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Originally posted by Queen Bee

As for the bird saying Hurley's name, on the Lost message boards a group of fans were convinced that bird in the season 1 finale was saying Hurley's name. This also spread to Lost podcasts and such. Word got to the producers and they coined it Hurleybird. Hurley's "Did that bird just say my name?" line was a nod to that.

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Originally posted by phanan

And yes, we just met Desmond's girlfriend, but I find it very intriguing. Is she or her father behind this whole thing? Did she start looking for Desmond and stumble across this anomaly? Lots of new things to get next season started off with.
Made me think maybe her dad set the island up to trap Desmond there and she's been trying to locate him since.

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I just saw a new Hanso commercial


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A bit more information about it here - http://andfound.com/2006/06/07/retri...ruth/#more-176

I am so over these Hanso sponsored websites
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Ok... there's something in my mind... FINALLY AXN got to the season finale... 2 hours of edge-seatting... (or at least bed-lying heart attack )

1) this is the thing I'm most convinced since that Henry-Ana luci encounter... JACK'S DAD IS ALIVE...

think about it... women who cant get pregnant now can, cancers are "healed" (at least that's what Rose thinks), and Locke WALKS...

besides, HOW ELSE ON EARTH (or island) could "henry" know how Jack's father called Ana Lucia when they were in Australia?

remember my words.. he's alive... he wasn't on the casket on season 1... care to believe?

2) talking to a friend of mine, that saw the finale like a month and a half ago (like most of the planet ¬¬), besides the gps thing a guy posted before (that sound ok) she tellms that desmond didn't took the money, but somhow tha father send him to that place, knowing that the electromagnetism would cought him (because HE is the head planner of the Dharma Innitiative), and Penelope, with all her money, hired those 2 guys to track the island, to at least, know there's life there...

3) the CAN'T kill Eko and Locke... the fight of the century between them lasted a few seconds, but was great... and, besides, come people could hate Locke all they want because of his non-past, but he's the first one that put the AWE face on you, admit it.
And... this whole "fate" and "mission" deal is really big... as everybody thinks everyone's there for a reason... that's called fate

4) you do notice those 5 jeroglifics had a symbol, each one realted to a dharma station... or am i THAT crazy?... because THERE ARE 5 stations, remember that

5) I can't wait for the 3rd season... and, suposedlly, the whole series would last only 4 seasons, right?

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