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Old 02-17-2003, 08:46 PM   #16
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if i had $1000000 untaxed, i would put it in the bank and continue to do what i have been doing for a year. i would then collect the interest and quit my job and live off that till the next year i would do the same and live happily ever after. a million bucks isn't that much these days, but you have to make the best of it.

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If I had a million dollars (assuming USD here??) I would buy a modest house on/near the coast in PEI, a modest house in Florida, two dependable cars and some decent furnishings.

I would live in PEI from May/June to September and the rest of the year in Florida.

In the house in Florida I would set up a recording studio which would become my business, and would help me get closer to my lifelong dream. That would require some investment.

I would also invest $25000 each for my kid's education, which by the time they get to university age would have grown to be enough for them to attend.

I figure I could be left after all that with about $3-400,000. That could be invested and assuming a conservative interest rate perhaps net me around $40000/yr without touching the investment, which with the big ticket items already paid for, is enough to live comfortably on.

Then when the kids had their big events like first car, marriage, etc I would dip into the savings to help them out.

I wouldn't give any money to charity really. One million dollars aint a heck of alot of cash to try to make a new life out of.

What I would do though is volunteer considerable amounts of my time every week doing charitable work.

Dream out loud, indeed!

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First I'd pay off my debts and my parents' debts. Then I'd try to invest it wisely (no big risks!). As for things I'd buy, I'd go for a car and some nice vacations.
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I'd pay off my parents bills..then put some away for college. then I'd save some to see as many U2 shows as i could. (and try and get a job with them some how! I'd do anything!) and the after i got the job i'd donate the rest to charities.
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Old 02-18-2003, 04:52 AM   #20
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Oh the possibilities...

First things first I'd set off around half of it, keep it in the bank and just not dip into it at all it. The interest alone would be a decent yearly salary. Then I'd pay off my debts and go to grad school. Probably get a decent place of my own and get a good car (nothing too fancy). I'd also pay off my parent's debt. Oh, and I would have to get a Steinway grand piano for myself. Then I'd set up my own studio and teach piano at a really great rate for my own enjoyment, rather than as a main source of income. I'd try and break the "I'd get my kid lessons, but they're just too darn expensive" stereotype.

Fun things I'd do...get a really kickass camera setup and do some traveling (Europe, here I come...). Oh, and I'd make it a point to visit all the interferencers I've come to share a piece of my life with so far.

Oh the possibilities...
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Old 02-18-2003, 06:38 AM   #21
Jesus Online
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The possibilities are indeed endless, thats what makes it such a nice dream
I'd do the usual, pay off debts, prolly build additions on my house, pay off any family's loans...The rest I dunno. Investment with the rest would be ideal, but I'd be tempted to try my plan of renovate-a-wreck for a bit. Take run down but foundationally secure houses and renovate them economically so they make a return. Real Estate is too much fun. I'm a dork. If we could do a couple of houses a year, I'd make one a year a donation to a needy family with no place to live and no hope of ever acquiring their own.
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Buy a house on a beautiful beach somewhere

Give my Mom some $

Pay off my debts

Give some $ to my church, a few charities

Then just save whatever's left over
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Re: If you had one million dollars, what would you do?

Originally posted by Angel
[BI would love to open a small used Book Store, specialising in travel, history and eastern europe. There would be a very large WWII section ( bear).
we could be co-owners
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I would pay off any debt I have and my parents and siblings have. Buy my dad a new car because his is falling apart. I would move my parents into their "retirement" townhouse that they always talk about (they're 55!)

Then I would take my entire family and friends on a trip to England, my dream vacation. After that I would just travel the world alone or with a friend or two.

Then I would buy a nice little house somewhere with some really cute dogs and do nothing.

I would also donate some of it to interference so everyone could be a "premium member" and see all of the profiles.
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Re: Oh the possibilities...

Originally posted by Diemen
Oh, and I would have to get a Steinway grand piano for myself.

Oh the possibilities...
Nice choice! There's nothing like a Steinway... my mother calls me snob, saying I only will play Steinways because I hate her little beatup one at her house. I love the piano - but it's out of tune and has like 10 broken keys, imagine trying to play an out of tune guitar with only 4 strings! Someday when I'm able, I'd love to have it restored and in my own home. But I digress.... I would definetly bank/invest a good amount. Pay off my steadily decreasing (yay!) debt, and buy myself a nice home for me my fiance, and probably a new car. I'd like to pay off my parents' debt as well. I'd also give a large chunk of money to either the Dana Farber (since in seems most of my family has been treated there at one point or another) or to the March of Dimes. I'd still have to work though... after a week or so of not working, I start getting stir crazy!

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