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Old 01-29-2002, 06:11 PM   #1
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lame thread, no doubt, but give me your fav songs

i dont believe weve done this one yet? well let me be the first then.

top 10 songs as of now...

1) airbag, particularly live. i started liking this song after i saw it on meeting people is easy. watching greenwood making those noises that make a car sound like it screaching before it explodes into a bile of burning reckage blew my mind and still does.

2) how to disappear completely. enough said. there is no other song on earth that can take me to another place like this song can.

3) fake plastic trees. this came soooo close to being number 2, but it falls a bit shy. its a very cool "power-ballad" imo.

4) street spirit. what a tune, nothing really builds, but a perfect song to end an album such as the bends.

5) i might be wrong. this song right always made me think it was a country song. the twangy guitars are great, with ed making some real cool distortion.

6) exit music. this song live is another killer.

7) the national anthem/idioteque. is there any other songs that i can turn myself into the trance such as these? i think not.

8) creep. ya sometimes this oldie hits home real good. plus its fun to sing as loud as you can.

9) just/my iron lung. another good tune, live as well. the guitar crunches on mil especially live have incredible distortion that really make you feel like a hammer is about to crash down on your skull.

10) paranoid android. another great tune.

11) sulk. very melodic with great feeling and guitars. the climax is huge with jonny, yet again, coming in hard to close out the song with a bang. a perfect lead-up to street spirit.

so many to have chosen from, but for now, until i look back at this list and laugh at myself for being so stupid, these are my fav radiohead tunes.

whats yours? and if you have the time, explain why. i like to hear what people like about them.

-Balls McCone
-Cloyd (again)
-Box Bran-Delle

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These are some of my favorite songs but I can't rank them by number. Its too hard to choose what song goes where.

Everything in it's Right Place - This one puts me in just the right mood for house cleaning my house because it makes me want to put everything where it belongs. The live version off of the I Might be Wrong EP is my favorite because it is way trippier. This is going to sound very wierd but at the end of the live version of this song when Thom is singing "There are two colors in my head" and his voice starts reverberating and scratching and there are all the psychedelic echos. As the song builds in intensity you can hear these high pitched little voices still chanting, "There are two colors in my head" and I always think that those are the voices of the deathbears. I could practically see them dancing around and chanting and showing their sharp teeth in my mind's eye. But this may be the result of an acid flashback and you may not necessarily experience this particular phenomenon.

Like Spinning Plates - I have already explained why I like this one, especially live. I think it is mesmerizing.

Airbag - This song is so beautiful and hopeful sounding. "I am born again" and "in an interstellar burst I'm back to save the universe," you gotta love that line.

Lucky - this song goes together with airbag for me perhaps because it is also seems hopeful with "I feel my luck could change."

Morning Bell/Amnesiac - I like how this song ties Kid A and Amnesiac together by bringing that theme back again and making the whole thing come full circle. I like the amnesiac version even bettter because it sounds psychedelic and slightly broken. Cut the kids in half.

Dollars and Cents - I like the "crack your little skulls" part. I like to say it.

I Might be Wrong - the guitar riff makes this a good driving song. There is a feeling of moving forward about this one.

How to Disapear Completely - This song is trance-inducing. I just close my eyes and float down the Liffey.

Idioteque - I like the beat on this one.

This was challenging. Of course there are more but these are the ones that stuck out in my head today.

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I am ashamed of you bear for not having our song in your list.

Ok here are mine, I think.

1. High and Dry - I know its old or whatever but I LOVE this song. I am not a very good commentary so dont be too disappointed.

2. In Limbo - This song I have already made a thread about.

3. Idioteque - I want to mad dance to this song.

4. Karma Police - Same thing bear said about Creep.

5. Sulk - I just like it.

6. The Bends - I like the guitar in this one, specially the beginning.

7. Packt like sardines - I admit I like the clanging of the sardine cans or whatever the heck it is, though I prefer the live version.

8. I might be wrong - I like songs with a distinct set beat or guitar sound through the song.. I think I've come to that conclusion.

9. Kid A - I like weird songs too.

10. Tie between Street spririt & Fake plastic trees.

My Lair
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1. Paranoid Android. My fav song of all times. I like the three parts of the song, the changing moods.
2. Lucky
3. Street Spirit
4. Exit Music (for a film)
5. Everything in its right place
6. Karma Police
7. Life in a glass house
8. Climbing up the walls
9. Motion Picture Soundtrack
10. Creep

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I'd be a bad boy if I didn't contribute, so after much thought:

1. Nice Dream: Because I love the imagery of this piece. "If you think that you're strong enough/if you think you belong enough/nice dream..." Could it be the Radiohead manifesto rolled into one song?

2. Let Down: The Joshua Tree in an airport lounge. Chilly European visions of redemption, destruction and, er, letdown. I was hysterical and useless when I heard it. Still am.

3. Karma Police: When Thom goes into "whew for a moment I lost myself..." my heart explodes. Also the first song to 'properly' get me into Radiohead's headspace back in 1997.

4. In Limbo: Heavenly Radiohead rock.

5. Idioteque: 'Ice age coming...' Thom's take on the global New Right? I know, I know, it's about genetic modification.... or is it.

6. Life in a Glasshouse: A delightful little love song about a woman who papers her windows so the paparazzi have only their own photos to look at. Very touching.

That's all for now.
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The Fly
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1. Street Spirit
2. Lucky
3. Thinking About You
4. Fake Plastic Trees
5. The Bends
6. Talk Show Host
7. Ideotèque
8. Airbag
9. You And Whose Army?
10. How To Disappear Completely
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Old 01-30-2002, 08:18 PM   #7
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Cool thread!

I would have to say Pyramid Son. I really stop and think of the past and future, while numb in the present. I jumped in the river... I really like this song.

I think the most interesting aspect for me is that the more I listen to it, the more thankful of everything/one in my life. Feeling humbled by the grace of God and great songs is one thing, but keeping good company can also be immeasurable. thx surround!

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Kid A
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subterranean homesick alien - some of my favourite lyrics ever, and of course the title is a tribute to Bob Dylan's classic "subterranean homesick blues" (all these weird creatures who lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves, and live for their secrets... and they'll lock me away, but i'll be alright, i'm just up-tight)

airbag - i don't know which i love more, the album version or the acoustic demo where Thom changes some of the lyrics (in the next world war/ in the one you left behind/ I am born again)

karma police - again, as with much of OK Computer, these songs are soaking in thom's bitter irony and at the same time they say "FUCK YOU!!!!!" all the while searching for a waay out, of the mind or something, you decide for yourself... (phew... for a minute there, i lost myself)

*I'll do more tomorrow, I was listening to ok computer and decided to write about these songs for now (though my list will probably still end up being full of ok computer songs, or at least half)

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mr wanderer's choices plus

No Surprises
The Bends
Planet Telex
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No order apart from the first one..

Airbag One of the greatest songs ever written

High and Dry

I Might be wrong

Street Spirit

Subterranean Homesick Alien

The Bends



Everything in Its right Place

Pyramid Song

Paranoid Android...Its like a piano concerto

Knives Out

Actually I could list every song from OK apart from Fitter Happier maybe.

Not Radiohead I know but I adore I've seen it all and more recently This Mess We're In

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Above all, the live version of Spinning Plates.

But also Nude (a.k.a. Big Ideas - Don't Get Any), Street Spirit, Let Down, Exit, Morning Bell, You and Whose Army, Knives Out.

I'd include Paranoid Android for its gorgeous beginning and cathedralesque (like that word?) finale, but I happen to hate the heavy-metal midsection -- Radiohead's ability to rock out is uneven at best, and it really shows here.

Maybe I mean cathedralular.
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Damn, I forgot Electioneering.

* squeezes it somewhere in the middle
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Exit Music
Fake Plastic Trees
High and Dry
Pyramid Song
Karma Police

My scream got lost in a paper cup...

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