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How do you make your sauce?

As in the tradition of Italians everywhere, every year my nonna and nonno (grandmother and grandfather) make tomato sauce for pasta. This entails buying bushels of tomatos, poking holes in then, draining them (this is all done in the garage so it drains into the street), boiling the tomatoes, putting them into the strining amchine, extracting the sauce, putting it into jars, boiling the jars to seal them shut. Takes about a day really...

When we want sauce we open the jars, boil the sauce, throw in some salt, olive oil, and some oregano. Quite simple really, and it tastes sooo good.

How do you guys have sauce? Out of a can? Anyone else make it? Just curious

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Hehe.... well I used to make it similar to that way but since I have become lazy..

I get a saucepan and put some olive oil in it.. get it warm then throw minced garlic and parsely in there.. sizzle it for a bit then dump a can of tomato sauce in there.. simmer for about an hour coverered to thicken it up.

It is tasty..

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Actually mum bloomin fries the meat first adding sauce in bits and pieces!!!!

she does use garlic, some tomato paste and some tinned tomatoes........some herbs blah blah

very simple but she never cooks it individually

OH and adds plenty of white wine!!!!

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Old 03-12-2002, 12:22 PM   #4
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The way you described sounds exactly like the way my mother makes her sauce. But like a good italian, she also has a garden and uses her own tomatoes. When us kids lived at home, she used to make us help her, it was always around Labor Day. I used to hate it, it was the worst job.

Now I make sauce very similar to the way Sicy described. I really like sauce made that way much better than the way my mother makes it.

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I think my mom made home-made sauce ONCE in her life. But, she always provided us with home made bread and home made macaroni (which I had this Sunday...yummmmm)

Anyway, I saute some white onion and garlic in olive oil. Then add a can of crushed tomatoes, alot of basil, some salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Yes, sugar (it gets rid of the acidity). Also, a splash of red wine vinegar and simmer, simmmer, simmer.

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Well, when the recipe calls for 3 cloves of garlic, for example, I assume that means 3 per person...Garlic is nature's immune system booster.
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I brown a clove of garlic in olive oil. Then I brown some chopped garlic, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. If you like it hot then add chili peppers too. Then I add two cans of tomato paste, and two cans of crushed tomato's. I let it simmer for 1 hour.

While the sauce is simmering I prepare 1 pound of ground beef.

I add the ground beef to the simmering sauce, as well as Oregano and a bay leaf. I allow it to simmer for another hour and then I remove the bay leaf and serve!!

Mmmmmnnnn!! Now I am hungry!

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here's my spaghetti meatsauce:

cut 2 onions, and celery very thinly.
put some oil at the bottom of the cauldron.
let the oil heat..add the veggies...let them cook for about a minute or two, until the onions become white.

then I add groundbeef...brown it.. then the tomatoes and tomato juice and tomato paste are added.

I add sugar to cut down the acidity of the tomatoes.

For spices I use a wee bit of salt and paper, some paprika (when you put that in the sauce, the spaghetti sauce won't give you bad breath/after taste), some oregano, some basil, and 1 or2 bay leaves, depending on how big the sauce is.

as for the tomato sauce...

olive oil
crushed garlic
mashed up tomatoes
oregano, basil and bay leaf

simmer...add to pasta, and mangia!

id love adam to perform for me..wearing only cologne and a smile

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I add cooked ground beef to mine.
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I make tomato-sauce like 3 times a week
It's so easy and yummie too..
My recipe is similar to the ones mentioned except I use honey instead of sugar, but I guess it works either way.
I use LOADS of garlic and basil in my sauce, and I guess you can tell by just walking by me, cathing the scent hangin' in the air
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