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Old 10-22-2002, 07:55 AM   #31
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I study in a public girls school. The school rules are pretty strict... your dress can't be too short, you can't put any gel on your hair, you can't wear earrings which are too big... blar blar blar...

funny that you mentioned about detention... i got a detention today. My biology teacher said that's funny cause i'm 'not the kind of girl which she thinks would get a detention'...

well... I consider myself as a good student... you know, those kind of girl whose teacher would think she's hard-working(acutally i'm not... not at all, don't know why they would get that impression ) , willing to help the teachers(that's because i'm an 'IT prefect' - kinda like computer and technogy assistant - I have to help them).

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Like Cass, I started school at 4, so I was a year younger than everyone else. I HATED high school. I went to a public high school with about 1600 students, but most of the students were from the wealthy part of the county, and then there were a few of us from the rural outskirts. I was in the honours program, which was VERY competitive, to the point that some students parents paid the school to have their children's grades changed. I didn't have a car, so I didn't go out at all, and I didn't really fit in anyway. I was very shy, and people mistook that for arrogance, so I got the reputation of being a bitch. In the ninth grade, a group of boys voted me the ugliest girl in the freshman class. I couldn't afford to dress like everyone else (my family wasn't poor, but we definitely were very far from being rich), and the majority of people there were so superficial. High school was a very scarring experience, and I am SO glad to be out of there!

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Originally posted by RussellbeStaji
I was also a rather bad girl, though, I guess you could say. I cut classes a lot, didn't study or do homework, and just ran around with people who I knew I could get drunk and do drugs with. Hmm.. I'm definitely not the same in the fact that I study and devote a great deal of time to my schoolwork now, go to all my classes and feel guilty otherwise

Ahem. Yeah Staji and I do go to classes, contrary to popular opinion.

That don't stop us though, know what I'm saying.

I was rather hated on in High School, why? Cuz I am a jedi pimp. It is difficult to be one of six punks at a private catholic prep school. Add in that I was one of like 20 poor kids and it just ain't good at all. I was often made fun of because I was like a girl, and I like talked in class and stuff, and got good grades, and knew what was going on. I also got in alot of arguments with people over their awful awful homophobic remarks which made me uncomfortable. So obviously I was a lesbian. Despite that I had a boyfriend the whole time.

Fuckin High School.
It was a blast though, and it is still where I haev made some of my best friends. I guess I had to go to college to meet Staji though. Stupid ho, makin me learn and stuff.
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i call it low school

i went to three seperate high schools(thank you dad's job transfer then 'un'transfer)

high school 1 was pretty trashy. it was in mississauga, ontario. we lived about a half hour away but there was evidently no high school closer. so i got driven everyday, had some friends not to many really i guess.

high school 2 was much better. it was in saskatoon saskatchewan which i really didn't want to move to but had no choice...had tons of friends, played friends, very enriching school. i think if i hadn't moved to saskatoon, i wouldn't have gotten as far ahead as i am now.

4 months away from graduating in Sk. i had to move back to ontario, where they do a grade 13. so i was suddenly back to 1 year, 4 months

high school 3 was ok. rich, exclusive community. biggest issue for many was bmw or lexus. only had a few good friends.
i fit in but didn't want to

uni couldn't come fast enough
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Old 10-24-2002, 10:51 AM   #35
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i went to a tiny little catholic high school. i knew i wanted to go to a good college so i was one of those annoying over-achiever types. i was also a loud-mouthed cheerleader and drama geek. i actually liked high school except for the horrible uniforms.
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Old 10-24-2002, 11:29 AM   #36
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I went to an all-girls Catholic school in Asia. We had to wear uniforms. My school life was fun, overall...even if my dad didn't allow me to go to the prom or to sleepovers and stuff. My friends were great. I'm still in touch with some of them until now. I remember asking my dad all the time for money to pay for pompoms, uniforms and stuff for the pep squad. Hehe. Looking back, I think he was very supportive, even if we didn't have a lot of money and I gave him mediocre grades. He even surprised me by showing up at a cheerleading event and took pictures. My major regret is not studying harder. I was an average student.

Originally posted by meegannie
so I got the reputation of being a bitch. In the ninth grade, a group of boys voted me the ugliest girl in the freshman class.
Awww. Well Megan, I'm sure they'll be ashamed of what they did if they see you now.
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I am still drunk

Let's see,

I went to a small public high school in a suburb. What did this mean? We all kind of had our own groups of friends, yet we all kind of grouped ourselves into one big group by the time we graduated (which was cool.)

I have a sister two years older than me and a bunch of my closest friends have siblings in that same year. So when we were freshman, they were juniors. They gave us a hard time, but by the time we were sophomores, we all hung out which was very cool. We would all see each other at the same parties. I grew up in a rather wealthy neighborhood, yet my family was not as rich as about 80% of the other families. The only thing to do in my town was drive around and go to parties. We have no bars, no movie theaters, nothing, not even a supermarket. The town is zoned strictly for residences so all we have are our houses.

I digress...

Due to the fact that we had nothing to do, all we would do was drink. I had a friend whose parents were always out of the country and they owned a monster of a house, so we would always party there. I remember a time when we drank so much, there was nothing left in the house to drink, we actually opened a bottle of cooking wine and started doing shots. Sad, but true. There was a time during our "Hawaiian Luau" party we threw there that some guy in our class picked up 4 Scandinavian girls who did not speak English at the airport and brought them there. At one point in the night my friend (whose house it was) was trying to explain to two police officers with a straight face that he did not know the 4 drunk girls who did not speak English, but were comfortable enough in his house to proceed to smash a case of crystal champagne glasses on the floor in front of the cops. It kind of got out of control...

At school, I was in all the honors classes, but was kind of an underachiever. I was more into getting trouble than grades, but I always seemed to pull it off. I was in the top 30 (out of 600)students in my class, yet partied and caused trouble like anyone else. I was on a few sports teams, yet that was never my real strong point. When I look back now, had I studied just a bit harder, I could have gone to Harvard. Anyway - I do not mean to brag, I just think class came easy to me, it was a social life that I was concerned with. I never really dated anyone through high school because I pretty much knew these girls since kindergarten and by then they really did nothing for me. No one ever understood that though.

So we all had our little cliques, but by the time we graduated we all hung out like I said before. It would actually be really funny as we would be throwing a party at my friend's house and you would see a football player talking to someone else saying things like, "...dude, weren't you the guy from my English class who tried to blow up his locker with windex, a battery, and a carton of cigarettes???" Funny shit like that always happened, jocks talking to nerds, musicians dating prom queens, cheerleaders, well cheerleaders were cheerleaders (right atcha Flower!)

Anyway - I had fun, probably should have tried harder, probably should have partied harder, but hey it was high schol - that is what it was all about....
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Old 10-24-2002, 02:31 PM   #38
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Originally posted by ouizy
cheerleaders, well cheerleaders were cheerleaders (right atcha Flower!)
thanks. it's a true dark moment in my history.

your high school experience sounds similar to mine.

and nice groucho marx ouizy face.
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Like a few other people here, I also started school a year early, a fact which continues to have ramifications even now, as I am a 19-year-old 2nd-semester junior in college.

High school sucked for me. I was too sweet and naive to get in with the cool, snotty philosophical types, too poor to hang out with the popular kids, and too "pure" to hang out with the mosh-pit hard-drinker types. I was a lonely, awkward-looking oddball. I had a few friends, all of whom were similarly unable to fit into those high-school categories, but since we had little in common other than widespread rejection, we didn't really stay friends. The weirdest part is that I was senior class president, because I was also a raging feminist in high school (I still am, I'm just more polite about it, I guess) and I think people were afraid to run against me.

In college I tried to maintain a low profile, but I go to a small school and I got involved in a few things that I now run, so now I seem to actually be somewhat...popular, I guess...which is creepy for me. I'm still not used to the fact that most people in my immediate environment like me, or at least don't hate me, and that I'm actually reasonably attractive and not a major loser. It's a hard thing to get used to--much harder to get used to than the idea that you *are* a major loser.
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I went to a pretty average public school. We didn't have any super rich kids, and no really poor kids either. Since it was right next to a University, there were a lot of professors kids, and all the teachers who wanted jobs at the college kissed these kids asses

I kinda dumbed myself down a little....because the smart kids were ultra snobby...and the average kids were more "normal." I kinda sorta tried to fit in to a specific group in 9th grade, but I guess I wasn't cool enough or something, so I just kinda hung on the outskirts of different groups. Which suited me just fine, because no one was really mean to me in high school, and I didn't get picked on like I did in Jr. High and Elementary school.
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Old 10-24-2002, 08:25 PM   #41
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Well.... I absolutely hated junior high.... but I LOVED LOVED LOVED high school. It was great. But I think my situation was atypical. There were different groups of people that were friends - but everyone was still nice to each other. I was really involved with the music program etc at school... I was also really smart, but I think that a lot of people didnt know how to read me because I have a warped sense of humor and I was constantly getting detentions and sent to the back of the class to sit by myself in the corner But I had all different sorts of friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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