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Originally posted by Stories for Boys
uh.....i really think what these ppl did is horrible and i honestly hope/wonder if something bad will happen to them, but on the other hand, i'm a little disturbed at all the ppl who are wishing them to go to's really not our place....
I completely agree. I think most of the people who have said things that are just reacting emotionally, though.

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actually.....i understand completely because that was my first reaction too.....seems the natural thing.....i'd just be a bit careful....

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Kittens represent innocence, in my opinion. Have you ever owned a kitten? Watched it as it experimented with the world around it? I'm not heavy into animal rights, I wouldn't spill red paint on someone's fur coat, I'm not vegetarian. Does that mean I'm on the same level as someone who burns living kittens for pleasure? Hmm. But I have to wonder what made these people do this. Have humans really become this low?

I'm disgusted.

Then again, this is a cat. Think about all the other horrors that have gone on in the world, humans against humans.

And yes, I'm in a pessimistic mood.
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Yes, kittens are innocent, sweet, and precious. Ever look into the eyes of one and have it rub on you in unconditional love as it purrs? The thought of hurting something so precious is unbelievable to me. So is what happened to the little girl in California, Of course bad things happen to humans and people all over the world but that does not make it any less terrible what happend to that darling kitty. ALL cruelty sucks and is wrong!! Life is valuable and the only thing than can never be replaced. I am worrying he might have gotten it from a kitten ad and someone gave it to him thinking he loved it for a pet, or he maybe stole somebody's pet. He is a foul creature and I'm sure whatever happens to him will not be bad enough.
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I really can't stand stories like this. Nobody wants to get me started. I could rant all day on this. I know too many horrible stories of things like this that happened to cats, dogs and baby ducks. Even one of my own pets I'm sure you don't want to hear them and I don't want to tell them. I wish I was rich so I could start an organization that stops shit like this. No, not PETA, they are too hung up on cows and pigs to do the right thing with cats and dogs. Don't tell me I don't know, I do, I have talked to them, and a lot of other people who have experiece with it such as other animal organizations started because of their disgust with their policies. Meower Power is one. They do a lot but they can't do enough. I dream about being able to save all these animals and put them in a safe haven.


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