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Re: how often do you cook your own dinner...

Originally posted by U2Man
...and how often do you eat out/order something/buy something on your way home from work?

Almost every single night. Many times though, my beloved will cook for me, but when he's working, I'm picking up stuff for him as well.

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Everynight, give or take eating out once (like ordering a pizza) during the week, but not every week.

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We pretty much always cook, go out or get takeout maybe once a month, and seldom eat pre-prepared/frozen meals because most of them just don't taste very good. A single person who chooses cheap takeout options (though that's not too healthy in the long run) can probably come out not spending too much more than they would have on homecooked food, but when you've got kids like we do, that's just not possible.

I know it sounds lecturesome but I think it's very unfortunate--healthwise, pleasurewise, and moneywise--that the transmission of cooking skills from parent to child has eroded in our society as badly as it has. If you know how to cook, then you can eat much more nutrionally and flavorfully varied meals for so much less than someone who can't, and if you hear or see about something that sounds good on Food Network or wherever then you'll be able to come up with your own adapted version even if you don't have a recipe. And it's like any other housekeeping or self-care routine--if you grew up doing it regularly, it just doesn't feel like that much of a hassle. There will always be a few people who simply truly hate cooking, or who truly don't care whether their food tastes good, but most of the time those aren't really the reasons for not cooking.

Plus, cooking with your kids, partner or roommate can really be a lot of fun. Or if you're the type of person who prefers to have the kitchen to yourself then you can always make them do the grocery shopping and/or clean up afterwards.
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i have a bad habit of visiting macdonalds on my way home from work in the evening. i try to stay away from the fries, though
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I cook a casserole and then we eat if for three days. We get take out 1-2 times a week. I buy my lunches at the cafeteria at work, but I get salads and sandwiches, which is healthier than the stuff I'd bring from home.

Like yolland said, it's unfortunately cheaper for us to get small take out dinners and eat lunch at the cafeteria than buy veggies and other things from the store b/c they go bad so fast. The past few times I've bought all our own salad stuff, the veggies rot before we can eat most of it. I'd rather get a fresh veggie bowl each day at work. All of the fruits I like are only in-season here during the summer and often aren't even available (or are three times the price) during fall and winter.
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yup...the thing is though, I know the lunch ladies here at this college right? So, they give me free food. I will be taking advantage of this.
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Every nite! What self respecting Italian wouldn't?
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I eat at home probably 5-6 nights a week. I like to cook big batches of stuff on the weekends then freeze individual portions so I can just grab something and reheat it during the week. I also do this for most of my work meals. I love to cook anyway, plus there aren't a whole lot of options for vegetarians in the tiny town I live in.

neutral @
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My mom will cook like 2 times a month and my dad doesnt cook

I actually cook...and i don't cook that pre made stuff like the kraft mac and cheese so don't think it as that

...usually eat take-out...
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Originally posted by forbonou2
Every nite! What self respecting Italian wouldn't?
Well, you have a variation of pasta for every day of the year, plus pizza, plus lasagne.
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I cook every night. I have a weird diet (I don't think it is weird, but others do) b/c of allergies and whatnot. Like, I'm a vegetarian, but I'm allergic to carrots & celery...which is in most precooked vegetarian meals. I also cook b/c I'm I don't have much of a choice. Really though, I make one meal and it lasts for 3-4 days.
It also makes it easy b/c I try to eat more raw fruits/veggies than cooked. I'm not a raw-foods-vegan, but I like to try to be one as much as possible without risk of losing protein or other stuff.
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Im lucky cause I have two friends that are Pro Chef's. So I get alot of advice from them. I used to eat fast food 3 times a day, and since I have been cooking for myself, and actually making great dishes, I have lost about 15 Lbs. But I still love going out for sushi, so I guess I cook at home about 5 nights a week.
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I cook maybe once or twice a week. Although cooking for me often means frozen stuff heated up in the microwave.
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Only thing I cook is stirfry but that's out of a bag.
My friends come over with various snack things and I don't eat very much so a pan of chicken stirfry and some cheetoes can last me for days.

I order a pizza at the beginning of the week usually, too.
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I always have to eat for two.
Well, I think it's because of the small portions they have.
They say one pack makes for two to three meals, but I always have to make me two of that.

Funny is with frozen pizza. Where I grew up, in the north of Germany, there were only packages of one pizza, net weight 350 grams.
When I came to Berlin they had packages of two pizzas everywhere, or 750 grams.

In mid-December I discovered packages with three pizzas, or 1.05 kilograms.

Well, I need two pizzas, but three is too much.

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