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Old 05-19-2004, 05:33 PM   #1
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how much do cats suck?

well, it's been over 2 months since my dog died(which i wrote a great country song to), and i'm ready for a new pet. i want a cat, but everyone tells me that cats suck. one of my friends actually used to kill wild cats for enjoyment as a kid, and said he may feel those homicidal tendancies again if he's around my cat too much.

so for those who have experience with cats, could you please tell me your stories?

sell me.


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I only had a cat when I was really young.

they're generally not as sociable as dogs, and they don't respond to affection. They're independant animals, and you get the idea from them that they couldn't care less about you aside from getting easy food

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I love cats!!! We have three right now. I've had my one kitty Whiskers since I was 8 years old...she's my best friend. They make lovely companions. They get reputations as being independent and snobby...but some can be as loving and friendly as a dog. Whiskers stays in my room all the time...she often comes running to my bedroom door when I open it because she's happy to see me. She has to sleep as close to me as possible, usually sharing my pillows...and she gives me tons of kisses.
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I hope this conversation doesnt turn into a cat bashing thread. The owner of the board as well as most of the mods are cat lovers

Now, on the contrary, they are VERY sociable animals. You just need to know how to interact with them. They are different than dogs and more independant but can show you LOTS of love if treated right.

Cats use a litterbox, which is wonderful. No need to take them outside on walks or clean up after them when they poop on someone's lawn. Scoop their litterbox once a day and you're good to go.

You dont need to bathe cats. They always smell good (in my opinion). They groom themselves constantly and are very clean animals.

You can leave your cat all day or even 2 days alone and not have to worry about them. As long as you have food, water and a litterbox, toys.. they're happy.

My cat Saki plays fetch, which I think is really cool. Just like a dog actually. I throw balls, mice, various toys, he will bring them back and drop it at my feet, look up at me and meow to throw it again. Both of my cats do flips, and other various tricks. You just gotta interact with them. Start when they are young.

Having two cats is very entertaining. It's fun to watch them play together, chase each other, groom each other, sleep together.

Both of my cats greet me at the door when I come home. Both of them 'chat' with me on a regular basis. They cuddle up and sleep with you, give you head bonks, purr in your ear, lick your face. It all depends on what cat you get and how you raise them. My cats make my life complete.. I dont know what I'd do without them

That's my pitch!
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Old 05-19-2004, 06:01 PM   #5
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There are cat people and not-cat people. It's pretty simple, I think.

I think cats are kind of cute, and some of them are really beautiful.

But I would never want one. I can't explain it, but they just creep me out for whatever reason and I always knew, since I was a small child that I didn't like cats. That doesn't mean I hate them - I'll go to my best friend's house and play with hers (boy, is he fat and plump!), but that's about the extent of me ever wanting to interact with them. I haven't had negative experiences or anything, it's just that I'm 100% not a cat person.

I love, LOVE dogs and could never live without one, so go figure.
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Old 05-19-2004, 06:35 PM   #6
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Your buddy is fucked up.
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I think it depends on the cat. My friend has two and one of them gives me the creeps and the other one is very sweet. The creepy one is very independant and doesn't like to be bothered by anyone, including my friend. She's mean to just about everyone.

Her other cat is a lot of fun He plays fetch, likes to go on walks, runs to the door to greet you, and he's very outgoing and loves attention. He's a lot of fun to have around. I'm not one to really enjoy being around cats due to allergies but I kind of like the little guy so I just suffer when I'm at her house.
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Originally posted by MrBrau1
Your buddy is fucked up.
actually he's sober most of the time. he's just one of those angry conservatives. hehe

anywho, thanks for the info so far peeps.
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Of course I love cats and have had much experience with them.

It bothers me, no, it hurts me, to see people write them off as 'sucking.' You know, I have yet to have anyone (talking about real life here, not the internet) be able to give me a real reason other than they 'suck' or they 'just hate them.' These people usually come from families that boasted of 'hating' cats, but the only real reasons they can even give is that one hissed at them once, or they were not friendly to them. This is natural. A cat has feelings and instincts too, and they can feel and sense if you like them or not, and if they feel bad vibes they are going to hiss. It's the same thing as a dog growling or snarling, even snapping, at someone they don't trust. People who think cats are all growls, hisses and scratches have probably never been close to one, and have scared the ones they saw away. They can sense people who think they 'suck' and fear you. If you knew someone hated you, would you be anxious to be near them? If you saw them coming toward you, trying to touch you, wouldn't you get defensive? That's how cats are, and dogs too.

Other myths that bother me are:

x-Cats are standoffish and don't get close to you.

No. Of course, like humans, and dogs, they all have their own personalities, but most cats are very loving to people who give them a chance. They love to cuddle, purr, snuggle, rub on you, or just be near you.

x- Cats are not loyal and don't care if you come or go

On the contrary, every cat I've ever had has always been loyal to me. Even roaming Toms come back to where the love is eventually if they are able. Right now, I have one outside who literally follows me to the car when I leave, and when I pull back up he is waiting in the driveway for me- just like dog. When I get out of the car, he runs up, purring and excited, rubbing on me, and wanting affection. My inside kitties greet me at the door and purr and love me too.

I had a cat once who held a grudge at me for leaving. I'd leave him in the house for 2-3 days while I went visiting, and when I got back, he'd be in the bathtub looking half dead, his food had only been picked at. I had a dog who had done this too, and the vet said it's 'separation anxiety'- dogs and cats both get it. I t means they LOVE you and miss you, don't understand the human concept of time and think you have deserted them.

Even though cats don't like being left, they are easier to leave for a few days because they don't have to be walked and let out like a dog. They use the litter pan.

My cats also come when I call them, just like dogs. The purr is the same as a tail wag in a dog, they love you.

x- Some people say cats scratch things up. Well, I've had both cats and dogs, and I'd rather have 4 cats in my house than one dog. Dogs chew things up, dig holes in the rug, rip up the cushions, and bite electrical cords. A cat might claw a couch or a curtain, but it really doesn't hurt it much compared to what a dog does. I do NOT believe in declawing. It's like amputating someone's fingers, not just cutting the fingernails!

Every cat, like every dog and every human, is different. Some are great, some are assholes. But if someone has had a bad experiene with one don't let it prejudice you to them all. Please give a cat a chance. You might just find one of the best friends you ever had.
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I think cats do tend to be less maintenance than dogs. There are several types of cat personalities, and you have the best chance of knowing how they will be if you adopt an adult cat. Some kitties are more social than others - mine is constantly talking to me and if there is a free lap, she's on it

P.S. It's really fun to watch cats get high on catnip and chase the little red dot of a laser pointer on a wall
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My cat also greets me at the door when I come home too and sleeps in my bed
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i love cats. they are complete sweethearts. that should be enough of a selling point.

oh, and they don't have to go outside to pee.
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I said generally they are standoffish...and it is scientifically true. I saw a little documentary on them.
Speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, dogs were bred to be companions whereas cats are evolved from the bigger cats. They have retained their primal urge to hunt and that is the most important thing to them.

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