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Old 07-29-2003, 04:25 AM   #1
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Has Edward Furlong gone all crazy-like?..or.........what?


The other night we were watching Graham Norton, but the volume was waaaaaaay down cause mum was doing something, and so at first when Graham introduced the guest, from the way the volumne was, I thought he said 'The White Stripes' lead singer! LOL! And out comes Eddy, and I was like - thats the singer? And it was five mins or so before I heard him say something along the lines off 'Yeah, Im John Conner, 30 years later!' - and could not believe it took me that long to realise it was Eddy!

And then the rest of the interview was nice cause I kept thinking 'WOW! Eddy looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! What a cool new image!' Ya know? It was all very very nice and funky and stuff, but I was recording this prog anyway cause I had recorded something else before it.
But I truly thought he looked great at this point, his face still had that 'robotic' image, which I find appealing. (Truth is I think it was cause he looked very like a guy I fancied like mad ages ago - they both look similar in the face now) - and then also sitting there looking at him he reminded me of 3 pple - KD Lang, that guy and........LOL.....Michael Jackson (its the HAIR folks!!!! THE HAIR! he has that MJ 'You Are Not Alone' video hair thing goin!)

Then just a couple of nights ago, I decided to watch the interview and like I was like at Eddy as a whole. Gawd forgive me but he acted a complete.......................................

I dont know, but a guy in my work saw it too and said.....'he was a pr*ck basically, he was so full of himself like 'look at me, Im a star!', and has a boyfriend'

Even mum said........................as she was watching the night the sound was way down.....Graham was making some pple from the audience do this 'reverse film-making' and had Eddy standing off-side watching, and she said...'Im sure that girl wishes she wasnt there'
and after for a mom., I said 'Thats a boy mum. Thats Edward Furlong. Remember him as the young lad in Terminator 2?'
'Oh yes, I do now. Thats him? Well he looks like a wimp!'

LOL! And now hes a singer? They played some of his music, I wasn't really that impressed, his voice is not strong enough, perhaps if he tamed the other band members playing down....it would be more controlled. But apparantly he's big in Japan (who isnt! ) and he showed us all his dancing, and talked about his new movie like it was the most uninteresting piece of sh*t ever.

Then seeing recent pics of him smokin, with booze, birds.....etc.

Of course.......hes just living the way he wants too...................
I just guess its such a loooooong way from the kid who played John Connor.........and I was well impressed with that kid.
I never thought I'd see the older Eddy like this.

but my my, he still has those sharp 'what da f*k you lookin at' eyes and robotic face - very nice!

Another Maculay?

hey, I just had to speak out........now I feel nice and deflated!


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Old 07-29-2003, 06:02 AM   #2
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you, my friend (if I may call you that), are off of your rocker!

Back to the scratchie for you!

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love, blood, life
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riiiiiiiiight....ok........I hear ya

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tomb raider 2 sucked
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so did tomb raider 1
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nothing sucks as bad as shitty posts though

I am trying very hard to think of someone that at the same time manages to look like both KD Lang and Michael Jackson
haven't been able to come up with anything human yet

“Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”
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