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Thanks guys..I just found out about the ZooStation thread for movie reviews, I wish I had posted this there . But hope you guys are telling your thoughts on the film! Someone said this was an "emotional" thread rather than a book or film thread...but oh well...after Book 7 it'll be time to be crying and emotional (last book!) so I'll keep this "forwarded" on the first pg or two until July 21, maybe.....

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Here's my little reflection piece. It's long and I wrote this for me, so I don't care if nobody reads it, but Teta provided a good forum for this type of thing and reminded me that I wanted to write my own reflections on the series.

I did read your post Teta, thank you for sharing your personal journey with Harry, here's mine.

I have shared over a third of my life with Harry, and I distinctly remember the early moments of our friendship. It was during finals in 7th grade, and I would rush to finish each exam so I could pull the novel from beneath my seat and devour more of it. That summer, Goblet of Fire came out, and I was fortunate enough to fall ill at my overnight camp a day later, allowing me to race through borrowed ordered copies and share the adventure and tragedy of that tournament with a boy who was just a year older than I.

I missed attending midnight releases for book 5 because I was on a baseball trip with my mom, and indeed had to endure the agony of seeing it on display in grocery stores for two days before we got to my grandparents’ house, where I’d stupidly preordered it to.

Nor was a midnight release in the cards for book six. It came out following my freshman year of college, and over winter break I prepped for it by reading the first five straight through in five days, my third trip through Harry’s world. It was a most enjoyable marathon after a hard finals period. At the same time as I was lurking in the U2 online world (and leaving my Red Sox online world, scared off by the attitudes of a bunch of grown men in an unmediated forum) I dove into Harry Potter essays and theories and analysis online, excited to find writing that stimulated me to examine the books from various intelligent angles and that enhanced my understanding of the plot and my admiration for JKR as a writer. However, I was cut off from both U2 (mid-tour!) and Harry at the end of that May when I flew over to Ghana. My month and a half there was wonderful and educational and life-changing and all of those things, but the homesickness you would expect only was intensified on my 24-hour-long journey to Uganda. I was leaving a place that had made me so homesick but was finally beginning to feel like home, and towards the end of that journey the clock would roll round to July 16 and the rest of the world would get their hands on Harry’s sixth year while I would remain lonely, looking forward to snatching up a copy at Heathrow on the way back to America a whole month later. (But at least I’d have a British copy!) Harry to the rescue! Much to my delight, there was an English bookstore in Kampala, and I only had to wait until two days after the release to get the book. I think my heart actually leapt when I saw the big poster in their window, advertising the book’s presence. Again, a new Harry kept me company while I was ill (lesson in eating unvouched for street food learned) and this time I couldn’t bear to prolong it, instead rushing through it in eight hours. Harry’s familiar world was like going home and helped to cure me, along with a fresh sense of adventure.
In the last two years I have popped in now and again for Harry Potter news and sometimes theories. Since the title and release date were announced I’ve become obsessed again, going through theories and analysis that has once again expanded my awe and understanding of Harry’s world and Jo as an author.

And now I’m on the brink of the end. I’ve nearly finished my great reread. I’ve been distracted at work, annoyed friends with analysis and questions about little details, planned out the wee hours of the 21st and how I will make it there without being spoiled. I feel this great nervous excitement, a feeling that I get only from a Harry release, a U2 release or concert, or a Red Sox playoff game. I feel certain to be taken on an emotional ride that will be painful, joyful, memorable, and satisfying, to be knocked over by the brilliance of the final plot, to be able to enjoy analyzing all the little clues and foundations and how it all came together for years into the future, to have many discussions about the moral lessons of Harry, the brilliant techniques Jo uses as an author, and the workings of Harry’s magical world. I have taken this journey with Harry, from the end of middle school to now, on the brink of my final year of college, with uncertainty ahead. I have grown up with him, known the feeling of being exactly his age while I read several of the books, known the anger and angst of being fifteen (well, sixteen) along with him, watched excitedly as romances that I’d waited years for blossomed. It has been a marvelous trip, but I can’t help feeling a significant and sometimes overwhelming twinge of sadness at the thought that after Saturday, I will never again turn a page of Harry Potter that I have never turned before. I will never witness a murder, solve a puzzle, giggle at a joke or humorous moment for the first time. I will only get one more “Aha!” moment where everything snaps into place. It is the ultimate bitter sweet experience that awaits.

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