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Old 05-30-2005, 11:26 PM   #1
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I apologize if someone has already posted about this band, but I have no search function. Mods, please merge with another thread if need be.

Anyways, any fans of Mae out there. I think they're incredible. Unfortunately, they got categorized into Emo (edit - not that there's anything wrong with emo, I love a lot of emo stuff, but I don't think it fits them), but they are pretty much just rock. Great melodies, guitars and keyboards. I highly recommend catching them live as well. Their fan base is a little young, which can be embarassing if you the "old guy" at the concert (I was the "old guy" at age 26), but they are tight.

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FYI, there's a band index at the top of this section of the forum (for those without search). This is the first thread on Mae though

I too am a fan. I still only own 'Destination: Beautiful', but I've plan on getting 'The Everglow' once I become more familiar with what I've got. For some reason I really see them as a cross between Jimmy Eat World and U2 (sorry everyone, I hate using U2 as a reference for music. I'm not saying I think they're ripping U2 off or trying to sound like them, I just think their aesthetic/sound has some similar elements). They've still got their own thing going on though. I honestly dont know what it is that I like about them. They just have some insanely catchy songs and hooks, good fun music.

PS - I feel your pain about being the "old guy" at some shows. I'm 27, and I feel like a chaperone or security at some of these shows sometimes.....

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On a side note, how do you actually pronounce the band name? Anyone know?

I say it like "my", but I never know if I'm completly wrong or not.
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Old 05-30-2005, 11:42 PM   #4
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Pronounced like the month, May.

It's actually an acronym for...

(pausing to look it up b/c now I can't remember, must be the old age )

Multisensory Aesthetic Experience

Edit - I highly recommend The Everglow, not quite as good as Destination, but very solid. There are also some good tracks on Destination: B Sides. Worth checking out for sure.
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Hooray---a Mae thread!!! I really like this band. A guy who works at a rare book dealer with me played both albums for me, and I slightly prefer the first one. But I bought "The Everglow" on iTunes, and especiallly love the narration and piano that opens and closes the album.

This is a great young band and I hope they are introduced to a larger audience in the near future.
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I love Mae. Ever since i saw them live, I was in love. I really love both albums and I find it hard to choose which one I like better. but they are a great band. their b-sides are great too. I'm only 16 so i guess i don't feel like I'm in the old crowd

i'm glad someone made a Mae thread
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Any other thoughts on Mae? My roomie is about as crazy about them as I am about U2 (though not quite as coocoo as I am...)

I'm not so sure about how I feel, though she plays them ALL the time and they don't have a very large catalogue so I hear the same songs over and over.

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