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Re: kitty is flubby

Originally posted by Lilly

something tells me she wasn't 'ing at my kittys size, but the way i phrased it. she's dirty like that.

*gasp* I am a big perv and I never thought of that! Sicy! Oh my! you should be ashamed! lol that's pretty good

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Re: i love kitty

Originally posted by Lilly

1. i suppose.

2. my kitty hates most people. he loves me though

3. yes, all kitties are called kittens.

4. kitty (that's my cat's name) likes to eat all sorts of human food. he especially likes it when i pour a glass of milk and "accidentally" spill some. he gets super pissed if i don't.

description of kitty: 17 pound male, 2" fur, very thick, light orange with white strips. very cute, but mean. he loves me
I didn't even notice: ok, so i asked 4 questions basically.

Wow! At 17 pounds of weight, that is one big Cat.

LOL @ the confusion over Sicy's comment! I had to read it twice till i figured out what all the fuss was about.

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anyway, about the hissing...

cats generally only hiss when they're afraid or surprised. If I come home with a friend, for example, it may startle my cat and he'll hiss at the friend when he realizes I'm not alone--even if it's someone he knows. not all cats do that, of course, but if and when they hiss it is generally fear, not anger or a sign of sensing a bad person. some cats are just more sensitive to newness.

the other stuff seems right on.
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I've got a 20lb cat. He's massive. And deaf. And pretty cool anyway. This pic only gives you a small idea.
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Mia definitely lets you know how she feels by her tail. Watch out when it's swinging!!!

She loves human food only if it's white or a form of dairy. Which I'm told is unusual, but she also loves tuna and salmon. Ok, I have to go love on her now.

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