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Old 02-13-2002, 03:16 PM   #1
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Lazy Test

Check this out:

I got 23% lazy. Good thing there wasn't a question about how many hours a day you spend on Interference!!!

"OH, SINNY- er,um- SPINNY!" (freudian slip?)-JulyFly

"Here I go and I don't know why
I spin so ceaselessly
Could it be he's taken over me????

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Old 02-13-2002, 03:22 PM   #2
War Child
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I am 36% lazy!

What are we going to do now It's all been said,
No new ideas in the house and Every book has been read....

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Old 02-13-2002, 03:25 PM   #3
Blue Crack Addict
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Procrastination is my middle name LOL.
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Old 02-13-2002, 03:43 PM   #4
mocool12's Avatar
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Holy crap I'm freaking lazy. 58%!!!!!!!

TheSpark rocks, their questions crack me up.
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Old 02-13-2002, 03:44 PM   #5
love, blood, life
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I am 8% lazy.

Which doesn't surprise me because I'm a manager and a type-A personality, so I can't
afford to be lazy, and don't have the time to be lazy.

I'm only asking, but I think you know.

"This is so bad it's gone way past good and back to bad again." - Enid, Ghost World.
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Old 02-13-2002, 03:45 PM   #6
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58% but I expected much higher score on this one...

did you know that science has prooven that IQ and lazyness are related? lazyer=higher IQ. I always felt guilty about my lazyness, and than last year I was on a banking seminar where one comunication specialist told us this, and since than I try to be as lazy as I can...

"Everyone loves me
everyone thinks I'm georgeous
they wait for their turn to meet me..." - Me, 2001.
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Old 02-13-2002, 04:56 PM   #7
The Original
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i took the test twice.. the first time i was 22%, but then I was really suspicious because I see myself as very lazy. The second time I was 48%.. and i don't recall actually answering any questions differently. Hmmm. oh well.
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Old 02-13-2002, 04:59 PM   #8
Klodomir's Avatar
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Location: Denmark
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Local Time: 01:50 AM
24%, but there must be some mistake. I'm much lazier than that.

I loved this picture:

My fave question:
51. Have you ever received a citation or an award for loitering?
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Old 02-13-2002, 05:10 PM   #9
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Location: Another Time, Another Place, in The Electric Co. ; behind the Shadows and Tall Trees
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50% lazy arse
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Old 02-13-2002, 05:25 PM   #10
Sizzlin' Sicilian
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That kitty pic is so cute btw.
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Old 02-13-2002, 05:29 PM   #11
Forum Moderator
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"Hallelujah, Heaven's white rose,
The doors you open...I just can't close..."
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Old 02-13-2002, 06:19 PM   #12
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Location: maze of your imagination, where the streets have no name, lol
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and for my information im not quite lazy enough to require help with de-panting hurrah

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Old 02-13-2002, 06:46 PM   #13
I Serve Larry's Stick
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24% Lazy.

I liked the naps and craps question the best.

Such a nice day
Let it go...
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Old 02-13-2002, 06:51 PM   #14
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16% - which didn't really suprise me since I have 2 kids and never sleep.

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Old 02-13-2002, 07:58 PM   #15
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16% lazy! Damn - I definetly thought it would be higher than that!!

Holy Jesus, Holy rock and roll...

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