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LOTR, Bono's Gates!,HHGTTG and electrical ideas.

Well I am excited only 4 months till we get to see the second part of Lord of the Rings. I think I told some of you a long time ago the significance of that book to my family. We hold it very dear.
My youngest son is studying it this term at school. He was on line last night looking for elvish script and alphabet. My other son found out he will be studying Hitch hHikers Guide To The Galaxy for his senior year. Thank you up there DNA, we are Douglas Adams and HHGTTG fans ( I told him, you have to work Douglas' other book "last chance to see" into it somewhere, it's important!!. Down mum!)

A couple of months ago I told hub about a friend in the chat room who had just returned from Ireland and who had said they had not had time to see Bono's Gates. He was imagining something like Baldur's Gate, a computer game you have to navigate, a virtual U2 tour of the significant sites of Dublin. You know the ones, the studio, the pubs, the beach AND Bono's gate( Elvis there may be some money in that idea man, I am serious about making money using Cd Rom technology, somehow)
We had a wee chuckle about it anyway.

No chuckling this morning musiclovers. Building renovations underway...for about 15 years!!!,always stressful anyone who is a DIYperson, no $$$ for my vision of loveliness. I was protesting against using a sheet of cladding instead of the old timber to match the rest. Bitch!!
Just then I was struck by an idea. Go with the cheap ass sheet of modern whatever that stuff is....sorry... and treat it like a mural, a canvas. I haven't had an artistic idea for a while, or painted ,but I think I see something like the Gate of Moria, painted in gold(well yellow, but I'll pretend)inscribed with runes and elvish script, all curly wurly. It will tie in with son's project, I shall have to think about what message to have up there in elvish, lots of diffrent things probably........
and the U2ey connection? First time y'all are hearing "electrical storm" today, lots of new energy about.I think a big bolt of lightning shall make it's way into the painting somewhere
.....and stars and knowing me, a smilie face. I'll try to know when to stop.
I hope this works, but we do love Tolkien...this could be fun and cheap, we're all happy, I hope either be great or hmmm .

....and it's still gently raining
so big rave, thanks U2, got me thinking.

oh my o my I just thought of shadowfax, my sister can paint beautiful horses

I'm excited, hope you are too. I like getting an idea I feel is good and doable.
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If I said the words ...


speak friend and enter....well i thought ti was a good idea
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