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In The Sun: Stipe, Martin and of course, Arthur

A few weeks ago I saw the Coldplay concert for Austin City Limits and they brought out Michael Stipe to sing Joseph Arthur's amazing song "In The Sun." They said they were working on a project together.

That project is now available on iTunes. It's a 5 song EP that Stipe put together to raise funds for hurricane victims. It's great stuff. There's a version of he and Chris Martin, then a remix of the song, then a version with Stipe and Arthur, then one with just stipe and then the Austin City Limits version. Great stuff.

Check it out and help the people of the gulf coast who are STILL without a lot.

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here's an article I read about it this morning, I don't even remember the song from Sunday's Grey's Anatomy

February 7, 2006

If you saw ''Grey's Anatomy" after the Super Bowl, you heard ''In the Sun," a song Michael Stipe (right) is releasing this week to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The R.E.M. singer is such a fan of the Joseph Arthur ballad that he's actually releasing six versions of it with special guests including Coldplay's Chris Martin, Justin Timberlake, of Black Eyed Peas, Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, and former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha. (The songs are available exclusively at iTunes with all proceeds going to Mercy Corps.) Yesterday, Stipe, whose band is on hiatus after wrapping up a world tour, conducted a conference call with the media to talk about his unique response to what Katrina wrought. This is a heavily edited transcript of the hourlong conversation.

Q. Why six versions of the same song?

A. I really like the song, and I really like the message. I started working with James Iha, and then people started jumping on board.

Q. What is it about this particular song?

A. That's a difficult question to answer. Music has an emotional resonance for me. Perhaps because I knew the song before Katrina, and it meant one thing to me, and then afterward it meant something completely different.

Q. What is it you're hoping to do with this?

A. There's been so little done to help these people. I like to put forth the idea that we, as a country, represent a great dream, and we need unity to achieve that dream. These are our people who have fallen. They're not looking for pity or a handout. They're looking for help. I was in New Orleans two weeks ago and I was literally floored by how little has been done.

Q. Why Chris Martin?

A. I really like his band's music, and he really likes my band's music.

Q. What did you see and feel when you were in New Orleans?

A. Frankly, I was a little concerned about my own emotional state. New Orleans is a very special place to me, being a Southerner. It's also where we recorded ''Automatic for the People" and ''New Adventures in Hi-Fi," two of what I consider our best albums. I was not prepared for what I saw. It looked like images I've seen of Pompeii -- not a bird or a dog for miles, and this was five months later. The destruction is biblical in its proportions.

Q. Is it difficult for an affluent country like ours to be compassionate? Is it our tendency to think of us versus them?

A. Uh, I don't think I need to remind anyone on this call that New Orleans is part of the United States of America. There is no us and them.

Q. Why not an R.E.M. song?

A. I don't know. For some reason, this song stuck in my head.

Q. Did you know anyone affected by Katrina?

A. Yeah.

Q. Who?

A. Uh, this is our story: We the people. I know those are big words, but that's kind of what we represent.

Q. Why aren't people more outraged?

A. Other things take our attention away as a country. I think lot of people think everything's on the up and up, and I'm here to tell you that's not the case. You can't imagine how bad it is. I'll give kudos to Anderson Cooper and CNN. He's been very responsible as a journalist, reporting something on the Gulf Coast every night he's broadcasting.

Q. You're being remarkably restrained.

A. At this point, it's more important to remind all Americans that we're great as a united people, and as a divided people we fall. It's our moral responsibility to help our fellow man. These are extremely divisive times and I think our strength is in unity.

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Great interview. Thanks for posting. Stipe is a neat man. God bless him for doing this.

I've been a big fan of Arthur's for a little while, and to hear these guys sing it is just incredible.

P.S. The song played on Grey's Anatomy at the very end when the two women switched who had their hand in the guy's wound.
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I really liked the Austin City Limits version of the song. Stipe's voice is sounding really good.

Here's a little snippet from our local paper about it (I love how this is local news...)

Stipe EP released on iTunes
By Julie Phillips

Story updated at 10:42 PM on Monday, February 6, 2006
After finishing a trip "Around the Sun" - R.E.M.'s 2004 release that took the band on a global tour last year - frontman Michael Stipe is focusing on matters closer to home with "In the Sun," a recording released Monday that aims to raise money for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

In a conference interview Monday, Stipe, who has family in the Gulf Coast region, said he visited New Orleans recently, and "I was not prepared for what I saw. It was Old Testament, the amount of destruction."

R.E.M. was en route home from Europe Aug. 29 and had some flight delays due to "weather," which, Stipe said, turned out to be Katrina.

The six songs on the EP are all versions of one song written by musician and friend Joseph Arthur who traveled with R.E.M. on part of last year's tour.

One version of the song, a duet featuring Stipe with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, premiered Sunday night on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" following the Super Bowl. A remix of that song also is part of the EP and features the studio work of Justin Timberlake and The Black Eyed Peas'

Arthur also joins Stipe on two other versions of the track - and all the tracks, Stipe said, feature separate vocal takes of his own voice.

Recorded in Athens with Andy LeMaster at Chase Park Transduction Studios, the songs featuring Martin came about when Coldplay performed in Atlanta in September. Stipe said he's been a friend of Martin for a few years and asked him to come to Athens and record the duet. The songs were later produced with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Stipe and Arthur at Stratosphere studio in New York.

In addition to the EP, a short documentary of the project will air on the Sundance Channel this spring.

The EP can be downloaded on iTunes.

Apple, the computer company that operates iTunes, was supportive of the project, Stipe said.

"Every person I went to offered their services for free, or very close to free," Stipe said, which is something that reflects the crux of the project - to bring awareness to the fact that people in the Gulf region still are struggling five months after the storm, Stipe said. "(The survivors of Katrina) don't need our pity, they need our partnership," he said.

For more information, visit or

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on 020706
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I bought the package and am enjoying it
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Awesome. It's an incredible song, isn't it?

I encourage everyone to check out Joseph Arthur's stuff, especially his last two albums. He's amazing.
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Originally posted by coemgen

I encourage everyone to check out Joseph Arthur's stuff, especially his last two albums. He's amazing.
I second the motion.
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Will check it out. Thanks!
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Stipe set up a myspace for this at
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cool, i heard it on ACL i'll check it out on itunes now
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bono invented being friends with michael stipe
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i love this song and what michael is doing with it.
btw - anyone who hasn't done so yet should check out joesph arthur..... he is awesome.
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This is a wicked, supercool song!!
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chilling, beautiful, for keeps.
thanks interferencers for turning me on.
Stand up to rock stars!
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OK, the above myspace link isn't working.

Just go buy it on iTunes.

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