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GET ON DOWN Aussie Blues Lovers

OzAurora, did you tell me you love the blues?
I just listened to my friends new 8 track CD for the first time.
BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! If they travel up to your area, try to go along to their show. i guarantee a great nigth of fine fine music. Take an extra $20 and buy their CD. They need a break.

Airborne Blues Virus "Get On Down"
Very very good groove.
The two guitarist who write the songs are brothers. They are the nicest young men. Great musicains, the whole band, wicked harp and guitar solos, wicked
The older brother who is the main singer and writer, was in band with my husband for a couple of years. "Temple" (hub joined the band when it was already working. The name was theirs. I saw a U2 connection, they didn't)Thank heavens Temple recorded a 5 track CD of originals. The mix was a bit dodgy , but hub has just compressed it and it sounds so much better. I love th eTemple songs. Sunset By the River always reminds me of Bullet The Blue Sky.NICE. I told the guitarist when their album goes gold, the Temple tapes shall be sought after. I know I love to groove to it at home.It's much better than a lot of the crappola on the radio at times. so much soul , so much feel

Anyway I am so proud of their album and their talent. they are just a struggling pub band really , trying to make the break. I hope they can, they sure are talented.
I'll be naughty and attach a pic of the big brother. I took this photo at a Temple rehearsal, several years ago, and was well pleased with it ( and why have I started talking like Ali G? I Only watched half of one episode)
Do yourself a favour ,he is singing and looking better than ever. Love and respect Binc.

Airborn Blues Virus GET ON DOWN
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replying to my own thread? tragic!!!

I have been listening to the Temple Cd all week. What an absolute shame the master tape was erased. The singer just does not feel his vocal is good enough, but my o my, they were Soooooooogood imho

I have been thinking about my friend from the soccer club who died recently (can you believe that, just when he got his music room finished, just before the World Cup started, he is missed) Our friendship had just developed to a new stage, courtesy of music, he had recently loaned me his Stevie ray Vaughn CD

We are now making preparations for the end of season Bears Soccer presentation day. I would like to have some sort of memorial for him. His wife came to the last club meeting and spoke of him in the present tense and insists on carrying out his role this year (100+trophies to be engraved...correctly!!) He was only 46, a school teacher, with 3 beautiful kids who are missing him so much. We all lose ppl i know, but today I felt like venting...NO FAIR!!!
Anyway...MUSIC.....the guitarist from Temple , the guy in the pic is a huge SRV fan, he really helped my son with his playing(he's learning Pipeline at the moment,) One of the Temple songs could be fitting. After dancing to it for a couple of years, whenever possible, I realised I never fully knew the lyrics. I wanted to share it with you..wish you could hear the melody...tasty, tasty never got a name...just called

Number 5

Me, well I hear the thunder clap away
It's gonna be another rainy day
There's always some sunshine after the rain
Always some laughter, after the pain

Sometimes you feel a little down
And suddenly there's someone you know
Hey mate, so good to, see you again
Gonna be a party, I'll see you there

Love is a wonderful thing
Can make you cry and it can make you sing
Oh now don't you let it get you down, oh no
The more I think about it
The clearer it becomes to me

Me, well I hear the thunder clap away
It's gonna be another rainy day
Theres' always some sunshine after the rain
Always some laughter after the pain

Be ready to help your friends when they come around
Always the same things that , get them down
Say hey, there's no need to look at what you do
All the love you need is right in front of you

Next day, you find out someone you love has passed away
You can't help but feeling a little grey
Maybe in heaven the skies are all blue
They'll be looking down and smiling
At me and you

Love is a wonderful thing
It can make you cry and it can make you sing
The more I think about it
The clearer it becomes to me
All the love you need, is right in front of you.

Peace musiclovers...
My friend was Mr.Harley
He drove an immaculate EH Holden
He had supported the Manly Eagles since before he could walk
He was a Bears player( till his knee went bung)
He was the Bears's #1 supporter (well equal with me)
He was the "reptile man" with the local wildlife rescue service
He was a musicain and a teacher.
He was a husband and a father

His son, my son and a few mates are forming a 6 a side soccer team to play in a summer compettion. "The Harley Eagles" they are getting their soccer shirts made in the Manly colours.

bang and clatter, perfect, that's a bit how I feel.
Music and love
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