Before that, Crystal came out and, instead of a surprise, immediately served up both of his trademark bits, the big filmed piece inserting him into nominated movies and the snappy songs riffing on the films.

The unfortunate twist was that the theme of the filmed piece, "The Return of the Host," celebrated Crystal himself more than the movies.

As opposed to Steve Martin's mostly graceful and low-key hosting turn two years ago, Crystal's opening felt damp with flop-sweat, a grasping performance of greatest hits rather than a new tune.

It was a shame, because when the comic got down to the business of riffing on what was happening during the show, he was good.

"It's now official," Crystal said, referring to the stultifying parade of "Lord of the Rings" wins, "there is nobody left in New Zealand to thank."

After revered documentarian Errol Morris finally won an Oscar, for "The Fog of War," his study of Vietnam-era Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the director said, to loud applause, that he fears America in Iraq is "going down a rabbit hole once again."

Crystal's response to this lone political moment was both funny and pointed: "I can't wait for his tax audit."

Roth's production had some highlights. The spiffed-up graphics were lovely to look at, the practice of having one presenting pair give out a couple of awards a nice way to move things along.

But three songs in a row is two too many, even if they feature the ethereal voices of Alison Krauss and Annie Lennox. The clips representing the best film nominees were ill-chosen. And the lengthy tributes to deceased Hollywooders Bob Hope, Gregory Peck, and Katharine Hepburn felt like a slight to the year's other dead.

They need to find a more lively host...someone who actually has a "current" career!
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Old 03-01-2004, 02:23 PM   #52
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one thing:

what a bad year for movies (mainstream movies)
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Old 03-01-2004, 03:01 PM   #53
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I wish Bill Murray would've one
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Old 03-01-2004, 04:32 PM   #54
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Sophia Coppola and Charlize....
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Old 03-01-2004, 07:47 PM   #55
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I was really disappointed that only one person made a political statement. Why?

And yes, what was Uma thinking? Cher at her most outrageous looked better than that.
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Nicole is waaay too skinny looking/botoxy looking. Whywhywhy??
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Old 03-01-2004, 10:41 PM   #57
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Originally posted by The_Sweetest_Thing

She looks so proud of it too.
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Old 03-01-2004, 11:02 PM   #58
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Everyone was wearing white or black!! It was really kind of boring.

I liked Scarlett Johannsen's dress--the color, the mermaid style. At least it was some *color* in the crowd!
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Old 03-02-2004, 12:04 AM   #59
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Sudden thought:

Did I miss Orlando and Viggo or were they not there?
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Old 03-02-2004, 01:41 AM   #60
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I watched most of the show last night on the telly and I was glad that LOTR finally got the recognition that it deserved, although I think that some more of the actors should have got acting nods.....

Bill Murray did look a bit pissed off at not winning, I think that Sean Penn was a deserved winner, although I have not seen Mystic River, I do know that he is a great actor and I liked his litle political grab about W of M D. However I was personally barracking for Johnny Depp, because I just loved him in Pirates and he has a long career of credible acting performaces behind. It would be nice to see more comedies win, there seems to be this vibe with the oscars that predominantly only serious dramas can win in the acting categories as they are more worthy, I am sure that there is just as much talent needed in all roles...

I agree with the earlier posted reviewer's thoughts- get rid of Crystal, he's had his day. Whilst he was funny, I thoguht Steve Martin was heaps better and personally I thought that the opening sequence was just a big ego trip on Crystal's behalf.

I'm glad Harvie Krumpet won = Aussie, independant success and I will be sure to watch it when it screens on our telly next week.

Nicole, Naomi and Angelina all looked way, way, way, way, waaaaay too skinny, what is with Hollywood constantly reinforcing the skin and bones look. I personally thought that Marcia Gay Harden looked gorgeous

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