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I just sneezed

Interesting? I was bored so I looked up something... I didnt even read so....

Naturopathy: Not to be sneezed at
by amber cowan
Honey and acupuncture helped one hay fever sufferer to heal herself

For most of us, colds and congestion are common winter ailments, and there are very few who escape the chilliest months without sniffles of some sort. For French tutor Odile Williams, 47, though, they were a year-round fact of life. “I would spend all day with a handkerchief in my hand,” she says. “I had a runny nose, runny eyes and terrible headaches.”
Apart from suffering from perennial rhinitis, or year-round cold symptoms, Williams was also allergic to house dust and cat hair. “We have two cats that I refused to get rid of, so I felt permanently terrible.” Her symptoms, however were worse during the summer months, when, like one in seven of us according to the medical charity Allergy UK, the pleasing sensations of warm breezes and freshly mown grass would leave her with bloodshot eyes, a snuffly nose and a permanent feeling of tiredness.

Thousands of British people are allergic to the airborne substances such as pollen and dust that get into the nose, the mouth and the eyes. Williams’s allergies meant an uncomfortable choice between streaming sinuses or taking antihistamines that left her in a drugged fug. “Even non-drowsy medication would make me feel groggy,” she says. “My nose would clear up but it was like swapping one handicap for another.”

After fifteen years of experimenting with over-the-counter remedies and prescription nasal sprays, she first considered an alternative approach six years ago when she visited Michael van Straten, a naturopath and acupuncturist, for a back problem. Naturopathy is based on the belief that the body will heal itself once its natural equilibrium is restored. Diet, exercise, hydrotherapy and fresh air are used to treat everything from allergies to arthritis and skin conditions. Van Straten noticed her debilitating sniffles and suggested naturopathic remedies and a course of acupuncture to help manage the symptoms.

“I’ve found that a combination of nutritional changes and acupuncture works better than most things when it comes to treating hay fever,” says van Straten, who has been practising for 40 years. “It doesn’t work for everybody but it can be amazingly successful when it does.”

Williams began an intensive seven-week course, visiting van Straten, who is based in Cheddington, Bedfordshire, twice a week for treatments. “The theory of acupuncture is that it affects the flow of energy to the affected organs and systems of the body,” he says. “We have millions of little hairs in the nose that work in a waving motion, wafting mucus and detritus out of the nasal passages. When someone has hay fever, these flows are either blocked or overstimulated.

Acupuncture helps to stimulate the nerve supplies to the muscles that control those hairs so that you loosen the sticky mucus and allow the body to get rid of it.”

Although van Straten admits that he doesn’t know how it works physiologically, Williams says that she noticed the results immediately. “The effect was amazing. Lying down with the needles in, I could literally feel the catarrh trickling away. Afterwards I would be aware of my sinuses physically clearing.”

After the initial seven weeks, Williams needed top-up appointments only once a month for the rest of the summer. To help lessen mucus production, van Straten also recommended the naturopathic remedy of cutting out dairy products for three months and he suggested that Williams eat two spoonfuls of organic honey a day, produced by local bees. “Local bees collect pollen from the same plants that trigger your allergies,” he says. “By giving your body almost homoeopathic doses of these pollens, you are desensitising yourself.”

Three years on, Williams no longer feels separation anxiety from her packet of tissues and says that her allergies are no longer a problem. Van Straten says: “Nobody but a lunatic would deny the benefits of the modern pharmaceutical industry. But when there are safer alternatives, why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?”

What is it?

Naturopathy is based on the idea that you can heal your body by optimising its natural equilibrium. Diet, exercise, fresh air, hydrotherapy and relaxation techniques can all be used, and many naturopaths also employ the complementary therapies of acupuncture, herbalism and homoeopathy.

SUITABLE FOR virtually all chronic diseases, particularly rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Also good for allergies, hypertension and stress-related conditions.

COST From between £35 and £100 for an initial consultation.

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Re: I just sneezed

Originally posted by Mullen4Prez
I didnt even read so....

[advertisement alternative medicine]


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You know what's odd? Whenever I'm turned on by a girl and feel excited, I sneeze. It's true! Honest!
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Originally posted by PopMartian33107
You know what's odd? Whenever I'm turned on by a girl and feel excited, I sneeze
I never heard that before, interesting. I guess it's better than vomiting or something
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I have been sneezing all morning!

Damn allergies!
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I always sneeze after I eat.
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Allergies are an immune-related response that's modulated by epinephrine ("adrenaline" outside of the U.S.), which is why those with severe allergic reactions get shots of that to attempt to stop the allergy.

What those natural remedies attempt to do is to "detox" to stop the low-level allergy responses. Lots of toxins/free-radicals floating around tend to trigger immune responses as a "foreign object," thus developing allergies and can exhaust the adrenal glands--hence, less epinephrine production and fostering an over-sensitive immune system triggering even more allergies.

I've also found L-tyrosine to be effective as ridding low-level allergies, as it's a precursor to epinephrine.

Anyhow, after a year or so of me concentrating on adrenal health, I don't get many allergies. Granted, they aren't gone completely, as mold still drives me up a wall, but here it is spring and no hay fever, so far.

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I actually like sneezing. I get so annoyed when you get that urge to sneeze and then you end up sneezing at all. Such a bummer.
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God bless you.

Into the heart of a child...
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