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Darth Vader says to Luke Skywalker: "i know what you have got for christmas"

Luke replies:"how do you know that?"

Darth:"i felt your presence"

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A man was walking past a grave yard and he heard one of Beethoven's symphoney's playing backwards. No one was around, so he starts searching for the source. He finally locates the origin and finds it is coming from a grave with a headstone that reads:

Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827.

The next day the same man walked past the same cemetary and heard another one of Beethoven's symphony's playing backward's. He thought to himself "Now that's REALLY wierd!" and kept going.

The next day the same man was once again walking past the same cemetary and heard "Ode to Joy" playing backwards. The man said "I can't take this any more!" he walked up to the caretaker and asked, "What is going on around here?!" the caretaker answered, "Oh, that's just Beethoven decomposing."

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A woman is giving birth to a baby in hospital. The doctor then picks up the baby, throws it around the room, throws it up in the air and throws it against the wall. The doctor then throws the baby at the mother, but it misses and goes out the window.

The mother cried “doctor! You’ve killed my baby!”

The doctor replied: “haha, April fools! The babies already dead!”
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It gave me a chuckle....i didnt fall on my knees
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Originally posted by Dudette

A dyslexic man walks into a bra....
See, now that one's actually funny!
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Originally posted by sindaddy
What's brown and sticky?
a stick
This joke always, without fail turns any joke telling sequence into a downward spiral... The following jokes will then be, in order...

Why did the boy fall off the swing? Somone threw a fridge at him.
Why did the plane crash? The piolit was a piece of toast.
Why did the girl fall off the skateboard? It had no wheels. (I've never quite got this one)
Why did the fridge fall over? Somone threw a boy on a bike at it.
What is yellow and dangerous? Shark infested custard.
How do you make a sausage roll? Push it down a hill.
Whats Green and looks like a bucket? A Green Bucket?
Whats red and looks like a bucket? A Red Bucket in disguise.

This thread =

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