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Old 07-17-2002, 10:50 PM   #1
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Jumping from a really crappy relationship to a much better one

Anyone else ever go from a truly abysmal relationship into a much better one?

I've had my share of crap with girls in the last year, but I think things are finally looking up. Jennifer, the girl I just broke up with and I, struggled to make things work at all. There was nothing in common there, no connection. I really tried pointing this out to her early on, and she ignored. She ignored a lot. She always had a way of avoiding spending time with me after the first few weeks, and always put me down in front of her friends. After a few months, we both saw it wasn't working, and decided to mutually call things off. I was cool with that, and we were really nice to each other for a few days. Then she starts trying to use our mutual friends to make me jealous and piss me off. The stuff she did didn't hurt me. What hurt is that she did it at all. At first I thought it was just me being really paranoid and thinking she was out to get me. Then when our friends started apologizing to me, I realized it was true. She intentionally had them doing stuff to hurt me. I thought that was really low, but I'm glad they came clean with me. I've decided to be as nice to her as possible though. Either it will help her see what she's doing wrong or she'll feel as guilty as hell.

Well anyway, just as she's found a new boyfriend and brings him into work every day, I've started seeing someone else. Her name is also Jennifer, actually. But we've known each other for about 5 years, and it's so much easier with her. She and I have so much in common, and there's this intangible thing, you know? We connect, we laugh at the same things. She's always been a very good friend when I needed her, and now we've both started looking at each other a little differently. There's no awkwardness here, it's such a fresh change for me. I haven't felt this kind of connection with a girl for about 4 years. (Yes, I know I'm still young). But I really think this could last. Oh, and she's a helluva lot better kisser than anyone I've dated in two years.

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I'm glad that things are improving for you!!!

I'm lucky...I didn't have to go through any bad relationships...I struck gold with my first sweetheart.

"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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i'm really really glad things are looking up.....relationships can be very hard when you're still young......heh.....i'm young too......anyway......good luck!!
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Good Luck UL!

I have a very lovely boyfriend too but i was nasty to him yesterday Must apologise today
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Ooohhh... sounds like me I didnt truly realize what an ASS my last boyfriend was until I met my current one. Good luck to you both !!
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Yay!! That's great Jason! Glad to hear things are looking up for you in the relationship dept.

I'm still waiting to find that "non-jerk". lol
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Originally posted by She ls Raging
Ooohhh... sounds like me I didnt truly realize what an ASS my last boyfriend was until I met my current one. Good luck to you both !!

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