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Help with Sims....please...


I don't know how many of you here play The Sims and/or will able to help me with this problem, but I figured this was the best place on the board to ask. Anyway, this is my problem.

For the past three days, I've been trying to get the U2 Sims into my Sims game. I had someone send me a WinZip file with the skins for the U2 characters. I followed their directions (and the directions of every Sims help site I've come across) to extract the files into C:/ProgramFiles/Maxis/Sims/GameData/Skins, but for no apparent reason, the U2 characters don't appear in my game when I go to Create a Family. Actually, after nearly three days and two nights of uninstalling, reinstalling, reextracting and beating my computer to bits, I'm beginning to think that they *won't* appear- not that they simply fail to function, but that they actively refuse to do so.

Does anyone have any idea of what might be wrong? Is it the game? The skins? My computer? ME?? I'd be grateful for any piece of adivce any of you could give. Thank you.

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Re: Help with Sims....please...

I don't play The Sims, but...

Originally posted by Hallelujah Here She Comes
If The Sims isn't installed in C:\ProgramFiles\Maxis\Sims, you will have to replace "C:\ProgramFiles\Maxis\" with whatever the path leading up to your Sims installation directory is.

Also, the folder that is installed with Windows is called "Program Files", not "ProgramFiles" (note the space). It could be that you are unzipping to the wrong directory because of this.

Finally, Windows uses a backslash, not a forward slash, to seperate directories in paths, but it shouldn't make a difference in most cases as Windows usually will convert it for you.

Hope this helped

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The program is installed in C:\ProgramFiles\Maxis\Sims. And whatever I typed is just what I (poorly) remembered. It's not actually where I unzipped the files to, since I chose the folder where wanted the files saved and did not type the name of the folder in. So I actually did unzip the files to the directory as you typed it, with the propper spaces and backslashes.

But thank you for trying to help.
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