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The Fly
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Originally posted by dreamingoutloud1
I'm looking for a job in the nyc area, too!

I quit my job a few weeks ago, because it was going nowhere, paid nothing, and treated it's employees like crap. Now i'm wondering if I did the right thing...

I also walked away from a job that was sucking the life out of me.
Of course now that I've been looking for another one for a few months, I sometimes wonder if I should've have just stuck it out.
But the way I look at it, you have to spend an awful lot of time at work and life is way too short to spend hours of everday doing something that makes you miserable.
I can honestly say that even though I've had to cut back on my spending while I look for work, my overall well being has improved and it's worth the sacrifice.
Good luck in your job search. I know how frustrating it can be.

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first thing is, you dont quit - no matter how bad it is, until youve landed your next job!

i had to move back home due to familial reasons, and was unemployed for 10 months (i only searched for 4 though... took some times off, settled in etc). my full time job was sending out resumes, fax, email and follow up calls. i was on every localized job board, specialized area job board, and the big names too. i honestly cant recall the ad for my current job - i think my resume was passed to my current employer from one of his contacts. some companies are like that - hey youre great, but i cant afford you, or business is slow right now so they will pass your resume along... even when youre declined, still keep smiling - it does show.

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The Fly
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Well my first pathetic attempt at a job was working at a gas station. It was easy to get a job there as my friend's mom is the manager. I hated working there. I think I worked there for around 5 months then I quit.

So when I went to find another job it wasn't easy...especially with THAT as my only job experience. Basically I just applied at a bunch of different places in the area. I only had one place even give me an interview.

I found out that Petco was hiring in the grooming department...I love animals and thought this would be a fun job. I submitted an application, didn't hear I called and bugged them a couple of times. I wanted the job, damnit! Finally the manager had me come and talk to him, I got like a 5 minute interview and then he had me filling out a stack of papers.

I've been there for over 2 years now. I enjoy my job but I sooooooooo don't get paid enough. If I ever want to move out of my parents house (which I do!) I'll need another job, I can't live off this crappy wage.

Anyway, lol sorry for the rambling advice for getting a job is to be persistant and let them know you are really interested and serious about the job.

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