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I'm totally fed up with the Police/Sting mailing list

Anyone else here who's on this list and who'd like to join me in a good gripe?

I love the Police, and I love Sting more. I will admit freely that I have a huge blind spot when it comes to Sting. Yes, he does too much corporate sponsorship, yes, he has a big ego. But I believe the man is a genius (by the way, I didn't really start this thread to debate the merits of Sting, before you start telling me he sucks.) I love his voice, he's gorgeous, I at least like every single song he has ever done, which I can't honestly say about U2.

But the Police/Sting mailing list sucks. I have been on it for a year and it's so depressing. Firstly, it has barely any traffic. It's like no one cares. When Sting won a Grammy, I was the first to post about it, hours later--maybe the next morning? When he sang at the Oscars, I was also the first to post about it. Hardly anyone bothers to say "way to go Sting!" or "congratulations!" THis may not seem like a big deal but it gets annoying after a while. And it just seems like there are a lot of Sting haters on the list. I know there are plenty of Sting lovers but they hardly ever bother to speak up. There is too much "Stewart and Andy are God, but Sting is full of it and does nothing but adult contemporary crap" people. Or people who think his older albums are better but the more recent ones suck. These people are entitled to their opinion. But it just seems like most of the really impassioned posts are Sting-bashing. I heard that Wire became a real forum for Bono-bashing, though I was never on it. This seems like something similar. No one ever has an interesting conversation. If someone isn't bashing Sting, then the posts are just something like "I'm looking for a TAB for Bring on the Night...can anyone help?" Half the time if you try to post something interesting it dies immediately. If someone posts something political, on the other hand, flames will fly for days. Just before I saw U2 in April I posted about whether listmembers (many of whom do like U2) preferred Mothers of the Disappeared or Sting's They Dance Alone, which is on the same subject. I made some intelligent comments about why I prefer Mothers and asked others to comment. Not a single person bothered. A few people posted about how they'd seen U2 and it was great, or they were going to see U2, but that was it. It's really depressing. I think I should get off the list. It's bugging me too much!

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