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It was rather hilarious, I thought.

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I'm seeing it tonight, i hope it's funny.

and roguerum, I think you should pick on other directors for being "unoriginal". maybe Kevin Smith's movies aren't entirely original, but they are definately moreso than most of the movies that get released these days.

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Originally posted by njf77:
Jay has all of the best lines.

Originally posted by njf77:
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appear in one scene together, putting each others films down..pretty funny.
The bit with James van der Beek and Jason Biggs was pretty funny too.

Overall, this is the perfect movie to watch on a summer afternoon and have a good laugh. Hilarious performances from Will Ferrell, Diedrich Bader, Mark Hamill (best cameo ever!) and Kevin Smith himself as Silent Bob, who manages to put so much humour into his facial expressions.

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I think instead of not being original I should have have said he was predictable, that may have been a better word.

I have seen the movie and I am nominating it for one of the worst films I have seen all year. Yes, I did laugh on parts of it but the language drowned the film completely out and I was shocked how most people in the movie were sympathetic to these two idiots, the movie does bring in characters every now and then who give moral lessons to these people but they are either made to look weak or instead of actually giving a real moral lesson, they use every swear word themselves after telling Jay and Silent Bob to basically grow up. And these characters are very few and far between too, it seems they are on screen for two minutes and that purpose was just to give a moral lesson. I suspect Kevin Smith was trying to save face. Most of the film is swear after swear word of every which way one can swear and basic propaganda for smoking weed, I saw teenagers in the front watching this and laughing out loud every 2 minutes, I get the idea that kids who are younger and in the early age of being a teenager will see these two guys as cool. This film was saying these guys were idiots, yes, but it never showed that being like these two idiots was ever wrong. If this movie was true, every person would be making the up the most inventive swear words, gay jokes, and sexual references to their crotch as they could. These are the kind of lies in movies I hate, movies that parade around ridiculous behavior and never show that it is wrong, conclusion, propaganda.


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We just got back from seeing it tonight. Very lame, but funny. It was lame unintentionally, too, which was a problem. Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Mallrats were better (in that order). I really liked Dogma, too. I thought this one was trying too hard; it was too forced. The previous movies had a lighter touch.

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