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Global music sharing- lets do something good here!!!!

Ok I have been thinking for quite awhile now that there really is so much great music out there in the world and because of various reasons a lot of people never get to hear it so here is what I would like to do here, why dont we introduce ourselves to some new music and here is the criteria that I would like to set.....

post one song from an artist or band who is native to your country and who does not have much international recognition

please explain a little about them, like their history and musical style and who or what they might be similar to and why you think that us U2 fans may like this particular artist or band

please dont make it to obscure- make sure that the song can be easily downloaded from sources such as KAZZA etc

and when you have listened to the song thta you have downloaded, please post a reply and what you thought of the song......

and I guess to keep it contemporary, please choose songs from artists who are still alive, current and making music,

now i really do think that with this we could start something quite unique and experience some really great here goes I will start it off.......

SONG: Chemical Heart
ARTIST: Grinspoon

This is a soft rocking song by Grinspoon standards and it was very popular in both the mainstream and alternative charts here in Australia at the start of the year. Grinspoon have been around for about 7 years and they come from the northern part of New South Wales, they were discovered by one of the national alternative radio stations here when they did a region by region 'un-earthing' or talent scout of Australia and Grinspoon were from the first region to be 'un-earthed'. This song is from their new album and I think that it really displays how nice Phil's voice can be. I think that a lot of you guys might like Grinspoon as they can rock and I know that a lot of you like to rock


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2 picks.

If you like Godspeed, You Black Emperor! or Mogwai, you will enjoy Damn Dirty Apes, an alternative Malaysian band fast breaking into the mainstream.

Currently based in Austin, officerfishdumplings' music can't be easily categorized. In a nutshell, it's electronica + acoustic guitars. He is very innovative with his samples; My Theme Song is a song made up entirely of sounds sampled from his body. Recommended downloads: blanket and comfort. Usually, musicians make acoustic covers of electronic music, but in this case, 'blanket' is a cover of his electronic piece 'comfort'.


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Will Oldham is a good artist. He recorded a couple albums under the monicker "Bonnie "Prince" Billy"

One song that he recorded under that name was a song called "Madeleine-Mary" It's a really good song.

Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
A tune that all can carry
Burly says if we don't sing
Then we won't have anything

All the boys on ship set sail
And the mate was Madeleine-Mary
When her eyes did fill with tears
It was extraordinary
It was extraordinary
For we none of us could see it
For she kept herself kept below
And all her feelings private

Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
A tune that all can carry
Burly says if we don't sing
Then we won't have anything

None of us could get a glimpse
But all of us did want it
At night above our sleeping heads
Our sleeping dreams were haunted
So now my kids you'd like to hear
Of one who reached and got her
Well if there was well I think
He sleeps beneath the water

Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
A tune that all can carry
Burly says if we don't sing
Then we won't have anything
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Totally loving this idea!!!!!!!

Well Ireland has lots of good bands but everyone knows U2, Ash, The Pogues, Cranberries, Bob Geldoff and The Boomtown Rats etc etc and everyone else who is good you can't get their songs online

I got Chemical Heart and I liked it, it's nice

I cant pick just one song or band and think U2 fans would like it cus all the U2 fans I know like totally different things I like everything from Handel, Beethoven, TOOL, HIM, Paul Oakenfield and Britney Spears!!! Eclectic music taste isnt in it.

Anyhoo Im gonna suggest a few songs if thats ok

Ok so Wilt are from Ireland I like their song Take me home its kinda a rock tune lots of geeetars and the like

Yeah I like Ronan Keatings new song I love it when we do if uh anyone else likes him

Muse- WOW I love them I love their song Citizen Erased- lots of geetars, drums

Plug in baby by them is good lots of pianos but if you dont like high pitched voices u mightnt like them

sunburn by them is also good....

Oh oh this reminds me of that Grimstone band Oz- Its called Swallowed by Bush- i think u might like it

Oh oh and for any Van Morrison fans out there - hate that guy- you might like Brian Kennedy- just search for some random songs by him- hes good and from Belfast! His version of Vans Crazy Love aint too bad....

Am i allowed to suggest old songs from like the 80s and stuff cus if i am I have loads from then that i

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crys Global Music Carnival- bellingen- October long weekend..I wanna go!!!

Did you have to say global music Aurora?
I'm glad you did

I was listening to U2 last night... which song escapes me now...but if you listen to the last track on the Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble...the album that has Ghost Dance and Golden Feather on it...he uses amplified crickets as the backing sound, intriguing, beautiful, musical. So whatever U2 song it was last night(get back to you shortly on that) it sounded like those crickets.... I like it

A friend loaned me a set of World Music Cd's "earth spirit- voices of the spirit" from that I liked the
Tibetan Overtone Chant
Bibayak Pygmies
Brasilian Diety festival song
Inca Sun God festival
and this one gives me chills but I like it
Moroccan Healing ceremony

Not quite what you had in mind...I don't d/l music from the internet very much. But World music...BELLINGEN!!!
**cass gets a stick and a checked scarf and ties up a bundle with bread and nuts**
we'll see
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I killed your very good thread Aurora, sorry mate...I am trying to shut up...really.

but music it

I always put MLK at the end of mixture tapes, so that explains my memory lapse, i think I was seriously on the nod the other night by the time it got to that song.
I have just listened to the Robbie Robertson Red Road Ensemble tape, it is excellent.. the song with the crickets providing the music is very powerful imho and it sounds like MLK, also imho. The RR song is called twisted hair. It is my recommendation.

the tafe music students are beginnng their launch parties this weekend. Hub plays in a band with 2 students. they have had a month off and will play the last set of the night I hope

My capital t key doesn't work

your thread back love
best wishes 2 u

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