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Jesse Malin - Glitter In The Gutter

Yes...about time to make a thread for this album.

So far, this is my favorite album of the year. I've come to view Jesse as a pretty rockin' storyteller. He's got a great sound, and I am all about his lyrics. Some people write him off because of his "annoying" Queens accent. Personally, I find his voice to be part of his appeal.

1. Don't Let Them Take You Down (Beautiful Day!)
2. In The Modern World
3. Tomorrow Night
4. Broken Radio
5. Prisoners Of Paradise
6. Black Haired Girl
7. Lucinda
8. Love Streams
9. Little Star
10. Bastards Of Young
11. Happy Ever After (Since You're In Love 2007)
12. NY Nights
13. Aftermath

Guest performers: Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Jakob Dylan, and Josh Homme

This disc came out in March, and when I first listened to it...I was nervous. I was totally into the first song..."In The Modern World" was even more rocking...but when "Tomorrow Tonight" also kicked in with such force, I got nervous. I thought maybe he was reverting more completely to his punk era, and although that was good, it wasn't the solo artist I've come to know and love. I was also getting a headache, which made me feel old. They were all great songs...but I didn't want a whole disc of them.

Relief came with "Broken Radio", a beautiful piano driven tune with some of my favorite lyrics ever. Also, being a duet with Bruce Springsteen doesn't hurt at all...

"Prisoners of Paradise" brings back the rock, which is all right after such a delicate song. THEN..."Black Haired Girl"...holy moly, it makes me want to dye my hair, run off with some guy, and never look back. I think it might be my favorite of his.

"Lucinda" is the first song to show some middle ground between the sound. It is supposedly an ode for Lucinda Williams. "Love Streams" breaks my heart, it's made me cry more than once. I think "Little Star" is a fun song, I've seen other reviews recommend that one as the one to download, which I disagree with...but to each his (or her) own.

"Bastards of Young" is a Replacements cover. This is the embarrassing part where I have to admit never having heard the original. Therefore, I can't make a comparison.

"Happy Ever After (Since You're In Love 2007)" is what is riling people up. "Since You're In Love" was a track from Jesse's previous album The Heat, my favorite off the album. A lot of people hate that he redid it for this album and changed some of the lyrics, as that's like messing with perfection. I do prefer the original, so if you like this track, check out the old version. However, he did add a lyric to the new version that I love: "Since you're in love, the credits roll a little faster now."

"NY Nights" kind of got ignored by me at first, I sometimes just didn't make it to the end of the disc because I was too busy playing the earlier songs over and over again. I think it's pretty close to rivaling "Black Haired Girl" as my favorite song, I sense a takeover in the future. "Aftermath" is basically the perfect way to end the album, if that wasn't already obvious from the title. It's also near close to a favorite. Another possible takeover.

Some lyrics I particularly like:


I sold my soul to the devil
I had it all and got bored
Give me a ride on the old Cyclone
Count me in like you're Dee Dee Ramone

-"Tomorrow Tonight"


Well, we never had a lot of cash
But we loved those kids
Some say that she missed the boat
But she just burned the bridge

-"Broken Radio"


She looked good on paper
At least I've got my friends

-"Prisoners of Paradise"


She's a 7-day weekend
She don't pretend
When she's dancing wild and free
Her mama she was a singer
And a dreamer
But her dad's a mystery

-"Black Haired Girl"


The bus is waiting
The folks are going home
We're celebrating
Save your life by playing rock & roll



Some might wake up in a doorway
Some sit in mansions sick and sad
Some decay without the glory
And never realize what they had

-"Love Streams"


Hold me close in the New York Night
A holy ghost or a satellite
Promise me it will be okay
Your mother dreamed of a better day

-"NY Nights"


She never got famous
She was the star of my life
'Til we drifted like runoff
Or two ships in the night



If anyone actually read all of this, I love you. If anyone ends up buying the album, I'll love you even more.

"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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I knew Bruce guested on this, makes me quite curious as I haven't really listened to him in quite some time.

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Re: Jesse Malin - Glitter In The Gutter

Originally posted by Bonochick

If anyone actually read all of this, I love you.
I've got Bonochick's love.

And I'm curious. I'll give him a listen.
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"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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Jesse is so amazing. always great to see him live. He is such a great storyteller too. New record is great!

Definitely a live show that needs to be seen for sure.
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glitter in the gutter, jesse malin

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