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Old 04-08-2002, 12:46 AM   #1
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Hockey fighting

Opinions? I'll withhold mine until everyone else has a chance to jump in.

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It's simply needed in the game. Maybe its just that its been there for so long that we are all used to it but i think it really does prevent more violence then it promotes. if a player knows George Laroque is going to be there if they run their goalie or intentionaly high stick someone they will definitaly think twice about it.

It also makes the game alot more entertaining. Say what you want but i know every Canadian loves to see a good old scrap!!!

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surprisingly enough there is an ongoing thread about this here.

> > >
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umm nevermind. i was agreeing with what bonoman said but disagreeing with him. all at the same time!
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personally I could do without it, I don't need it for entertainment, and it often disrupts the flow and continuity of a game; but that being said, I have no moral issues with it, and like bonoman said I'd rather see Tie Domi and Battlin' Bob Probert fighting it out then not see sneaky, dirty stick work going on, which would increase dramatically if there were no more fighting (unless you put 12 officials on the ice at once to see everything at all times), also there would be more cheap shots with guys making runs at players along the boards and in the corners, and shady knee-to-knee hitting would be on the rise (and those cause the real injuries, where guys routinely have their knees injured, and sometimes severely and/or permanently)

and if you notice, there is almost no fighting whatsoever in a playoff game, save for the occasional scuffle at the end of a blowout where one team is letting out its frustration

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Point to the part of the rule book that says fighting is part of the game.

Of course, the NHL knows it needs to draw interest from the WWF/NASCAR demographic to remain in business. (Hold m'gun fer a minit wal I git a'nuther beer!)

Seriously, this is why I like Olympic hockey so much more.

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