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I'm concerned thier aggression will become worse and someone could get seriously hurt. Dogs that have fatally injured or really hurt someone or another animal have history of plenty of warning signs. It is 100% percent the owners fault as well as thier responsiblilty. Given that this has happened more than once and they haven't adequetley handled the problem, I say fuck diplomacy.

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I would suggest you stop trying to be nice and do what you have to do - call animal control. They're in the wrong, not you, and if they want to hold a grudge, that's their issue. You're moving anyhow. I would say you've been more than fair and resonable thus far. If the note doesn't help, make some calls.

We had a barking dog next to us for years. He would bark all day and all night. The owners wouldn't do anything, so we contacted the city. The city sent a note, the owners put the dog in some training course. That helped a little, but more importantly, they saw that we weren't going to just sit back and do nothing. It's not like you're friends with these people, right? What's to lose?

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In most cities, chronic dog barking like you described is illegal you could tell the police. Also, if the dog attacks someone it can be destroyed.

The law's on your side, but I know what you mean about keeping the peace when attached to someone.

Maybe you tell them you're gonna play hard ball that could result in the dogs being destroyed (even if you don't mean it) and that would help get the point across.
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Originally posted by Bono's Betty
Who the heck keeps their dogs tied up in the front yard when they have a back yard.
That is what i'm thinking.

I hope you get something sorted out. I think everyone else has made good suggestions, Animal Control and your realtor are good places to start if you can't work out something with your neighbours. You have been very reasonable so far. Like Starsgoblue said though, it sounds like these people have no idea of how to control there animals. I hope noone else gets hurt by them.

Good luck.

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I'll give this one more shot....

Do you have a Homeowner's Association? Can you file a complaint with them? Are there rules as to pets and how they're maintained?
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Call animal control re: the bites. A phone call from them to your neighbour would usually dissuade a rational person from continuing to act as a pest.

Even though their dogs are barking and it annoys you and even though the dogs may on occasion trespass, most people aren't going to care because the reality is you're not going to litigate this matter. Neighbours act like idiots because people know how expensive it is to retain a lawyer and for what? A nuisance tort? Which has probably little or no chance of succeeding anyway? Plus they know you are leaving and won't bother with actual legal action.

That's why I think your best bet is the animal control and let them deal with it. Hopefully that points out to these two that it's unacceptable and scares them enough to at least temporarily cease and desist (and then they can be somebody else's problem).
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Thanks so much for all the comments everyone!!

We spoke with the HOA and the legal service. Basically we are SOL as long as the dogs are on the neighbour's property. To make matters worse, we are told we are too late to contact Animal Control.

However, we were given one good idea. We know one of the people on the HOA board and we are going to ask if there is a bylaw about dogs tied up on the front lawns. If not, then we are going to ask him to vote one in, because he hates those dogs too.

Meanwhile, we are still trying to decide if we will have one more personal chat, or send the actual note.

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