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Old 11-06-2002, 01:32 AM   #16
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Funny. Yes, the current image is scary. In fact, her image has always been scary to me. The girl wears too much makeup! I think she would look better if she didn't wear so much!

Despite that and her new "nude" look, her new album has really impressed me. I used to basically just laugh at her. But this new album is a nice move forward and really displays more of her talent. I have more respect for her now - at least concerning the album.

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Old 11-06-2002, 05:51 AM   #17
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Maybe it's an arty vehicle to liberate herself ala Kate Winslet in Titanic...

But seriously, I never like to hear women call other women sluts. I have a cousin who has always dressed sexily, since she was in her early teens. For the longest time, I acted the prude cousin, telling her to button up etc because I feared the looks other men were giving her. Never stopped her from dressing the way she wanted. These days, I understand my cousin better. I don't try to change her. She's comfortable with the way her body looks and not many women are like that. The leers from men do make her feel dirty but she has the confidence to not give a damn. Also, when women call other women's dress sense 'slutty', it makes me uncomfortable because I feel it promotes the notion that girls who dress sexily 'ask for it' which is untrue. And how would YOU feel if a woman called you slutty?

Male rockstars strip onstage all the time and they aren't labelled... well, whatever the male equivalent of 'slut' is. Bono, as The Fly during Popmart, focused the camera down on his 'private' area, and I think everyone loved it. Mick Jagger used to wear leotards so tight you could see his Little Mick wiggling and he's considered 'cool'.

Btw, my s/o says Christina's sexy look isn't attractive because she has the body build of a little girl. So the sexy stuff is a little incongruous, much like thinking of one's little sister in a sexual manner, I suppose.

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Old 11-06-2002, 06:22 AM   #18
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I'm certainly not prudish and I try to be non-judgmental

but what is now part of family television and in magazines accessed by very young children has worried me for a while.
I don't think I've watched more than 20 seconds of one of her clips, so I can't comment on her specificly.
It crept into acceptance a few years back. i have been around long enough to seen the change. I think consenting adults can just about do as they please in private imho, but to present that kind of image as popular culture seems to be putting the pressure on young girls to either be dieting or to get around in completely unflattering outfits in an attempt to be "fashionable"
It's a quandary..I get told I'm prudish and to lighten up all the time. A feminist friend told me it's just women expressing themselves as they wish last!! I don't know about that. I love lace and that, but at home thank you.

What was the original Q? Is it too far?
Tricky one to answer Amanda, in the year 2002, on one hand freedom of the individual to express themselves and on the other hand...I'm not sure what it represents. it feels a bit like th ejazz era or bread or doesn't feel quite right does it.
I'm not young i can't judge. I know when I first started to go out to gigs with hub after our sons were old enough tobe babysat, Iwas shocked by the change in fashion in that time. I went on to the disco last time I went out with him and was a bit shocked by some of the couples on the dance floor. i think it's a bit rough on the single guys watching that carry-on in public. I'm not sure abou that though.

Actaully hub and I had a debate about one of the women at the MTV awards Sheryl Crow...shut up cass...I have fields to plough

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Old 11-06-2002, 12:51 PM   #19
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Originally posted by joyfulgirl
The airbrushed nude cover of Rolling Stone is sort of ridiculous, too, but it was just a matter of time.

what makes you ay airbrushed?
she is a skank.

as a matter of fact the New York Post has been having the "Christina Aguilera Skank Watch " on Page six while she is in NYC...

So funny...
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Old 11-06-2002, 01:11 PM   #20
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Sometimes I feel that the people who's around her are turning her into this... thing

I always thought that every single pop singer/group that didn't had a really gifted voice needed to show off more of them physically or at least show their eccentric/weird/psycho side.(example: Britney Spears, 'NSync, etc) But in Christina's case... Well I guess I was wrong I mean: Haven't she heard herself sing? She has a priviledged voice and just for that she'll always be recognized. She doesn't have to show off to much. As a girl, I think the more you leave to imagination the better your attractive is

And afterall : No man here has ever said she looks sexy on that Rolling Stone cover
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Old 11-06-2002, 01:31 PM   #21
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Originally posted by The Wanderer

Christina could have had a career similar to someone like Janet Jackson or even better yet, Mariah Carey w/o the mental breakdowns (since Mariah could sing and Janet can't)
I think you're on to something with the Mariah comparison, cause I think Christina is well on her way to some kind of mental breakdown. She seems to me to be a bit disturbed, and making some very poor career choices(who is advising her? It can't still be Mommy).
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Old 11-06-2002, 03:33 PM   #22
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Good points rungi
It's not my cup of tea, but perhaps we should quit with the double standards
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Old 11-06-2002, 03:38 PM   #23
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Originally posted by MonaVox
How much more naked can you get.
One word: Hustler
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Old 11-06-2002, 04:19 PM   #24
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Well me being the only one in this thread that thinks she looks hot doesnt look good for my popularity.

I dont think she looks pretty or gorgeuos. She looks diiirty, as the song says. That dirty or nasty look has SEX apeal not g/f apeal. If their was a group of guys sitting around talking about her i quarentee they'd all say they'd do her. I would. I dont care if you all think that's bad. I'm not going too. But she only is a fantasy or a image to guys.

Ya see's got a nice ass, and she can dance really sexy or dirty. Some guys, most guys like that sometimes....sometimes. I would say if you ask 100 guys if they had to choose to have sex with CA once or have a g/f for 6 months they would pick the g/f!
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Old 11-06-2002, 04:34 PM   #25
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Originally posted by Naya
Christina looks like she's full of STDs...
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Old 11-06-2002, 04:48 PM   #26
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id sure love to have a latte with that whore. discuss books...or...underoos?

Originally posted by daisybean
I've never heard any of them say "She seems like someone I'd like to get to know. Or someone I'd be compatable with.

im the candyman. and the candyman is back.
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Old 11-06-2002, 04:59 PM   #27
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Re: id sure love to have a latte with that whore. discuss books...or...underoos?

kobesan, you are on fire today.

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Old 11-06-2002, 05:08 PM   #28
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I think that anyone can dress sexily if they want to. Hell, if I were going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone I'd probably want to look sexy. However, I think Christina has crossed the line from dressing sexy to just looking trashy. Her new single is called "Dirrty" after all. I think the way she dresses offends a lot of women because it just perpetuates women being seen as nothing but sex objects. Christina has a good voice, but that is far overshadowed by how she looks and dresses (or undresses). Who cares if she has talent if she looks like that? I'm sure most women would like to be respected more for their talents than for how they dress, but people like Christina put the focus almost entirely on how they look.
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Old 11-06-2002, 05:26 PM   #29
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back again

I wanted to expand further on the idea of it being "tough on the single guys" I should not have 'singled out single guys.

Some background...I have been involved in Community services for some time, a lot of my friends work in the field and I just hear stories...nearly every day. It seems to me the child abuse is getting worse, maybe I am wrong. But some of the stories music lovers it would break a person's heart. Going on RIGHT now, beautiful little girls( and boys) in terror, thinking that is how life should be. One little girl I hear dabout recently, it's almost too much.
Anyway, the connection. I just worry that some people watch "the goings on" on the TV, girls like christina and see the "goings on" in the drinking establishments( that's what they are). they have thoughts, they have inadequacies, they have children at home. i don't know if there is a conncetion between the two things. I certainly hope not, but I have wondered. I don't think it is neccessary to have it on morning TV.
Do they lead or do we follow?
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Old 11-07-2002, 07:51 AM   #30
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Originally posted by MonaVox
These girls will finally be satisfied when they can pose for magazine covers fully inside out.

How much more naked can you get.

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