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Lightbulb mania

Not meant to be offensive tis all in fun

( a friend made this up on 'my forum' a while ago, i have 'stolen it' and edited it to post it here for you )


One to notice the lightbulb is busted and needs changing, and post a topic in PLEBA about it.

One mod to move the topic to lemonade stand because it doesn't really have anything to do with the boys.

One to say that they'd like to change it, but they're currently writing a uni paper so they don't have the time.

The person writing to uni paper to post again, 2 minutes later, wondering if anyone's around.

The person writing the uni paper to give up and go to 'IO' and look for people there.

Another person to enter the lightbulb topic and post a message saying: *changes the lightbulb*

Half an hour later, the person writing the uni paper to realise that everyone else in IO is in Zoo Confessionals, and migrates over only to find they've all gradually shifted to 'dream out loud'.

One to post a topic in the PLEBA forum asking what brand of lightbulb Bono uses in his bedro.. er, house. This then spurrs a ten page topic about Bono and lightbulbs.

then inspires 3 more topics about what brand of lightbulb larry, edge and adam use... following suit of the bono lightbulb topic.

The person writing the uni paper to discover that everyone has now moved to 'PLEBAns'.

One to start, in Lemonade stand 'The Alphabetical Lightbulb Brand/Retailers Game'

One to create 'Its Officially # lightbulb quiz' in IO

The person writing the uni paper to post in every possible topic that ups your post count ex. what song are u listening to... and say something about the person above you... etc...

Many IO'ers to petition the start of a new forum dedicated to the many millions of lightbulbs that have lit up U2 concerts over the years.

One to begin 'Survivor: Lightbulb' and claim that 'Lightbulb' is the name of a miniscule town North of Cork.

admin to create 'The Lightbulb Forum'

One to begin TLPT #1 (The Lightbulb Pointless Topic) which is thriving.

One to suggest a variation of the word 'Lightbulb' as a name for a U2 members next kid.

The person writing the uni paper to spend half an hour posting messages in 'IO and lemonade stand' and not realise that everyone has gone offline.

The Lightbulb forum people to try and figure out a name for themselves.

One to post 'The Lightbulb General Knowledge Quiz!!!'

Someone to post an obscure lightbulb related guitar question in the 'everything you know is wrong.

One to discover the vocal talent of a little known singer who goes by 'Lightbulb Lady' and post a topic called 'Lightbulb Lady, anyone?' in 'just the bang and clatter'

'LightyWightys' to become the universal name for a 'Lightbulb forum person'.

The person writing the uni paper to give up and go to fan fiction and begin a whole fan fic of how the lightbulb met the band...

One admin or mod to post a message in the lightbulb forum about how it's entirely pointless topics, and if they dont stay on topic he'll close it.

The LightyWightys to laugh it off and overtake lemonade stand and IO put together in the number of topics

One to create 'The LightyWightys Quiz!!!'

One admin to close the lightbulb forum.

In outrage, all the interferencers now addicted to lightbulbs to inundate 'lemonade stand' with Lightbulby topics.

One admin to make 'lightbulb' a censored word (as well as 'l.ightbulb', 'li.ghtbulb', 'lig.hbulb' etc)

The person writing the uni paper to realise that their paper is due in 2 and a half hours and they havent even started it. But, they just check IO one more time...

Someone to post an angry message stating that the lightbulb thing has gotten ridiculous and they are now leaving COL.

As above.

As above.

As above.

As above.

As above.

Someone to start a lightbulb topic in their native language (lets say dutch to keep it simple).

The not Dutch community of interference to eventually get over the whole lightbulb thing, while the Dutchies are still obsessing. But, since no-one else can understand them, no one can help them and they are doomed to talk about lightbulbs for eternity.

The End... or is it?

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And now for something completely different

My digi cam and snapfish are working for me today, they have neevr worked for me

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Thats my retro lampshade - the pic does not do it justice tho
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