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You have been watching MTV2, haven't you? Well, I have, too. Then rarely play U2 stuff! I was very lucky on VH1 I Love The Eighties 87, I recorded it, where it talked about Joshua Tree.

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MTV2 used to RULE about 4-5 years ago. Just videos, no playlists. Now it sucks donkey kong.

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I seen them once on MTV2 it was Walk On I beleive, the very end of it, it made me cry though because its my friend and I's song and she had just moved away.
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here's some good songs by some good people.

Apr 01: John Vanderslice - Coming and Going on Easy Terms from Cellar Door (2004) /rock/
(("Window seats on bullet trains smear land into sky, fear and sorrow coalesce. Now I’m trying to find that quiet place where living is breathing, not knowing is understanding, coming is going, but my heart just beats faster and faster."
The shimmering heat of noonday sun, and bursts of fluid movement as vehicles leap into stuttered, accelerated motion. Forward and backward on both sides. Red light. Green light. Solitude cloistered away under shielded eyelids and held breath.))

Mar 31: Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb from Change (2001) /rock/
(("well I, I am a time bomb. I only live in that one moment in which you die... It's not right, it's not what I wanted then, but you know and I know there's no going back."
A rope twists hard around a tense hand and threatens to snap both under the pressure. Clench tooth. Splattering out cells of anger, regret and resolve, distress. Frantic, desperate calamity grinds closer.))
Mar 30: The Decemberists - California One from Castaways and Cutouts (2001) /neo-folk/
(("take a long drive with me / on california one, california one / and the road a-winding goes / from golden gate to roaring cliff-side / and the light is softly low as our hearts become sweetly untied / beneath the sun of california one"
Yellow highway lines blur together and past me. The smooth, sweet air sings through my hair. The sun melts into the horizon.))
Mar 29: The Decemberists - I Was Meant For The Stage from Her Majesty (2003) /neo-folk/
(( The rowdy applause after Red Right Ankle subsides. "Odalisque!" shouts an audience member in request. Another yells for "A Cautionary Tale." Colin Meloy surveys the crowd for a moment; smiles slightly. "No," he says, "I think I'll play this song."))
Mar 28: The Decemberists - Shanty For The Arethusa from Her Majesty (2003) /neo-folk/
(("We set to sail on a packet full of spice, rum and tea-leaves. We've emptied out all the bars and the bowery hotels. Tell your daughters do not walk the streets alone tonight."
The salt and the air buffeted their backs as they leapt from the rolling deck and slid down to the rowboats below. Oars pumped, and the depthless dark black sped under them, towards orange and crimson lights that danced in rows of windows and shed out into the dirty streets.))
Mar 27: Badly Drawn Boy - Camping Next to the Water from Hour of the Bewilderbeast (2002) /folky guitar pop/
(("The stars above shine on me / I'll catch and save them in a jar / As I taste the morning Dew / I think my mind is clearer now"
White curtains whisper in the tentative breeze, the only barrier between the still within and the calm without. Far beyond–across grass, sunshine, and budding scrub–a brook tumbles rhythmically over hard smooth stones))
Mar 25: Air - J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau from Premieres Symptomes (1997) /ambient groove/
(( There is strange contradiction in the breath of the sunless night. It is cool in temperature and chills the skin, but imbued with inner warmth, perhaps gathered from the lungs that lie above, in masses of rolling grey.))
Mar 24: The Delgados - Coming in from the Cold from Hate (2002) /gentle indie rock/
(("Everybody’s waiting for the big surprise, but nobody will notice when it does arrive. So send it on. We can try for the right kind of life, I only wish that you’d had a chance to decide"
She sets the pen down, perfectly parallel to the top of a blank page, and smiles. Glance through the window at hazy blues and white. Stretch arms to the sides, then interlocked fingers above head. A tentative sip of steaming tea.))
Mar 23: The Cocteau Twins - Cherry-Coloured Funk from Heaven or Las Vegas (1990) /ethereal dream pop/
(("We hanged your pass and star being as you in ecstasy / Still being cried and laughed at from behind me, from gains / Should I be sung and unbroken by not saying / Hugged and tugged down through this tiger's masque"
The warmth of a smooth, remembered caress. Snuggled together by a crackling fire, or sprawled beneath the gentle summer breeze and sun. Steady eyes hold steady eyes, but hearts within are dancing. A butterfly flits, becomes a lazy moth. The hazy orange borders of past and future come blurred))
Mar 22: British Sea Power - Carrion from The Decline of... (2003) /rock/
(("Oh the heavy water how it enfolds the salt, the spray, the gorgeous undertow... Always, always, always the sea: Brilliantine mortality"
Slithering weeds take hold around your ankles, dragging you not down but forward. The frigid water is a warm caress and light textures the water all around. Arms out, you plunge head over heels in all directions. You sing.))
Mar 15: John Cale - Look Horizon from Hobo Sapiens (2003) /ethereal folk pop/
(("We're struggling in the surf / Seeing the Look Horizon / Moving further away from us / And I close my eyes / I think it's me / Out on the Look Horizon where i found you."
The sun sings of late spring, but the clear water of the lake still carries an intense cold as it slides off your bare shoulders. Close your eyes. Something is dancing dimly at the edge of sight. And far beyond the horizon is a heavy summer heat. Wrap it around you. Feel the edges of imagination speed by.))
Mar 14: David Bowie - 5.15 the Angels Have Gone from Heathen (2002) /arty pop/
(("5:15 / Train overdue / Angels have gone / We never talk anymore / Forever I will adore you / Cold station / All of my life / Forever I'm out here forever"
The wet air and the sulphur of the big city crowd in on your loneliness. This dusk. The lights reflected on the glistening asphalt. How the cold melts through your tightly clenched windbreaker. The hole in your heart. The missed opportunities, and the aimless wandering of the present.))
Mar 10: Shpongle - Dorset Perception from Tales of the Inexpressible (2001) /Psychedelic offworldbeat/
((Flamenco pizzicato guitars, bongos, bendy synths, bouncy basslines, mashed up distorted alien voices.. sounds like it comes from another world, but somewhere it would be very interesting to spend a day. Quirky, bright, and a very good match with bright sun and the chirp of birds.))
Mar 10: Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze from Tales of the Inexpressible (2001) /Psychedelic offworldbeat/
((Over 11 sunny minutes it builds from a bright and charming reversed and reorganized guitar lick into a joyful and fantastic symphony of epic and bizarre proportions.))
Mar 08: The Shins - New Slang from Oh, Inverted World (2001) /indie pop/
(("New slang when you notice the stripes, the dirt in your fries... / Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall / Never should have called / But my head's to the wall and i'm lonely."
Sunny summer melodies, flighty fits of bitter and sweet poetical whimsy take hold of me. You make good, The Shins, you make good.))
Mar 07: Latyrx - The Quickening (The Wreckoning Part 2) from The Album (1997) /hip hop/
(("They trying to keep it real, but compared to what? / When there ain't even no backing to their passing buck / When you shift from the material shit they get stuck / Trip, they gone slip, they're up the creek, in the clutch / All because they really just don't give a fuck"
Hey it's a hip hop song that mentions Canada! it's gotta be good!))
Mar 06: Latyrx - Balcony Beach from The Album (1997) /hip hop/
(("Only here the tussle's between you and the truth / So ultimately I'm gonna lose / Actually I gain though / I gotta be honest with myself, or else / I impede my personal progress / I think it's better to be depressed for a minute / Admit it, and get re-oriented / Instead of being a bitter cynic isn't it?"
Raps about mid-life crisis situations don't come around too often. Lyrics Born's tired sounding, listless delivery is perfectly suited to the subject matter, and Joyo Velarde's soulful chorus is the sun shining to warm the water below.))
Mar 05: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Lament from The Good Son (1990) /dark romantic/
(("So dry your eyes, and turn your head away. Now there's nothing more to say, now you're gone away."
One of those simple little choruses that rises above. Despite the subject matter, it captures a sort of flow of warmth. Sad, but in that bittersweet kinda way. Matched the sultry spring weather today beautifully. My that seems long ago.))
Mar 04: Moloko - Statues from Statues (2003) /trip pop/
(("if all the statues in the world would turn to flesh with teeth of pearl, would they be kind enough to comfort me? the setting sun is set in stone and it remains for me alone to carve my eye and set it free"
Beautiful, slow song. Atmospheric, sad. etcetera.))
Mar 03: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - (I'll Love You) Till the End of the World from Until The End of the World (soundtrack) (1991) /nick cave/
"some things we plan. we sit and we invent and we plot and cook up. others are works of inspiration, of poetry. And it was this genius hand that pushed me up the hotel stairs to say my last goodbye: to her hair white as snow and her pale blue eyes. Sayin' "I gotta go! I gotta go! the bomb and the breadbasket are ready to blow!" In this town of men with big mouths and no guts. the pencil seller's dog, spooked by the explosion, leapin' under my wheels as I careered out of Longwood on my way to you, waitin in your dress, your dress of blue. I said thank you girl. Thank you girl..."
Mar 03: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Papa Won't Leave You, Henry from Henry's Dream (1992) /nick cave/
"Well I thought about my friend Michel, how they wrapped him in linoleum and they shot him in the neck... a bloody halo like a think bubble circling his head; and I bellowed at the firmament: "looks like the rains are here to stay!" And the rain pissed down upon me, and washed me all away. Sayin'... Papa won't leave you Henry, Papa won't leave you boy. Papa won't leave you Henry, Papa won't leave you boy. Well the road is long and the road is hard, and many fall by the side. But Papa won't leave ya Henry, so there ain't no need to cry!" Mar 02: Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do from Life on the Line (1977) /new wave punk/
(("gonna break out of the city, leave the people here behind. Searching for adventure is the type of life to find. Tired of doing day jobs with no thanks for what I do. I'm sure I must be someone, now I'm gonna find out who"
Just heard this song for the first time and thought "nice one. I dig it" Reminds me a lot of some song I can't really place, but I think this one probably came before it anyway.))
Feb 28: Aim - Cold Water Music from Cold Water Music (1999) /trip hop/
((Aim put the hip back in trip-hop, despite that it wasn't really there in the first place. They sound pretty much like you migth expect trip hop to be if you hadn't heard it before. Chilled, mellow, dreamy beats, but crate-digger style, with scratches and some funk. Oh yeah, and it's really fucking brilliant.))
Feb 28: Aim - Ain't Got No Time to Waste (feat. YZ) from Cold Water Music (1999) /trip hop/
(("Time waits for no one and everybody got to go. you think you got forever? then walk around real slow. hesitate if you want, get caught out late. It's moving too quick I ain't got time to waste."
I feel like a big dumb asshole for not putting this on my hip hop mix. Oh well, I guess it wouldn't have fit anyway, and you can't turn back the hands of time. Prolonged sigh.))
Feb 28: Aim - Demonique from Cold Water Music (1999) /trip hop/
(("he was my patient for fifteen years. he became an obsession with me until i realized that there was nothing within him—neither conscience nor reason—that was even remotely human. an hour ago I stood up and fired six shots into him... he just got up and walked away."
Choral refrains, shrieking strings, paranoid beats, and all those scary samples. Good stuff, my friends.))
Feb 26: Conjure One - Redemption (feat. Chemda) from Conjure One (2002) /eastern electronica/
((This song shines like spring warming the earth with joyful, driven melody. It bubbles up, grand, and unyielding. yeah, you get the picture... words kinda fail here.))
Feb 25: Nina Simone - Sinnerman from Pastel Blues (1965) /jazz/
((an explosive 10 minute tour de force of unforgettable singing and instrumentation.))
Feb 24: Way Out West - Dancehall Tornado from Way Out West (1997) /prog house/
((Over seven and a half minutes you get some sweet synths, samples, building, playing off eachother, and being downright danceable. It's fuckin brilliant, mate. Hard, melodic, intense, epic, immense... that's the W.O.W. way.))
Feb 24: Way Out West - Intensify (Part 1) from Intensify (2001) /prog house/
((Fairly similar to the above, but perhaps a little more into the builds, and a little less gritty. +vocals. Hard to decide between the two. These guys know how to bust a groove that'll make you move.))
Feb 23: Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics from Music by Cavelight (2004) /trip hop/
((I admit it. I love to take the Blockhead in all sorts of strange places that would make your mammy blush. That's no reason not to let your children near me though, I swear! This guy's album is slick, dreamy, jazzy, catchy, krunk, smooth, pretty, and just damn good; and I'm seeing him live in little under a month. Yay! Check out my new mixes page, won't you?))
Feb 22: Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Hybrid Mix) from Remixed (2001) /orchestral breakbeat trance/
(("Wind in time rapes the flower trembling on the vine - nothing yields to shelter it from above. They say temptation will destroy our love; the never ending hunger"
Hybrid has such a distinctive, original sound... moreso than almost any other artist. It's also an incredibly effective one. The elegant orchestral arrangements give it a cinematic power, the electronic effects intrigue you, the jagged beat draws you on. If you ever see a remix of a song by Hybrid, it's worth listening to...very loudly.))
Feb 20: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song from Good Son (1990) /balladry/
(("We talk about it all night long. We define our moral ground. But when I crawl into your arms, then everything comes tumbling down.. Come sail your ships around me."
An elegant, touching, and insightful little tune about love. Nick Cave's Best Of makes excellent late night driving music.))
Feb 16: Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between (Dj Tiësto Remix) from 12" White Label Promo (2002) /trance/
(("The Space Between the bullets in our firefight is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you. The rain that falls splashes in your heart, ran like sadness down the window into... The Space Between our wicked lies is where we hope to keep safe from pain "
A very good song, especially lyrically, to begin with. Add the soft lingering electronics of summer nostalgia and you have one of my favourite remixes.))
Feb 15: Radiohead - (Nice Dream) from The Bends (1995) /rock/
(("They love me like I was a brother/They protect me/Listen to me/They dug me my very own garden/Gave me sunshine/Made me happy"
Pleasant, almost suspiciously pleasant coming from Radiohead. A seductively pretty and joyful wave of guitar, a comforting melody, the lazy sigh of violin. But it isn't all fun and games. One of the songs I would almost count as a friend.))
Feb 12: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out from Franz Ferdinand (2004) /garage pep-rock/
(("I say don't you know/ You say you don't know/ I say... take me out! "
Fuckin catchy and really quite great. Not much more to say than that.))
Feb 11: Massive Attack - Safe From Harm (Perfecto Remix) from Safe From Harm CD Single (1991), The Insider (Soundtrack) (1999) /trip hop/
(("I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me to see me looking back at you"
Grandiose and driving. This one's been a favourite of mine for a very long time, it packs a mean punch. And it's the soundtrack to my comparative literature essay.))
Feb 10: Franz Ferdinand - Matinee from Franz Ferdinand (2004) /garage pep-rock/
(("You take your white finger/ Slide the nail under the top and bottom buttons of my blazer/ Relax the fraying wool, slacken ties/ And I'm not to look at you in the shoe, but the eyes/ I time every journey to bump into you, accidentally/ I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate..."
Catchy fuckin' song. It bounces along with no space for breath. Almost makes the Strokes sound dull. Catchy fuckin' album, too.))
Feb 06: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me? from Let Love In (1994) /dark-romantic/
(("And I kissed away a thousand tears/ My lady of the Various Sorrows/ Some begged, some borowed, some stolen/ Some kept safe for tomorrow/ On an endless night, silver star spangled/ The bells from the chapel went jingle-jangle "
Mean and menacing, with an infinitely catchy piano riff. A riveting tale of a love going to shit.))
Feb 06: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - From Her to Eternity from From Her to Eternity (1984) /dark-romantic/
(("This desire to possess her is a wound/ and its naggin at me like a shrew/ but I know that to possess her/ Is therefore not to desire her "
The lyrics paint a terrifying picture of obsession. The music is harrowing and at times hard to listen to. Scary, but very compelling.))
Feb 06: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Stagger Lee from Murder Ballads (1996) /dark-romantic/
(("So he walked through the rain and he walked through the mud/ Till he came to a place called The Bucket Of Blood./ Stagger Lee./ He said "Mr Motherfucker, you know who I am"/ The barkeeper said, "No, and I don't give a good goddamn"/ To Stagger Lee. "
A loping, almost funky bassline travels with you through this mean, dirty tale of violence and death in the 30s. Based on a traditional song, but updated with a lot of heavy language.))
Feb 05: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song from Good Son (1990) /post gothic/
(("Father, why are all the women weeping?/They are weeping for their men/Then why are all the men there weeping?/They are weeping back at them/This is a weeping song/A song in which to weep"
A very powerful, towering, dark song. Best use of handclaps I can recall in a song. ))
Feb 05: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with PJ Harvey - Henry Lee from Murder Ballads (1996) /post gothic/
(("And the wind did howl and the wind did blow "
Based on a traditional ballad. PJ's voice sounds so fantastic here, it's rather remarkable.))
Feb 05: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Into My Arms from Boatman's Call (1997) /post gothic/
(("I don't believe in an interventionist God/ But I know, darling, that you do/ But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him/ Not to intervene when it came to you "
A spare piano ballad, that like much of Nick's work uses the power of poetry and the power of music to very great effect.))
Feb 04: Merkury Burn - 100 Years from Suburban Porn (2000) /rock/
(("It seems I feel like I'm losing my mind. Now I only feel life... He said 'and I bet you thought that happy never really suited you, oh I would search a hundred years through the next life to find you again over cobbled stones, through mountains, I'd rip apart the sea.' I said 'I never really thought that that was me."
A Toronto band which very few have heard of. A truly great (and entirely strange) band, whose passing last year was very unfortunate. They were so young! I'm just glad I had the opportunity to see them live a couple times. This song is one of their best, in my opinion. Soaring, rocking, catchy, and meaningful.. I rather love the harmony on the chorus.))
Feb 03: R.E.M. - I'll Take The Rain from Reveal (2001) /rock/
(("I used to think, as birds take wing, we sing through life so why can't we? We cling to this, we claim the best; if this is what you're offering, I'll take the rain."
As much as I now understand a great appreciation for oldskool REM, at the same time I can't really fathom why people think the new stuff is crap. This is a beautiful song, and the lyrics are quite poetic, and they almost make sense too. This song, and the album in general, are the embodiment of cool, lazy summer nights with soft breezes and pools of artificial light. Which is really, really fucking great.))
Feb 02: Trashmonk - Dying Day from Mona Lisa Overdrive (1999) /indie/
(("Turned my back on those who loved me/ Tried to bring down those above me/ I'm in love with no one else/ Even though I… I hate myself/Till my dying day "
I first heard a song off this album on the radio, CHRW or CBC I would imagine, back when it first came out. I remembered the name of the artist, and scrounged up some mp3s.. but they were not easy to find. Seems not many people have heard of Trashmonk. Which I think is a shame. Every now and then I remember about this strange, melodic, undefinable album. A very interesting combination of atmospherics, tribal music, garage, grunge, and various other things.))
Feb 01: Calexico - Quattro from Feast of Wire (2003) /alt.countro/
(("Love the run but not the race/.../in a time, occupied and invaded/can’t tell what’s right—better hit the ground running"
Beautiful instrumental work, lovely melody. What's not to love about those Mexicanish flourishes and staccatos?))

Jan 28: Underworld - Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You from Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994) /house/
(("will you be my big plaything my ninjapower my numbercruncher...and i see elvis and i hear god on the phone"
Dark, moody, pulsing, rhythmic, catchy house done like only Underworld can. This one is a swooping, cracked out epic, and it's a beautiful thing.))
Jan 26: Elbow - Grace Under Pressure from Cast of Thousands (2004) /britpop/
(("Grace under pressure, cooling palm across my brow, eyes of an angel, lay me down."
A simple chord progression and short lyrical phrase repeated an infinitum as the music beneath builds and builds until a chorus of rowdy concert goers finish things off. Kind of the post-rock of britpop, if you're into the whole genre thing. "We still believe in love, so fuck you."))
Jan 25: The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes from Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward (2001) /post rock/
(("The soldiers with their specialists, And the pigs with their guns cannot stop the lost ones and the desparate ones and the driven ones. So come on friends, To the barricades again."
Awesome harmonics, and strings, and pizzicatos. Probably the catchiest and most optimistic Silver Mt. Zion song. ))
Jan 24: The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with Choir - American Motor Over Smoldered Field from This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing (2003) /post rock/
((Really quite lovely. Give it your attention and it will reward you. Sombre, austere, swelling, grandiose, poetic. And very wonderful to see performed live.))
Jan 23: Doves - Satellites from The Last Broadcast (2002) /britrock/
(("I want you to notice/my anger's all but done/and all I've known is madness"
Lovely Gospelly kinda vibe. Very uplifting song, whatever it's about. Makes you wanna fly. And the almost obligatory breakdown and subsequent buildup around 4:10 is quite awesome.))
Jan 22: Amon Tobin - Four Ton Mantis from Supermodified (2000) /turntablist drum'n'bass/
((Exhibit A: Amon Tobin doing his thing, and doing it well. JaZZ samples from the 40s, stampedes of cymbals and snares, a kickin' rhythm, all dissected and reassembled for your own enjoyment. Not the most easily digestible music, but if you're lucky, one day it will suddenly blow you away.))
Jan 21: R.E.M. - Harborcoat from The Reckoning (1984) /alt.rock/
((You hear a lot of people marbling about how newer REM is really crap, and they sold out when they signed to a major label, and their old stuff was oh so much better. Up to about yesterday I really didn't see what they were on about at all. But to all things there is a time. I still love my newschool rem, but I really am enjoying this old shizz.))
Jan 20: No Doubt - It's My Life from The Singles 1992-2003 (2003) /pop/
((Better than the original, definitely better than that Bon Jovi song from a few years back. Good fun, and by fun I mean all caps, smilies, and exclamation marks schoolgirl kick up your feet sort of fun: the best kind. perhaps. As soon as it finishes you feel sad the chorus won't roll around again. Don't you forget.))
Jan 17: Pulp - I Spy from Different Class (1995) /britpop/
(("My favourite parks are car-parks, grass is something you smoke, birds are something you shag. Take your "year in Provence".. shove it up your arse!"
This song is a real tour-de-force, or rollercoaster as it were or might be. The lyrics are clever, at times amusing, creepy, dark, over-the-top and the music follows suit.))
Jan 16: Pulp - Do You Remember the First Time? from His 'n' Hers (1994) /britpop/
((This gets to be song of the day largely because I spent untold hours listening to it over and over again struggling to figure out what song it reminded me of. The mystery was solved, thanks to Brian: 4 Non Blondes - What's Up? It's still quite the catchy song though. And I'm finding I quite enjoy the work of the band called Pulp.))
Jan 15: Big Boi - Flip Flop Rock (Feat. Killer Mike & Jay-Z) from Speakerboxxx (2003) /hip hop/
(("My nigga Big Boi said, watch 'em as they gawk and they gander/You can follow or lead like Commander Picard/You can have the whole world/Or be satisfied with the boulevard"
Ronnie (my roommate) was completely addicted to this song at the beginning of the year, and had it in heavy rotation. And I still love it, so that's saying a lot. Nice distinctive rhymes.. and pianos tend to work wonders in rap songs. Phat, tight, sick, dope.))
Jan 14: Missy Elliot - Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) from Supa Dupa Fly (1997) /rap/
((I was trained that artists with names like Missy Elliot were kinda crappy annoying shake your ass and pad your wallet music. So when I actually listened to this song (on New Order's excellent Back to Mine compilation), I was pretty blown away. Just really really good. Awesome vibe.))
Jan 13: The Prodigy - No Good (Start the Dance) from Music for the Jilted Generation (1995) /rave/
((They really don't make music like this anymore. And I suppose that's fair, it had its time. But holy shit it kicks a lot of ass! If you listen to this in a kind of sombre mood, you'll probably just think it's weird and loud. But if you're hyper, it will totally fuhk yoo uhp (which is that trascendent state beyond 'puhmp yoo uhp'). This track is magic.. probably black magic, but magic nonetheless.))
Jan 12: Elbow - Switching Off from Cast of Thousands (2004) /britrock/
(("Last of the men in hats hops off the coil and a final scene unfolds: Inside, Deep in the rain of sparks behind his brow is a part replayed from a perfect day—teaching her how to whistle like a boy: Love's first blush. ... You're the only sense the world has ever made, I choose my final scene today, switching off with you"
Quiet, desolate, despairing, haunting. Quiver in the held note. In the background the delicate wash of sound rises and floats and flutters to the ground. I'm thinkin' this one's about death.))
Jan 11: µ-Ziq - Swan Vesta from tango 'n vectif (1993) /IDM/
((Thought it was time for some whack-ass electronic music.. the "what is that sound? is that music?" type, except this one's really good. Seriously. µ is the Greek letter 'mu' by the way. Clever huh?))
Jan 08: Fatboy Slim - The Weekend Starts Here from Better Living Through Chemistry (1996) /big chilled beats/
(("Sit baaa-aaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaa-aaaaack"
Great chillin' tune. I was not going to actually put this up here, but being the snarky little bastard that I am...))
Jan 06: The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone from Neon Golden (2003) /indie electropop/
(("Pick up the phone and answer me at last/Today I will step out of your past"
Mmmmmm Notwist. That strange combination of catchy melodies, oft repeated lovely choruses, electronic blips and blurps, and sweet calming soundscapes I love so much.))
Jan 05: RJD2 - True Confessions from Urban Renewal Program (compilation)(2002)/RJD2 is God (bootleg)(2003) /sample-driven orchestral rock/
(("It's a terrible thing to steal from stores, but to steal from a church? that's God's house!"
Packs some nice punches, spaced out by lovely little interludes that boast multiple samples which follow a theme and repeat themselves much less than Theory of a Deadman lyrics.))
Jan 04: Peter Gabriel - The Blood of Eden from Us (1992) /art-rock/
(("I saw the signs of my undoing/They had been there from the start/And the darkness still has work to do/The knotted chord's untying"
Achingly beautiful. That's all there is to it. An old favourite. Sinead O'Conner has a knack for taking part in other people's beautiful songs. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice and melody.))
Jan 01: U2 - Intro/Where The Streets Have No Name from New Years in Dublin [bootleg] (1990) /rock/
(("forget about the past, we're gonna celebrate the future... where the streets have no name"
What better song to bring in a new year (let alone a new decade) on a celebratory, optimistic note with?
"I want to run/I want to hide/I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside"))

Dec 30: Moloko - Fun For Me from Do You Like My Tight Sweater? (1995) /trip-house-jazz/
(("I dreamt that I was dreaming, I was wired to a clock,tickled by the minute hand tick tock tick tock...fe fi fo fun for me, fun for me"
I am indeed obsessed with Moloko lately, because they are mighty fine. This is the first song that grabbed me. Playful, catchy, funny, and very bouncy, not much more to be said really.))
Dec 28: Moloko - Forever More from Statues (2003) /house-pop-jazz/
(("And if I drown in this sea of devotion/Just a stone left unturned/My need is deep/Wide endless oceans/Feel it furious/The fire burns on"
The beginning is the best part—The growling bassline, the strong saunter in the rhythm, and Roisin's byoootiful voice—and once you get to the crazy-like horniness at the end, and you long for the lithe simplicity of the beginning. And that's why this song is so much like crack.))
Dec 25: The Flaming Lips - A Change At Christmas (say it isn't so) from Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP (2003) /indie pop/
((Have a merry christmas, everyone! wishing good cheer enough to go all around. Peace, happiness, and love. Except Tommy.. nothin' good there.))
Dec 21: Wilco - Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again) from Summer Teeth (1999) /indie pop/
((“We'll find a way regardless/To make some sense out of this mess/Well it's a test but I believe/A kiss is all we need”
I was inexplicibly really really happy there for a little bit, and this sunny, shiny, sparkly song met my happy feelings half way and gave 'em that extra push. I leapt and danced in glee. What a cute little song. Its got those beach boy background ahhhs we all know and love, a punchy little beat, sappily wonderful lyrics, a thoroughly predictable but all the more enjoyable breakdown, and a gloriously peppy chorus. It's maybe a bit short, but hot damn peeps!))
Dec 20: Devlins - Waiting from Six Feet Under OST (2002) /rock/
((“waiting in a daydream/waiting in the slipstream/waiting. Waiting for an ideal, a low deal, a no deal.”
It used to strongly remind me of another song, I can no longer remember which. But I quite enjoy this song. It's rather simple, but lovely. And as far as the lyrics, I can loosely relate.))
Dec 15: Talib Kweli - Get By from Quality (2002) /hip hop/
((“This morning I woke up feeling brand new. I jumped up. feeling my highs and my lows, and my soul, and my goals: just to stop smoking, and stop drinking. Well I’ve been thinkin, I got my reasons just to get by. Just to get by.”
The prestigious Me, Me, Me awards present the 2003 Winner of:
Catchiest Song, Happiest Cheery But Still Astoundingly Literate Song, Most Hopeful Song, Biggest Smile On Your Face Feel-Good Song, Song That Improved The General Quality Of Life, and Song That Saved My Sorry Ass Award.
It’s hard to count the number of days I wanted to make this the song of the day, but now its time has come. Mostly in light of the fact that today, I’m done school for the year. Nothing outstanding, no projects to worry about over Christmas, no nothing! And so a celebration of some sort is in order. Even though the song is really a rather profound social commentary on the condition of African-Americans, it speaks to everyone about the very simple concepts of joy and hope. I’ve been listening to this song a Lot, over and over again (though I am easing off now so I don't get sick of it). Having this song stuck in my head made me not care that I wasn’t doing too well on my CMST exam, I just did my best and at the end of the day, I could just put it out of my mind and be happy. But more than that it just made me generally happy, at a time when I was going through a lot of frustration, sadness, anger etc. A while back I decided that Lyrics Born’s I Changed My Mind would be a good break-up song, because it’s catchy and happy, and rationalizes the end of a relationship in a logical, non-bitter way. But in the end, rationality doesn’t mean too much in certain states of mind, and a pure vision of joy and hope is really the best thing, and Get By is really the healthiest kind of break-up song because that’s exactly what Get By does for me. It lets me get by, go on, and be happy about myself and the world.
“I let them know we missin you, the love is unconditional/Even when the condition is critical, when the livin is miserable/Your position is pivotal, I ain't bullshittin you/Now, why would I lie? Just to get by?/ Just to get by, we get fly/The TV got us reachin for stars/Not the ones between Venus and Mars, the ones that be readin for parts/Some people get breast enhancements and penis enlargers/Saturday sinners Sunday morning at the feet of the Father/They need somethin to rely on, we get high on all types of drug/When/All you really need is love”
This song is profound in its wonderful combination of catchiness, honest benevolence, and intelligence. I hope you might like it, too.))
Dec 14: PJ Harvey - Angelene from Is This Desire? (1998) /trip-rock/
(("Dear God, life ain't kind/People gettin born then dying/But I've heard there's joy untold/Lays open like a road/In front of me"
Atmospheric, moody, plaintive, wispy, hopeful. Reading the lyrics now, I discovered that a lot of the lyrics aren't quite what I thought they were.))
Dec 13: The Shins - Saint Simon from Chutes Too Narrow (2003) /indie pop/
(("Mercy's eyes are blue/when she places them in front of you/nothing holds a roman candle to/the solemn warmth you feel inside"
A lovely, lilting loop of pure melody, jangle, and swoop))
Dec 11: Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah from Grace (1994) /man with guitar/
"And it’s not a cry that you hear at night/It’s not somebody who’s seen the light/It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah"
((This one's been with me for a while. In my opinion it is the best version of this wonderful Leonard Cohen song. Snow falling and a warm cup of tea against a whipping wind music, but really it will work in any slow sort of place.))
Dec 08: U2 & Daniel Lanois - The Ground Beneath Her Feet from The Million Dollar Hotel (soundtrack) (2000) /rock/
(("She was my ground, My favourite sound, My country road, My city street. My sky above, My only love. And the ground beneath my feet."
It's a shame that the above lines were left out of the song; the lyrics are by Salmon Rushdie, from his novel of the same name. It's a beautiful song nevertheless. A rather profound tale of love; rather epic while still staying grounded. haha. It has one of my favourite videos as well.))
Dec 05: The Turtles - Happy Together from Happy Together (1967) /sunshine.oldie.pop/
(("Imagine me and you I do/I think about you day and night, it's only right..."
Everyone knows this piece of pop perfection, and well they should. I don't think Melissa and Damon really had a "song", but cliche as it may be this was closest to being it. Today would have been our two year anniversary.))
Dec 03: Handsome Boy Modeling School - Sunshine feat. Sean Lennon, Money Mark, Father Guido Sarducci, Josh Hayden of Spain and Paula Frazer from So...How's Your Girl (1999) /nu soul/
(("forget about your worries/forget about your bad times/life is nothing but a shadow/without your sunshine...shine on and on..."
A dreamy, drippy, slow jam. It's rather comforting and nice. The Groove Armada Sunset Dub of this song is also very wonderful--strips it down to its satin bones.))
Dec 02: Bomb the Bass ft Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust from Clear (1995) /hip hop/
"((Never been a fake and I'm never phony/I got more flavour than the packet in macaroni/roll up your sleeves for this lyrical treat"
There's actually a site dedicated to figuring out what the lyrics to this song are. Wicked flow, dudes, and so very very bumpin' and catchy. The remix is better, but I heard the original for the first time today , and that's what hasn't left my head for the last 4 hours or so.))
Dec 01: Sigur Ros - Staralfur from Agaetis Byrjun (1999) /ambient spacerock/
((Wintery, pretty, beautiful, twinkling. A quiet, but expansive little ditty. The most anthemic song from the album probably. They tell me it's also my favourite, though as I go on and listen to each one I keep getting a new one. I decided to just stick with initial impressions.))

Nov 30: Radiohead - The Bends from The Bends (1995) /rock with a capital r/
(("Where do we go from here?/The words are coming out all weird/Where are you now when I need you?"
Few songs lyrics are reflected so amazingly well in the music. The confused, frustrated and regretful among us find solace in this song (and in the whole album, really). today it's me, tomorrow it'll be someone else. Nice to see that someone really understands (or pretends really well) what it is to go through Shit.))
Nov 28: Doves - Pounding from The Last Broadcast (2002) /britrock/
(("Let's leave at sunrise, let's live by the ocean, I don't mind if we never come home at all. Cause I know this can't last for long."
There's so much sadness and hope and energy. The pounding is the drums, but also a heart. This is one of those songs you develop a personal relationship with and is there when you need someone to put a hand on your shoulder.))
Nov 27: Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002) /alt. country/
(("Unlock my body and move myself to dance/Moving warm liquid, flowing blowing glass /I miss the innocence i've known/playing kiss covers beautiful and stoned."
It's not sad like their other songs. It's bangy and thumpy and oh so wonderfully catchy. And it's good pump up sun coming up in the morning music.))
Nov 25: David Bowie - Life on Mars? from Hunky Dory (1971) /glitter pop/
(("Now she walks through her sunken dream/To the seat with the clearest view."
One of those songs I always had stuck in my head before I even knew what it was. And now I do!. It does sound rather like it could be a showtune.))
Nov 23: The Flaming Lips - Waitin' for a Superman from The Soft Bulletin (1999) /psychedelic dream pop/
(("Tell everybody waitin' for Superman that they should hold on as best they can/He hasn't dropped them, forgot them, or anything/It's just too heavy for superman to lift."
There's an earnestness and innocence to the Lips' music that makes whatever they sing about touching and lovely. Beautiful melody, beautiful song.))
Nov 21: Moby - The Sky is Broken from Play (1999) /minimalistic ambience/
(("The rain pushes.The buildings aside.The sky turns black.The sky.Wash it far.Push it out to sea.There's nothing left here.For me"
I never fancied Moby much of a lyricist, but this one is a lovely little poem. It's such a quiet, timid piece that when the tentative strings come in at the end it's like the euphoric sun streaming out from behind a thunderhead. I love that you can hear him shuffling the papers as he reads. It's also very sad.))
Nov 20: Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Hiway from Deserter's Songs (1998) /indie dream rock/
(("I got us on a highway, I got us in a car/ I got us goin' faster than we've ever gone before... And I know/it ain't gonna last"
Beautiful, catchy, trippy; twinkling piano, straining synth, loping bass, flooming strings (yeah I made up a word. it's just a thing I do)))
Nov 17: Outkast - 13th Floor/Growing Old from ATLiens (1996) /hip hop/
(("Trees bright and green turn yellow brown: Autumn caught em, see all them leaves must fall down, growin old"
One of the most moving, relaxing, emotive hip hop tracks going. So if you're feeling moody, or in a state.. throw this puppy on. Doctor's orders.))
Nov 13: Grandaddy - Hewlett's Daughter from The Sophtware Slump (2000) /indie psypop/
((Hewlett's Daughter/Loved her father/And I think she loved me too/for a little while - one of my favourite little lyricle.. well let's just call it a couplet. one of 'em cute catchy little tunes i like so much))
Nov 08: Andre 3000 - Hey Ya! from The Love Below (2003) /pop/
Nov 06: Kings of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix) from Versus (2001) /electripop/
Nov 05: R.E.M. - Find the River from Automatic for the People (1992) /alt.rock/
Nov 03: Cinematic Orchestra ft Roots Manuva - All Things to All Men from Every Day (2001) /nu jazz hip hop/
Nov 02: The Strokes - Hard To Explain from Is This It (2001) /garage rock/
Nov 01: Lamb - Please from Between Darkness and Wonder (2003) /trip pop/
Oct 31: U2 - In A Little While (Nightmares on Wax remix) from The Best of Cafe Del Mar (2003) /trip pop/
Oct 30: The Notwist - Trashing Days from Neon Golden (2003) /indie electropop/
Oct 29: The Notwist - Consequence from Neon Golden (2003) /indie electropop/
Oct 28: Underworld - Pearl's Girl from Second Toughest in Infants (1996) / Everything, Everything (2000) /house/
Oct 27: The Music - Getaway from The Music (2002) /britrock/
Oct 26: Basement Jaxx ft Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck from Kish Kash (2003) /dance pop/
Oct 25: Aesop Rock - Daylight from Labor Days (2001) /alt.rap/
Oct 24: Wilco - Ashes of American Flags from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002) /alt.country/
Oct 23: Plump DJs - Creep Show from Eargasm (2003) /drum n bass/
Oct 22: Elliot Smith - Needle in the Hay from Elliot Smith (1995) /acoustic/
Oct 21: Kid Koala - Moon River from various live performances (2003) /turntablism, remix/
Oct 20: Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen from Too-Rye-Ay (1982) /80s pop/
Oct 18: Slovo - Killing Me from Nommo (2003) /acoustic/
Oct 17: Lamb - Clouds Clear from Between Darkness and Wonder (2003) /trip pop/
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i think skeek's writing a book.
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skeek's website =
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I want to adopt a Skeek.
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Hey, TheWho4Life I love the Walk On video, do you? All though, sadly your friend moved away. What was the date that it came on?
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I dont know it was a while ago. But that song is our song! It hurts to liten to it, bu tI love it so much. But I dont know a couple months ago I guess. Like.... before Christmas I guess.
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songs I like...

Sod Off (Björk)
Melpomene (Kashmir)

and that's all for today
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Originally posted by meegannie
I want to adopt a Skeek.
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I forgot do many songs

Jethro Tull- Living in the Past, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath
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At the Hundredth Meridian - Tragically Hip
Yellow - Coldplay
Stockton Gala Days - 10,000 Maniacs
Pride - some band from Dublin
Man in a Suitcase - Police
Naveed - Our Lady Peace
Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
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Originally posted by Cute Irish Bono
I like the REM's songs Losing My Religion and When The World Ends. {It's something like that}
um...."it's the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)"? i'm assuming you're not thinking of world leader pretend or half a world away.

and i'd like to add a couple to my rem list (don't know how i forgot them in the first place):

disturbance at the heron house (the monkeys and the monkeys)
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Originally posted by senrab
Pride - some band from Dublin
I like that Yellow song, too!

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