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Gem Archer [oasis guitarist] on Madonna at Earls Court

Gem Archer, the "new" fantastic (cos he's "fookin' great, know what I mean... [to mention Liam] went to Madonna's gig at Earls Court, last july 24th (saw this on The Mad Ferret site). Check this out, pretty funny quotes some times... the "weird" (sometimes)face of a normally-silent Gem Archer... go for it, Gem...


GEM & THE QUEEN OF POPGem, the Oasis rythm guitarist (I don't know why they called him rythm... he's both lead and rythm) went along with his wife Louise to the second of Madonnas sold out 6 nights at Earls Court in London, along a journalist from Q Magazine. Read all his views on the Queen of Pop:

"To be honest, I wasn't impressed, it had a real West End show kind of vibe, so it was difficult to get carried away, to get emotionnaly involved. Maybe it's not meant to work that way. Maybe you're meant to get your oera glasses out. What could Oasis learn from this ? Well, we could learn to charge £85 a ticket..."

Madonna took the stage in a kilt, fishnest and other items that amused Gem : "Tsssk, when you have a guitarist in a god collar with a Union Jack, wristband, that's just embarassing. It's right up there on the cringe-o-meter."

Commenting on Madonnas playing of an electric guitar on stage he says : "Aye, I thought, 'yeah, get on there, you've learnt a few chords'. But it still looked like the barré chord still hurts.."

During the elaborate Madonna stage show, several people including Madonna do some flying from the roof on wires. "That wasn't kung fu in my book man, it didn't look like it was from the Hong Kong Book Of Kung Fu, that's for sure. I dunno - I just didn't come to see four naked blokes hanging from the roof on strings." Jokingly asked if Oasis would ever do something similar, Gem replied : "Nah, we don't need stuff like that. You don'T know what goes on behing Liam's back when he's stood there on stage with his hands clapsed behind him. He's stodd there doing magic tricks for the rest of the band. He keeps us all entertained right through the show."

Overall, what did he thinkg of the entire show : "It's not made for people like me, is it ? I found it very hard to become emotionnaly involved in tonight's show and that's what I want from a gig. It wasn't about soul, it was about how high the dancers were jumping. And, to me, if you're going to charge £85 for tickets, you've got to do a greatest hits set. She makes great records and writes great songs, but I'm put off by all the rigmarole. 'Holiday' was like the start of the gig for me. But having it kick in on the second-to-last song perhaps wasn't a great idea. To be honest, I came tonight because my missus really wanted to go. And, I have to say, I've seen her boogie a lot more at other gigs. In fact, she was at the Gene concert last night and she was dancing more at Gene that she was at Madonna."

It is to mention that Liam had other press troubles, weeks ago, when his new son was born. Liam came out of the hospital, in a rush of press people and pushed a photographer. Noel, of course, laugh about it...
Noel : I went to see him that day, and then the next day I got up and was watching Sky News with the sound down and there was a picture of Liam offering a photographer out. The caption said 'Liam celebrated birth of new child', I laughed for a full five minutes at that. It's like fuckin' typical, in the throws of fatherhood with another son, and what had he done - kicking people's heads in on the footpath... fuckin' funny, typical of him, know what I mean...

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madonna has courtney love damage and vice a versa.

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