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Originally posted by Angela Harlem:

Please, enlighten me!

I have this theory, that I am unable to test, and that is you yanks would love Aussie rules! We get quite a bit of NFL on fox sports, and I'm still trying to understand it
If you're serious, here goes:

Each team has 11 men on offense (trying to score) and 11 on defense (trying to stop the other team from scoring) Each time a team has the ball on offense, it's called a POSSESSION. On each possession, you have a chance to score. To do so, you must drive the length of the field and cross the other guy's goal line either by passing to a reciever who catches the ball or by having one of the players run it across. Each touchdown, as this is called, counts as 6 points. A kick afterward is called the extra point, which if made will create 7 points. If you elect to throw or run instead of kick for your extra point and are successful, you get 2 points. If you are stopped on downs but are close enough for your kicker to attempt a feild goal, (like the Patriots did to win the game) that is 3 points.

DOWNS: The place where the ball is put into play is called the line of scrimmage. This is gained by how far the team advances the ball after a kickoff or punt. On each possession you are given 4 downs, or chances, to make 10 yards. If you get that far, the sticks are moved and you get 4 more chances to make 10 more, and so on until you are stopped or score. If you are stopped and fail to gain 10 yards in 3 chances, you may either punt, or kick the ball as far back as you can, to the other team's offense, or you can go for it, but in the event you fail to gain the rest of your needed yardage they will take over at the spot you lost possession, and that may be bad for you if it's at a place on the field where you give them:

good field position- this is when the team is far enough up the field to easily get into scoring range. You see, football is like a war, you are always planning your moves strategically to take territory away from the other side! The farther you go, the more you gain. If they stop you with their defense, you must retreat (go to the sidelines and send out YOUR defense against THEIR offense while they try!) In this way, I find NFL football far more interesting and challenging and intellectual than 'soccer' where all you do is constantly run, run, run and kick, kick, kick for the goal.

The defensive players can also score by:
SAFETIES which are the tackling of an opposing player behind HIS OWN goal line. This is worth 2 points, then the victimized team must free kick to the ones who scored.
OR: INTERCEPTION RETURNS- this also happened last night. When the offense is DRIVING (trying to move the ball and gain yardage) and they accidentally throw it to a player on the defense of the opposing team, he may advance the ball, and score, or if he is tackled his team will gain control. It's called a FUMBLE if the ball is just plain dropped or knocked away and picked up by an opposing player. Both fumbles and interceptions may be carried all the way back for touchdowns if the player gets that far. If he is tackled en route, his team takes over at that spot.

Each player is a different POSITION:


Quarterbacks- only one in the game at a time. He is the leader, the field general, the one who calls out the plays (plans of what to do, run, pass etc) and he either throws the ball to another player, hands it off to a running back or takes off with it himself! If he runs with it, it's called SCRAMBLING for yardage. If he is knocked down behind the line of scrimmage(point the ball is put into play) it is called a SACK and he will lose yardage!

Recievers- catch the ball

Running backs- run with the ball

Tight ends-(no comments PLEBA girls ) are bigger and heavier recievers, but also blockers for runners. Kind of like a catching offensive lineman.

Offensive linemen- guards and tackles, their job is to protect the offensive players from being hit by the other team's defense. These guys are usually very, very large.

Center- the one in the middle of the offensive line. He 'huts' the ball to the quarterback after he calls out the play.


Defensive linemen- fight against offensive linemen to get to the offensive player and tackle them before they gain yardage.

Linebackers- same thing, backing up the line

Cornerbacks and safeties(The secondary)- run man to man with the wide recievers downfield to try to stop them from catching the ball. They sometimes come on a SAFETY BLITZ which is when more men are needed to rush the quarterback. However in doing this they often leave the recievers uncovered if they don't succeed in sacking the QB.

Special teams:

kickoff/punt returner- guy who runs the ball back after punts and kickoffs (when one team kicks to another at the start of the game, the half or after scoring)He may catch it and run as far as he can get, or he may call for a FAIR CATCH by waving his hand at the point he stands and catching it. IF he does this, he may not be tackled or it is a penalty(Oh man I don't even want to get into the penalities!)

Kicker- kicks off and kicks for points in scoring situations (extra point, field goal)

Punter- punts to the other team to try to put them as far back as he can once his team has failed to get a first down. (Remember a DOWN is like a CHANCE, first, second, and third chance to gain a new first down (more chances to keep going) and that fourth down is such a gamble the punter is called in, unless it's an emergency, such as it's late in the game and the team has to go for it, because they have nothing else to lose. It's very exciting in those situations when the fourth down is converted (made) Sometimes the punter will fake and run for it too!

Wow, I am burned out! I don't know what else to say. If you have any more questions please ask and I'll check back later and answer them or someone else will.

I could never understand how some wives feel like 'football widows' because their husbands care so much about the game. I care too, and I understand! I hate to see women trying to get men to change the channels or go shopping or whatever. Hey, if the action is on, you are intense and you have to be there! No, taping it does no good, you'll only worry about the scores! It's not just your team, it's all of them and all the implications they have to each other. Football is VERY emotional.

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Angie - about two weeks ago, I had Brettig trying to teach me about Rugby....when you sit back, all of these sports are a bit odd. I think Football/soccer would be the easiest to understand.

I actually flipped from the Superbowl to see what Fox Sports World had on (hoping for some English Premiere League action). It was eugby, and I wasn't in the mood to try and figure out what was going on.

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Originally posted by Don Vito Corleone:
It is very easy:
Football sucks.
Soccer rules.
Well thanks for that insightful comment. Get that man a Nobel Prize.

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Football is boring, we did not have the commercials here.
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soccer is my sport
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*STORMY* deserves thanks for taking the time to post all of the rules.

And I was going to call somebody a moron, but I forgot who it was. Whoever you are, beware though you got a freebie- I'm on to you!
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In every reasonable sport on this good earth, a 1-0 lead is not insurmountable.
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Im with Salomey
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soccer isn't that popular here in the US, and for good reason!
all you that say football sucks is cause you just don't understand the game!

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Both football and soccer suck!!!!!!!!
Horseracing RULES!!!!

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And this is coming from someone with this in their sig?....

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A brief history lesson.

Some blokes in the mid-1800s in Southern England, probably silver spoon students, play some sports. Then they try to organise them. One with a round ball - Association (hence 'soccer') football - and one with an oval ball - rugby football, so called because it was first played at Rugby School in England.

The British Empire (as it was then) goes off around the world, and English settlers spread the word.

Later on, rugby becomes split between the professional code (rugby league) and the amateur code (rugby union).

In America, football of some kind was organised by schools and colleges in the 1800s, and 25-a-side football matches were not unknown. The origins of American Football date back to 1874. That was when the rugby-playing McGill University of Montreal took a team to play Harvard University - one half football, the other half rugby. The Americans were so impressed by rugby they adapted their own rules to it. Hence American Football.

Gaelic Football is a sport derived from medieval Irish traditions, and is only played in Ireland. Australian Rules Football came about in the 1840s as a mixture of Gaelic and rugby football, and is still almost exclusively played in Australia.

125 years later you get to where you are today.

Similar to the process of natural selection, football becomes the world's most predominant team sport. Rugby becomes restricted to mainly former Empire/Commonwealth countries, and American Football by and large stays in America.

In summary...

* Football is a world sport, played by people all over the world.
* American Football is a country-specific sport, indeed played by people in many countries, but nowhere near the same amount as football.

Whichever one you prefer is your own choice. But the indisputable fact is that American Football is, in terms of the globe, a minority sport. Football is the people's game. And that is why you will never have a World American Football Cup.

It is only because the country America itself has risen to such gargantuan cultural importance that the sport American Football has been afforded a wider audience. Only in America could a sport be tailored for television.

(Although you do have a World Series in baseball (a take on rounders and cricket), but that is another story entirely!)
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The problem with football (re: soccer) in america is that the MLS is such CRAP! Okay, they are getting better, but it still does not hold a candel to the excitement of the European leagues. Im a huge fan of the English Premier League, which constantly entertains me (thank god for fox sports world *shudders at thought of liking a fox station*)

That being said, Im a huge fan of sports in general, and football and American football are two completely different games, which appeal to different people. Football is more strategic where as soccer is more finesse. One is more built upon an image of strength whereas the other is more of an image of grace and control. Americans have a prediliction for the overtly strong aspects of our football.

In addition, Football (re: soccer) in AMerica has no lasting tradition behind it, and the rivalries and loyalties of Football fans in Europe have been built up for many multiple generations. The MLS has a huge uphill battle in this regard, as this is severely lacking in America. Especially in a situation where many professional sports teams are on the move, there is a greater deal of distance between the team and the city they hail from.

I could go on, but ive got a midterm tomarrow.

Personally. I love both.
Go Chargers!
Go Arsenal!
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Curling and Rugby both suck. pro football is ok but i like college football lots better. I still watch the superbowl tho. Pro Baseball is my favorite sport. Also like college and pro basketball.

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