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I have never used decimetres, but I have used decilitres and decagrams. The latter two are fairly common in measurements of liquids and food.

It's more a matter of knowing what they are than really ever using them. It doesn't hurt to be aware of what the measurement is, I guess.

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The metric system is pretty easy and logic, it's the same system for length, weight, time and lots of more..

That's the system.

You name what you are measuring:

Meter [m]
Killogramm [kg]
Second: [s]

...and more (Ampère A, Kelvin K, Mol, Candela,cd)

then you have a prefix that you don't have to write too many Zeros:
10^24 E 24 yotta Y
10^21 E 21 zetta Z
10^18 E 18 exa E
10^15 E 15 peta P
10^12 E 12 tera T
10^9 E 9 giga G
10^6 E 6 mega M
10^3 E 3 kilo k
10^2 E 2 hecto h
10^1 E 1 deca da
10^-1 E -1 deci d
10^-2 E -2 centi c
10^-3 E -3 milli m
10^-6 E -6 micro µ
10^-9 E -9 nano n
10^-12 E-12 pico p
10^-15 E-15 femto f
10^-18 E-18 atto a
10^-21 E-21 zepto z
10^-24 E-24 yocto y

While the 10*^expontent says how many Zeros have to be added to write down the number in the classic style:

10^3= 1.000 (see three zeros)
and 10^-3=0,001 (the minus indicates that it's smaller than 1)

Almost too easy to be true

By the way, this system is also called SI: System International


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if u're a guy, they are quite handy to boast with

eh, yeah its two decimeters

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