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Old 12-10-2003, 05:19 AM   #31
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I think you do just fine.
I love when DJ's talk. It adds spice and everything nice to the whole thang. Don't stop yourself...I was really entertained and love the tunes you played

Know your rights appears on many of the PJ boots this year...awesome each time. McCready has the whole Clash guitar thing down...even the choppy movements...

Down is Mike McCready's song...and should have been on Riot Act IMO. I love that song! Yay Mike. Underrated guitar player indeed....not so shabby songwriter too.

Last Kiss seems to annoy some ppl out doesn't bug me at all. The only thing about it that bothers me is that it outsold all of their other singles. I guess it appealed to a much wider audience. I don't think they should be identified with or remembered by that song, tho. That would piss me the fook off. They are much more than that. Off He goes is a masterpiece.

Yep. Seattle. One year ago at this time. Time flies by way too fast. I remember it like it was yesterday. Nice place and nice ppl in that town.

where the hell can I find "Oi to the world".
I just got No Doubt's greatest hits just for "It's my life".

I like the original by Talk Talk better, tho. Much better.

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i don't like listening to djs talk, but it doesn't bug me when tehy rtalk about music. and that's what i was doing, i said what songs i played, and mentioned that the ducky boys (who i had played) are getting back together and they're doing a show with street dogs (who i had also just played)....not really sure what that guy's problem was...other than that he was an idiot.

down really should have been on riot act. replace something like...oh i don't know...cropduster or 1/2 full.

wishlist saved me from hating pj. i heard it around the same time as last kiss and having just started getting into music other than the beatles, i was like hey wait this is the same band?

off he goes could very well be my all-time favorite pearl jam song, as no code is probably my favorite album...but like with anything, that changes constantly.

i downloaded oi to the world cos it sounded like it might be funny... and oh it is...soulseek found it (before deciding it didn't want to work).

7 am. whoohooo time for me to go eat breakfast and go to class.

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