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Good stuff/bad stuff

Most of the people I know fall into two categories:those who say
there's "good stuff" (they may not like U2 or Queen or say Led
Zeppelin but they admit there's a special quality about the band,like great vocals,lyrics,stage presence and so on and so on) and "bad stuff" (personally I have my doubts about defying "bad stuff",however such people usually refer to things like corny wordplay and pathetic rip-offs in music) and those who believe there's no such definitions at all but just "music that you like" and
"music that you don't like".I guess I'm somewhere in between cause just the other day I found myself listening to a band that may not be the worst in the history of rock-n-roll but still it's kinda
second-rate.My friend said,"Oh don't tell me you like this crap",
and the funniest thing is that he's right.But still I put this CD on and feel great! Perhaps it's just because they used to play these songs on the radio at a certain period of my life and each time I
listen to this band my very personal associations keep overflowing
me.The same thing with Madonna's "Power Of Goodbye":I've never been a Madonna fan in my whole life,but each time I hear
this song I can't help turning the volume up.And though I may still
make comments about "stupid lyrics" and "corny hooks" and pretend to be a sophisticated critic somewhere deep inside I say to myself,"It's crap but oh don't I like's amazing!!"I have this feeling that sometimes certain songs become a kind of time capsules for you and you can't fight them no matter if it's "good stuff" or "bad stuff",they just move you.It's ike they choose you,
not you choose them (sounds a bit weird,but isn't that what Interference was meant for?).
Just wondered if anyone else ever thought about that?

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DA , DA i eshe raz DA !!!!!
I Know , U right !

I don't like Madonna stuff , too much , but " Power Of Goodbye " is also a breath-taking song for me .

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Duke Ellington said it best: "There are only two kinds of music; good music, and not so good music".

I guess what's ultimately "good" and "not good" is a matter of personal opinion, and that's why there are so many dissagreements over this issue.

case in point: a musician I respect alot was talking to me the other day regarding the backstreet boys, and I was like "they suck....all boybands suck...etc." but they were like "yeah, but you can't deny how strong the melodies are on some of their tunes".
so to this person, maybe that means good music....they had a point....but to me it's not good music.
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