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Old 05-25-2002, 06:47 PM   #1
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LOVE United

Once again, it's all about music
I heard/saw this song for the first time yesterday on the last SBS World Sports Show before the Cup starts (Johnny Warren was excited, he LOVES am I Johhny)
I liked it the song. A brilliant idea had by someone imho. Tomorrow night they are showing a documentary about the making of the film clip, that should be funny...and poignant. They are trying to rasie funds and awareness for the fight against AIDS, for all those kids who won't get to see the football.
Even though I like Anastasia and some of her songs, I didn't warm to her song BOOM which has been chosen as the theme music for the Cup. Suppose it will grow on me. I like to listen to Soulfly ( the song Soulfly) and Umbabarumba, before a game myself Go Brasil!!

Enjoy the trip we are about to go on football lovers. I seriously have to save my electrickery for the matches I want to see.This will be a test..
See you round like a soccer ball


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Old 05-25-2002, 09:05 PM   #2
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I think the idea is great and the song is actually quite nice. But the voices of the football stars (under the louder and better voice) are... well... not very great... LOL...

So this song is gonna be released as a single?

I don't like 'Boom' too. Seriously, it's not a song for the fans to sing along during or before a match, unlike the ricky martin song in 98'. I don't understand why did they choose this song anyway.

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Old 06-02-2002, 09:32 PM   #3
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Oh I saw the video, I think is cool
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Old 06-04-2002, 04:47 AM   #4
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seagreen nellie seagreen neddy seagoon.. OIC!!!!
I think I need driving lessons lmao
too tricky for now

Just trying to learn the new ropes here.

Good Q christina.
I didn't get to see the documentary, but I guess that is what they intend. I hope so. I've been watching them play soccer (well some of them so far) They put their heart into the soccer and also the song, so a nice souvenir of a great event. It's been great so far. I have been planning our meals around the cuisines of the teams countries, great fun. Did you know there is a Belgian chocolate called Raffaello? I noticed them today. Much tastier than that old lemon up there.LMAO again Next Monday, Portugal Belgium, wine and chocolate night...well chocolate anyway I'm a foodie, I like soccer and food and music. Love united jogador....

This must be the longest edit in interfernce history.
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