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Old 10-20-2002, 02:54 PM   #16
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High school for management-administration (basically it trained you to be a secretary). Mostly girls, but notable amounts of guys too.

Shy, never in trouble with teachers (except once when i didn't report someone who was skipping class), i had a couple of friends - i guess i was considered a nerd (i had very good grades), not among the "popular" people.

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I was the odd ball. I got along well with almost everyone, but knew I didn't fit in, so I didn't try to fit in.

Most of the people I went to high school would be surprised at what I've become, but I honestly don't care what ANYONE thinks of me now. I was quiet, but fearless. I didn't kiss the ass of the losers...or the popular pricks . I was my own man....and that came with a price. I had moments of lonliness, but they were overshadowed in hindsight by love of family and friends.

That being said, I'm still having moments of lonliness....I guess that's the price for speaking your mind and holding on to your soul.


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Okay, I just read all the responses and it sounds like I went to the same kind of school as most of you. Mine was a Private, Catholic school full of privledged children. I got a break on the tuition, so I didn't fit THAT mold, which didn't allow me much room in the popular crowd (no fancy car, no fancy clothes, no fancy ANYTHING!).

It's nice to hear I'm not the only person to experience that bullshit.
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I'll try and be brief..I LOVED SCHOOL, very much

I have been recently wondering why I started school when I was 4? it made me a year younger than most people in my class when I got to high school and I think was a disadvantage really.
I went to a primary school with only 30 students and the high school had 1000 students. I was the only one in my class from my home town, so it was a bit tough at first fitting in.
I was thinking about the odds of this the other day . In my first Yearly Exam at highschool, I came second out of 200 First Form students. The girl who came first, beat me by half a mark. I was thinking ONE mark, it made the difference. I wonder which answer I should have got right.
Anyway it was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time ago. I'm over it!!!
My grades slipped quite a bit by the time I got to Year 12.
It is a great school.I was stoked when Bob Dylan played there around my 40th birthday. it felt like a gift.. I actually took my friends onto the old sports oval on our way to the Dylan concert...I think they were impressed!!I'm a nostalgic fool.

You wouldn't have liked me any better in my school days. When I started high school the boys and girls were segregated in the one school playground, an invisble line down the middle. They were the caning days, so you obeyed the rules. I hated seeing people being caned. They changed so much about the public education system during that period.........for the better.
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Old 10-21-2002, 12:05 AM   #20
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i went to a public school that looked like a prison. it was. my middle school was even worse. so shitty, it's going to be torn down soon because it's violating so many fire codes, it'd take several millions of dollars to fix them all.

i was a loser with no friends in high school, and yeah, same thing here.
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I actually sort of enjoyed high school. why--because i never took myself or it too seriously. so, in that sense, i really was never labeled this or that. i highly savor my independence, so i never isolated a certain person or group of people, and never pledged a fierce loyalty to just one group or person, give or take a couple of good friends. i guess i just made myself available and simply possess a very down-to-earth personality, so it seemed like a broad range of people felt comfortable being around me. i was fortunate enough to be able to spend minimal time on study, and therefore breezed my way through the academics of high school...i think i'm a personable, critical thinker, and because of that had favor with virtually all my teachers...i was heavily into sports and therfore related with the "jocks"...etc, etc.....

i suppose my only downfall in high school and even now, was my incessant flirting...so go ahead and put me down as the "Class Flirt"
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in middle school, i was trying to be outgoing, but i was made fun of because of my speech problem and hearing loss. that made me really painfully shy.

in junior high, i was shy, but if anyone talked to me, i would talk back. ask me a question, i'll answer it. i still got made fun of. nobody liked me. physical disability was considered loser status at this school. there were times i wanted to kill myself. i pretended to be sick on several occasions to avoid going. my mom knew, she just let me. she didnt want me to take my life. she just let me stay home if it got real bad.

high school, i was independent, but "cool." those years...it was better, but the damage has been done. i was considered "cool" because of my acting and directing abilities in the drama plays. i was never involved in a group of friends, or "cliques" per say.

i think this is why i have a hard time making female friends outside the real world. im not shy anymore like i used to be, but the fear is always going to be there, wondering what others think of me, if im some kind of freak.
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Old 10-21-2002, 03:43 AM   #23
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I can't believe the news today...but I have to.

This a fun thread Amanda. It has the feeling of a campus( well slightly... to me anyway)
I liked lunch-time, hanging out,swapping stories, going to the library to learn something new, very much like the Interference forum really.. You took me back to a nice place, had me thinking about teachers and how it was kind of funny the headmaster was called Mr.Tester. And how I loved the cool garden quadrangle and fishpond area and that I kind of claimed it as my own and got away with it and how they were good days indeed...
So it was a shock to just watch the news for the first time today and see what happened at Monash Uni earlier. I want this thread to continue, please don't let me kill this thread.
But I wanted to leave some flowers..well not flowers,plants really. It's a photo of my frogpond, because it reminds me of my school. The motto was "by the light of knowledge"
I just wanted to say I'm sorry

. Please continue.Anyone else's teachers' have appropriate/funny names?
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We had Mushroom Head whom I once was talking about, calling her Mushroom Head, being a smart arse in front of all my friends, when they all stopped. They were looking in shock. Mushroom Head was standing right behind me.

My Principal was a nun.She wore these long flowy skirts. One day I was walking down the stairs behind her and stood on the back on her skirt accidently, causing her to sail down the stairs.

I had a group of friends which we called "the group". We stayed that way from 7 to 12. We weren't dorks, we weren't the trendy girls. We sat in the middle where the majority of the girls did.

Our Bro school made us
Trinity Boys made us
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Old 10-21-2002, 04:16 AM   #25
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I cannot look back at high school without pissing myself. It was a joke of a school, no shit. It was basically to prepare you for jail or a life of single motherhood. I have kept I touch with only a couple of my friends, but considering I graduated in 94, I think that is a bit of an accomplishment.
I cant say what type of person I was, you would have to ask someone else I think. I never paid much attention to what was going on around me, I had my head in the clouds most of the time. Still do. I had a strange bunch of friends. Some of us were arty, some sporty, some desperately wanting to be 'cool'. It was a full public school, no religion, no rules. Our school bus would throw rotten fruit at the local private school in the mornings. My year used to do terible things. I look back and wonder why I never got in more trouble than I did actually. Roll Call was the only thing I never really missed. A lot of mornings I would get my name marked off then head home. But then, my truency was little compared to my maths class for instance who would sit up the back and just smoke and deal drugs. That class was in a demountable building and if they got too bored, the teacher knew they would eventually jump out the window and leave, so I guess she never worried too much. It probably seemed the easiest way not to deal with half of my year - letting them escape out the window. Fires in the toilets were a common problem. A lot of fights, but back then, few carried weapons which was good I guess considering the NSW public school system these days lol. Science up to year 10 was another really bad class. We had this very religious teacher and if they weren't suddenly yelling out "Jesus Christ Miss, this is f***ing boring", the boys would pull their 'hairs' out and glue them to her desk. She was always more concerned about the blasphemy than anything else. They only did it to get a rise though. Most of them are doing time now for various offences. I guess hooligans move on to bigger and badder things eventually. I can think of hundreds of 'tricks' some of them would pull, mostly funny now, some just plain stupid. No actually, it was all stupid. I think we tired our teachers out very much.

Bad school. Very bad. I would have to be dragged to any type of reunion. I am surprised I am the way I am, now. It's funny where we end up.
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I'd have more detentions than all of you put together
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Originally posted by *BOOMCHAA!*
I'd have more detentions than all of you put together
oh yeah, wanna bet *whips out drawer full of detention slips* ?

you know what is sad, the admin office where you had to go to receive your detention notices knew me by heart and knew exactly where my file was located. the sec. would laugh at me when i would walk in and say "that weekly flu bug hit ya again?" oh i loved High School speaking of which, i just received an email from the reunion committee asking for updated pics of our class for the website.
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Old 10-21-2002, 10:25 PM   #28
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i hated high school--- still do...
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Originally posted by *BOOMCHAA!*
I'd have more detentions than all of you put together
I'll have to challenge you on that one too...I spend more time in detention than I did in class. I had to repeat 10th grade because of it. I was a BAD student. I didn't even bother to get my stuff out in 4th period typing class because that's when they called the previous day's truants up to the attendance office. I knew I was going up before the slip even got to the teacher.

I think there's still a chair with my name on it in the attendance office
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Old 10-21-2002, 11:43 PM   #30
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I am in high school. I hate it. I dont fit in at all. the only people I like are the friends I have known for a long time and my friends in band. I am a band geek. but I dont like labels. I dress like all kinds of things. I look all preppy one day..the next I look like a hardcore punk. whatever outfit i like, i wear. but I am doing bad in school lately. especially in Algebra 2. my school sucks, they dont allow any expression. I can't dye my hair! I get in trouble sometimes..but I get good grades in some subjects (history and english) but it all seems so worthless

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