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Old 09-08-2007, 07:30 PM   #16
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I would not be surprised if they emphasize their eclectic material, or rearrange certain songs in a more world-beat fashion, as Page & Plant did with Unledded (Four Sticks, Friends, a new take on Kashmir, etc.) and Robert did on his recent tour (Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Black Dog, etc.). Otherwise, I am glad to see JPJ on board, even if I retain some skepticism as to the veracity of the whole report.

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Originally posted by ntalwar
The articles so far say it's a single show in London only.
It doesnt say a single show, it says the tour STARTS OFF in london..

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Originally posted by tpsreports2424

It doesnt say a single show, it says the tour STARTS OFF in london..
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I posted about this last night in another thread:



The surviving members of the British band widely held to have redefined rock music - and how to indulge in its hedonistic excesses - are set to play their first full-scale concert in 27 years with a one-off appearance in November at the O2 venue in Greenwich, south-east London.
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No J. H. Bonham, No Zeppelin
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Extremely badass.
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Originally posted by babyman
No J. H. Bonham, No Zeppelin
Exactly. Just like no Keith, no Who.
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Why not give Jason Bonham a chance??? It's not like you can bring Bonzo back from the grave now, can you? Would you people rather have no reunion at all?
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Originally posted by toscano

Exactly. Just like no Keith, no Who.
No Entwistle, either.

It's not as bad as this "Queen" thing. John Deacon isn't even dead, but he's not involved.
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I don't agree with the Moon/Bonham comparison. Moon had a lot of heart, but creatively he didn't have nearly the impact that Bonham did.

Also, while Led Zeppelin called it quits immediately, The Who did go on to make more music, and whether you're a fan of the post-Moon Who or not, Face Dances and It's Hard both have some good material. I will agree that Endless Wire is difficult to classify as The Who without the presence of Entwhistle, though I believe the new album has merit on its own.
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Old 09-09-2007, 11:53 AM   #27
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And lazarus continues to be one of of the most intelligent posters on these forums.
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I don't understand why certain people here want to discount the whole thing just because Bonham is dead and obviously can't be part of it.

I completely understand why people would have a problem with, say, what Queen is doing. Freddie Mercury WAS Queen. No Freddie, no Queen. That really is absolutely true. But Bonham is the third name people think of when they think Led Zeppelin. Page and Plant are always 1 & 2 and they always will be. That is NOT a sleight on Bonham. That's just a testament to the incredible amount of talent Led Zeppelin had.

Without Bonham, it won't be EXACTLY the same. Of course it won't. But my God, it's not like they picked some punk drummer from one of the bands of the day to just replace Bonham as if he was nothing. It's John Bonham's son we're talking about. Plant/Page/Jones and Jason have probably known each other forever. Considering his father died when he was just 14, and considering that his father was in a band with these guys for the first 14 years of Jason's life, I wouldn't be surprised if there's even some substitute father-son type vibes, or at least cool uncle-nephew-that's-like-a-son vibes, existing between Plant/Page/Jones and Jason. And from everything I read, Jason can play all of Bonham's parts near perfectly.

Jason Bonham is not John Bonham.

But it would it kill you to give it a chance before dismissing it so nonchalantly?
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Old 09-09-2007, 01:18 PM   #29
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Well said, nam! It's not like they're pulling an INXS and doing a reality show to find a drummer! Geez! It's Bonham's son for crying out loud! That said, what INXS did to find JD may have been cringeworthy but... he is actually not bad at all IMO.. he's no Hutchence but few people are.

Anyway, since you mentioned Queen... at the risk of getting slaughtered here, I have to say George Michael made an excellent Freddie Mercury on Five Live EP. Somebody To Love
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It's about fucking time.

Now: when is U2 reuniting?

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led zeppelin

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