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Old 08-09-2003, 03:14 PM   #1
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How do you like your eggs cooked?

My favorite is a bacon and cheese omelet.

Into the heart of a child...
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scrambled with onions, tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro.

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Old 08-09-2003, 05:38 PM   #3
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Originally posted by bonosgirl84
scrambled with onions, tomatoes, cheese, and cilantro.

that's it...I'm coming over, bonosgirl.
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i'll make you breakfast
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Old 08-09-2003, 09:14 PM   #5
love, blood, life
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me too! Me too!

....If you throw in some potatos!
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Old 08-09-2003, 09:15 PM   #6
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Scrambled with cheese.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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Old 08-09-2003, 11:04 PM   #7
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eggs over medium, bacon and white toast with real butter
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Old 08-09-2003, 11:07 PM   #8
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I eggs

My favorite ways to eat eggs are:

- Scrambled (with ketchup)

- Eggs sunny side up on toast

- Egg Salad (made with Miracle Whip, not real mayo)

ugh, now I'm hungry

*puts eggs on grocery list*
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Old 08-09-2003, 11:18 PM   #9
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As long as they're unfertalised (sorry, someone had to say that) and not runny in any place, yolk or white, I'm happy.
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Old 08-10-2003, 03:47 PM   #10
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you said it Angela, fertilised. I've been meaning to call Dr Karl with this important

any chook(hen) farmers here? When I did have a rooster( noisy damn things..never again!) quite often I would find huge double and sometimes, triple-yolked eggs( ouch! poor chook)
Are twin chickens ever hatched from the one egg?

I believe eggs keep a lot of people going in the lean times, hens are such tough little survivors.

It's probably a "warm fuzzy remind me of my mum" thing, but serve me a boiled egg, served in a cute egg cup with toasted "soldiers" and I'm a happy camper.
Omelettes frittata's as an ingredient in cakes and biscuits homemade ice-cream
all this even though after blood tests I was told I am intolerant of eggs...ahh stuff that!

I love my white chook very much, collecting her egg every other day is one of my small pleasures. I am going to phone today and order a red feathered sister for her today, they arrive late August, 16 weeks old...awwwwwwwwwww

chooks and their eggs
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Old 08-10-2003, 04:20 PM   #11
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I also like an omelette now and again.
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Old 08-10-2003, 06:24 PM   #12
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Scrambled (with bacon )
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Old 08-10-2003, 07:46 PM   #13
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scrambled with turkey bacon and hash browns
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I didn't think U2 fans ate eggs because of the whole vegetarian/vegan thing.

Anyway, I was driving home from work 2 weeks ago along the semi-rural county road leading to my neighborhood, and I saw a chicken preparing to cross the road.

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Old 08-10-2003, 09:05 PM   #15
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its true, if you are a U2 fan, you are vegan, get outta here all you imposters!


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