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View Poll Results: Easier to work with
Men 30 63.83%
Women 17 36.17%
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Old 01-08-2007, 05:41 PM   #46
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Originally posted by Bono's American Wife
I've always preferred working with men. Waaaaay less drama and crap.

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Originally posted by anitram
I prefer to work with men as well. And in my experience, they are easier to get along with in positions of authority than women.
This has been my experience as well, except for my current job. Here I work with all women (except for the CEO and one VP) and we've all been here a long time and get along great. There is a great non-competitive team spirit and we all genuinely like each other and support each other...with the exception of our supervisor who unfortunately fits the stereotype of difficult women with power. But even she has come around and has many good leadership qualities, and she has a very difficult job.

When I did temp work years ago in NYC, I always preferred working for/with men. Almost across the board, they always treated me better and with more respect. Any sexism generally came from other women. Sad, but true in my experience. Unfortunately, there are reasons why women are like that since we still aren't equal in the workplace and have to work harder to get ahead, and that can bring on a lot of insecurity.

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I work with almost all women, and we get along so well. No catty behavior.

I once worked a job with all men (the only other two women there didn't work the same time as I did). It was nice because there was no cattiness and drama...but I also had very slow, often quiet days. I also felt intimidated by many of them, which was pretty much only in my head and through no fault of them, and I did my best to make myself scarce and not get in the way. I did meet my boyfriend there though. Now, I work with almost all women...and it's been very nice. None of the catty behavior or drama often associated with a group of female employees. We all get along really well. It's also nice to have gals around to chat with.
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Every situation is different, every person unique. I couldn't truly say who I would prefer to work with more, because I've gotten along with men as much as I've gotten along with women.
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In my own experience, I prefer working with men. But I truly believe that I'm a guy stuck in a chick's body.

I'm 24 and a college student, so I really don't have any experience working in an office or coroporate setting. Every job I've had since age 17 has been working in restaurants (a thankless job, but it can be fun and the money's pretty good. Playing armchair psychologist to drunken patrons is always interesting.) At the moment I'm a bartender, and I'm the only woman working at this particular store. It's great. I get along fabulously with everyone. The place is relatively new, and for a while they'd hired many clueless-yet-cute high-school girls. I think they were surprised to discover that I could give shit just as well as I could take it. Heh. Though I have had a few female bosses who absolutely rock. It depends on the person, in the end, but given the choice, I'd rather work with men. That's probably a good thing -- I'm a criminal justice major with plans to go into federal law enforcement, which is an extremely male-dominated profession. It's good experience for me, though I hope that I don't end up as one of those chip-on-her-shoulder-women-in-a-male-dominated-profession.
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Old 01-15-2007, 12:30 AM   #51
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Originally posted by Allanah
I'm a criminal justice major with plans to go into federal law enforcement, which is an extremely male-dominated profession. It's good experience for me, though I hope that I don't end up as one of those chip-on-her-shoulder-women-in-a-male-dominated-profession.
I think I love you! I'm similar, except for planning on working in federal policing, and I dont work in a bar. I am studying criminology, though

I find the arsehole factor of men and women is due more to the personality of the person than the gender. I worked for a while with some senior men who were just shitheads. I cannot write a post long enough on their faults. As workers they were fine, but they were just fucked personality wise. As for one team leader I had, she was a bitch. Actually, a bitch more to work for. When she was offguard and relaxed, and not looking to roll some heads, she was great. Then our upper manager was a lovely woman. Then the man above her, who managed the entire division was pretty good. He had a somewhat flawed sense of being 'normal', but he was ok, he was good - just odd in a very subtle way.

It takes all types to make up a workplace. If anyone wants to have a successful working life then they need to learn pretty quicky how to get used to working with all types.
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I work in a Brewery, mostly with men and I prefer working with guys than girls most of the time. I do work with some funny lads.
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gay guys
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Re: Is it better to work with women or men?

Originally posted by RedrocksU2

Sometimes with women you get drama, and with guys you get childish behavior, even from older men.

Go figure.
Nothing wrong with childish behaviour, didn't Billy Connoly once say, "Grow old, but never grow up," I try my hardest to live that way every day.

But as a man who's worked with men for more years than I care to remember, men can be very catty, back-stabbing, & by & large horrible, some of the conversations I've heard in canteens, & tea rooms on sites up & down the length of the UK, believe me, since I've been posting on interference I get the impression most of us are a pretty tolerant bunch, Jeez, most of you out their in interference world would have heart attacks, here's 1 perfect example of the kind of horrific views I've had the misfortune to overhear.Back in 1992 I was working on an Oil Terminal in the Orkney Isles, at that time a young woman was brutally murdered in frony of her son as she was out walking with him, on the news show this particular day, Police were being interviewed about the incident, trying to get viewers who may have been in the area to remember anything they may have seen, & to this day I still can't believe what one guy in front of me said about the incident,

" She probably deserved it"

I was absolutely staggered, that anyone could ever think such a thing let alone say it out loud, I'm quite a shy, quiet person by nature but I immediately told him what I thought about such a comment, & was met with a load of abuse by several of his "Mates" for my trouble, thats just one incident that stands out among many, working on sites up & down the country over the years, so I'd say men are definetly the worst!
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Originally posted by ylimeU2
I think there are pros and cons to both, although, I prefer working with men overall. Women tend to be more catty (men can be, but it seems to be more rare) and way more dramatic. Guys are usually more lighthearted, laid back, and less temperamental. Guys tend to be less organized and messy, in my experience. Women, as someone pointed out, seem to be a little more understanding. But, really, it does depend on the person.
I agree

Plus I think it also depends on the job itself.
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the title says "better". the poll says "easier".

its definitely better.
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Originally posted by Bono's shades
I've worked with backbiting nasty people and perfectly lovely people of both sexes. I don't think gender makes a bit of difference.
It totally depends on the individual. You have kind people, bullies, smart people, stupid people, witty people, dullards, mature folks and immature twerps in both genders.

I've had quite a few jobs in my life, worked with lots of people who run the entire spectrum. If I could pick and choose the best of my former coworkers to run a business with, it'd be a pretty even mix of men and women. And it'd probably be a very successful business!

Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
Guys can be just as catty, "whining", whatever.... When men do it, it's called aggressive. When women do it, it's "catty" or other things.
No kidding. The old double-standard.

She's sensitive, he's a wimp.
He's assertive, she's a bitch with an attitude problem.

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